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Samwise Ertle
· August 30, 2017
I've been ordering through Eternity for close to a year now, and after my last order have to post this review. I've always received excellent customer service, ...quick replies, very high quality plants, and prompt shipping (other than one instance, which I understand to have been due to a large number of orders at once and was still fairly quick.) On my last order there had been a mistake where my order went through twice (due in part to my own error) and one was cancelled. However, the e-check service still charged me twice. After filling out a support ticket and eventually contacting one of the team directly, the mistake was made right and then some! I had the order I was charged for filled (at the agreement of Eternity Zach and I) and plenty extra to make up for the mistake. I will continue ordering through Eternity as my primary source for plant teachers and medicines, and very highly recommend them to anybody looking for quality herbs. This is such an amazing group of people who truly care about the plants that pass through their hands, and the people on the receiving end as well. Thanks for making things right you beautiful shiny humans you! ��� See More
Chris Cable
· August 31, 2017
I attempted to place an order a few weeks ago and I paid using BTC; apparently the order never went through but my BTC payment did go through. I tried contactin...g eternity in a box through their support ticket function, and I got a brief reply but after I described my problem, they stopped responding. Afterwards I tried emailing them, which got a brief response, but once again I stopped getting a reply after that. Afterwards I tried sending in another support ticket, but it says it has been closed and they never responded to that as well. I want to add that I have tried calling a few times too, but they never pick up the phone. I have no idea what is going on with my order and I am currently out about $20... See More
Thomas Crawford
· July 27, 2017
The only thing "eternal" about this shop, is the amount of time it takes to receive an order. I'm 0 for 3 with these guys now as far as having overall positive ...experiences. First order took 2.5 weeks to get to me with a third of my order missing, which then took another 2 weeks to get. My second order was a pre-order that took over 3 MONTHS to get to me with not a single update on what was happening or why it was taking so long. I decided to give these guys one more try and I've been waiting another 2 weeks for this relatively small order. No where else do I have this problem. Every other shop I've gone through for the past decade, usually has my order processed in a day with no more than 3 days until it gets to my door. There's no need to shop here. There's at least a handful of other shops with high quality products that will have your stuff at your door in 3 days or less; not to mention some even come with hand-written "thank yous" . Also they have fully functional credit card processing which I've never had a single problem with.
End rant/review
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Sean Winder
· August 24, 2017
It's been over 7weeks and my order hasn't been shipped, I've called, FB messaged, FB Tagged and emailed multiple times and no one will respond. I'm starting to ...feel like I'm getting burned by you guys. I'm still waiting and if I don't receive a response the only thing I think left for me to do is spread the word about my experience to other forums to warn potential people before they purchase from you.
All that being said this could be fixed with a simple email or FB private message so we can talk about what's going on with my order..
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Nald Us
· May 27, 2017
Great store Highly recommend! A little patience goes a long way when it comes to going through the ordering process with Eternity in a box. They are a small com...pany with three people handling all the orders. It takes the most two days to have the order shipped. Loving the Chaga and other botanicals ! Thanks a ton! See More
Matthew Musisca
· June 15, 2017
Placed an order May 11th that said would be ready in 1-3 weeks, it's going on 5 weeks. No messages or emails and trying to contact u is like trying to talk to t...he dead. If u have that many orders why not hire MORE ppl?!?!

Update: received my order with a free witch hazel sample BUT am still getting FB messages about late shipment.
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Chris Kane
· 20 hours ago
Horrible service. Ive been trying to cancel an order for a week now and they still have my money and I've received no word back after multiple attempts at calling and emailing them. Shady. Won't be returning.
Alex Bolotin
· June 10, 2017
I ordered off Eternity in a Box a few weeks ago. I did change this review from 1 star to 5 stars. Reason being is response time was quite slow. Eternity in a Bo...x did not respond to my emails; nor did they answer the phone. However, they seemed to respond in a timely manner on Facebook. Overall, I am going to ignore the customer service portion, and give my rating according to what I ordered. And I definitely got what I ordered with a bonus packet! I will recommend Eternity in a Box to anyone, however; customer support is lacking as mentioned above. See More
Rafael Lancelotta
· August 16, 2017
Have been with these guys since the beginning. I have to say that Zach's quality of service, customer service, and quality of materials is exceptional. It's no wonder he's so often sold out! Highly recommend this shop for all your botanical and meditation friend plant needs. Lots of Love.
Daniel Chambers
· August 24, 2017
Terrible communication. I had time to cancel my order, find another vendor for a better price, receive the package, then 3 days later i get a message saying EIAB is shipping the package anyway...
James SJ
· June 9, 2017
I placed an order #27265 for 250 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds. It was shipped with priority shipping. It was not shipped to my house but to Washington DC where it has remained for days. It appears they are keeping it.


The package finally arrived. It was just very late.
Robert J. Agir-Muir
· August 14, 2017
Should I just put in a negative review because I've been basically ignored for the entire summer? Kinda hard to contact you when there's literally no way to do so.
Yasill Hokly
· September 12, 2017
Never gonna order from here again. Customers service is extremely poor. My only order took 3-4 months to arrive, does not reply messages through both Facebook and their website, never get any update on my order.
Logan Stoick
· June 26, 2017
For such a small company, I am impressed. The product I received is of great quality as advertised, and despite hardships with PayPal and credit processors, they continue to persevere. Patience is a virtue, and is rewarded with high quality plants!
Alexander McGruder
· June 12, 2017
They may not have time to send personalized emails and updates but they always come through. Thanks guys. Keep up the great work
SD Greene
· September 1, 2016
This is truly an amazing company. All the employees really care about helping people learn how to use and heal with plants. Zach is a great face to the business... as he is very knowledgeable and always willing to chat with a customer about, well almost anything! The quality of the products are also top notch. I've never found such fresh and strong lotus before! Definitely try EIB out, and if you have any questions, hit them up! See More
Johnny Martin
· June 7, 2016
I have ordered from this site multiple times and my experiences have been amazing. Zach is a really good person and will fix any problem you have with a order s...o don't get upset and write a review before you consult him. I have got free samples and not to mention always extra product. I always make sure the quality of the material is above par but all the material i have ordered has been perfect.
I have a order pending that will be here any day now and will try the shilajit, raw cocoa nibs and amanita muscaria for spiritual smudges.
Thank you zach for the wonderful experiences as it is really hard to come by good material at such amazing prices.
Products always arrive 7-10 days at most and i am stationed northern british columbia.
Will continue to order and there has never been a single problem or hiccup in any way :)
Remember people, if your parcel is taking longer then expected to arrive to you, its definitely not EIAB fault, its always usps or canada posts fault as delays always happen in our mailing systems.
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Timothy Kelley
· August 16, 2017
Amazing supplier!!!
Great service, products, all around good people!
Michael Davis
· August 25, 2017
Thanks guys . Maby extend the preorder timeframe on your site so customer's are not surprised if you are running a little late?
Devin Cushnie
· May 25, 2017
Yeah I ordered some Cebil seeds & laboratory testing showed little to no bufo & the alkaloid content was nearly negligible.

Eternity in a Box Heavenly Blue Morning Glory in full bloom, gracing us with her beauty. These here are psychoactive as nature intended and held in high regard in the pantheon of entheogenic plants to the peoples in indigenous Mexico.

Image may contain: plant, flower, nature and outdoor

Greetings friends!
Acacia Confusa update

The majority of our preorder delay has been relative to the demand for the Extra Finely Shredded Acacia, and its processing procedure. Having demanded a majority of this from our supplier, it has always made the process of getting all 3 varieties slower than ideal.


The root of the problem with the Extra Fine, especially this year, has been the equipment used to Grind and Mill the bark down to a powder.

We usually try to get Powder to provide as our Extra Finely Shredded Acacia;

When we demand from our supplier that they grind it all the way to a Flour ( the finest powder of particulate size you can achieve with such machinery) the ware on the equipment, and the time it takes to produce it goes up exponentially!!

Our exclusive, awesome and reliable supplier in Hawaii has always had a hard time keeping up with our demand (hence the preorders!), but it seems that the repeated ware on the equipment and maintenance necessary to produce the Powder in abundance dwells at the root of this delay.

That being said, I'm here to inform that for the time being, we are having to withdraw our demand for the Powder, and instead will be offering slightly larger grain sizes (still smaller than the Fn shredded) as our Extra Fine.

I'm sure you all can understand, we are doing this to expedite the fulfillment of all preorders and get everyone the wonderful Acacia root bark which they need...!

We're excited to be proceeding forward to get everyone taken care of promptly. Thank you for your support

Best wishes,
Zach of Eternity

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Acacia update 🌿
We're sorry for the prolonged delay for Acacia Confusa preorders!

As you all know, we work with but one supplier, to ensure consistent quality. This 'small batch' method always involves a delay, but it is usually less of a delay than it has been this past cycle.


The reason being has mostly been the rain occurring at the harvesting sites, as well (for the XFn especially) machinery difficulty which is also an intermittent issue when processing dense woods into powder in bulk.

We've got a bunch going out this week though, so I come bearing good news!!
Also there is an abundance being dried/harvested/processed as we speak, with the blessing of good weather foreseen 😇

We'll be sending out a lot in the next two weeks, and intend to keep the quicker pace shipping flowing for those in need!

We are very sorry for any delay, as well as difficulty with communication. The 'ticket' system on our website is functioning properly now, you can click 'contact us' to see the submit form.

We're happy to provide updates for any preorder customer; we'll be checking the tickets all this week and of course working as quick as as we can to get these plants to those in need 🙂

Thank you all So Much for your continued support.

Through all the stress of dealing with limited supply herbs on preorder, as well payment processing issues, we're still extremely grateful to be here and working to facilitate the connection of people with wonderful and helpful plants 🌱

Goodnight, good day and good time,
Zach of Eternity

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Hey friends!
Despite everything seeming perfect with our new credit processor, apparently this was not the case. We're no longer able to utilize their service...

Although this is a bummer, it has actually catalyzed a lot of movement and inspiration for our company! 😊


We've got a vision for expansion and this will involve a new website in part, as well as some refinement of our current one.
This will be an exciting, and overall beneficial change; we'll be announcing more details soon!

We'll have Credit back up for most* of our plants before too long, but TEACHER Plants will likely be on eCheck, BitCoin and Money Order for a few weeks until we find another suitable company to process for these.

Babylon has once again reached to infringe on Our Freedom to obtain Sacred and Medicinal Plants...but we will overcome.

Thank you so much for your understanding and support!

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We still encourage the use of eChecks and other non-Babylon payment methods (money orders?), but we're excited to now be setup with a credit processor who respects the business we do.

They are not going to be conflicting with any of our business, they are aware of the ins and outs of our products and have no qualm.


This is the First Time Ever that we've worked with a banking institution who was actually 'cool with' what we do ha.
Prior to this we've always been 'flying low', knowing that because of herbs like Kratom and Ayahuasca, we would be more than frowned on were they aware these were amidst our product line.

Thank you all for your continued support.
This new chapter will usher in some good changes for our company. Expect new plants, a supplement product line, and local events

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Eternity in a Box Botanicals updated their cover photo.
July 26
Image may contain: one or more people, text and food

After the shipment we received today at Eternity in a Box,
I can say confidently that the great majority of the preorders for Finely Shredded Acacia Confusa will be fulfilled next week!

Much of the Large and Extra Fine will be shipping out next week as well, full speed ahead 🌿


Here's a pic of about 20k going out Monday 🍃

As always, it's an honor to be your supplier for these sacred herbs. Thank you for your support 😊
We're a small company and we're infinitely grateful to be able to make our livelihoods sharing our passion for plants with you all 😇

Also, credit card processing will be back online soon! But please, screw the credit industry, let's keep using the eChecks and BitCoin eh?

Eternity Zach

Links in the comments~

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No automatic alt text available.

It was amazing to see ALL of our Preorders for Ceremonial Cacao fulfilled and shipped off to those in need of its blessings 💙

We have more on the way now and have 7 pounds still in stock and available for purchase~

Also relieving is to be sending out another 30k of Acacia Confusa to diligent pre orderers 🙂

Another 11k of Large piece Acacia is going out to our preorderers this weekend!!

On top of the 20k we just sent to one of our bulk buyers 😉

Everyone will be accounted for with Acacia, no worries! ...
Shipments are always coming in, and we're always promptly distributing the sacred wood to those in need 💙

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New Ceremonial Cacao just arrived in abundance!!
This is a new source, for Ecuadorian Cacao, we're very excited! 😍

This will be distributed to our preorder buyers, and the rest will be listed on our website for sale.


We hope to stock more Guatemalan cacao, but for now this Ecuadorian will be our new ceremonial paste 😇

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Image may contain: plant, food and outdoor
No automatic alt text available.

Hey St. Louis..! Did you know that you can get our most popular items at the Kismet Creative Center on Cherokee...!? Tom and Sonia run a wonderful creative center, record shop, and venue w/ lots of independent artists and live music..!
Go Local, Go Harmonious
Eternity Shaina

Eternity in a Box is going to be hosting more regular events in the St. Louis area 🌿

Would you all be interested in attending a spiritually intensive Cacao Ceremony training course??

Course includes:...
-an introductory lesson about the role that cacao has played in human civilization through time. We will discuss not only the cultural implications but also the spiritual story that this plant has told through time.

-an introduction into the understanding of the energetic and physiological effects of working with cacao, and some advice on how to best catalyze the benefit from these effects

-the Eternity Cacao Ceremony experience, which I have adapted through years of work with the plant; the Eternity Cacao Ceremony has a few phases...

prayer and intention setting as we approach the plant, consuming the cacao (of course!), a guided meditation aimed to benefit visualization and compassion, and finally an exercise intended to activate your heart-driven expression.

-a detailed lesson about connecting with plant teachers in a respectful way, as well as open discussion to help solidity the integration of new information

-you'll be taught several preparation methods, making the work with this plant versatile and fun

-you'll receive an offering of Ceremonial Cacao to bring with you and begin your own individual work with the plant spirit.

Eternity Cacao Ceremonies, with introductory material, usually last a little over an hour.
With this additional, more hands-on training, I'd say the course would last several hours, depending on the amount of questions you would have.

We would take only small groups for hands-on training, to ensure more dedicated work with each participant.

The ceremonies we can host any number at, and we've done 50+ in one setting before haha.

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Last chance to signup for our Free Newsletter before it sends today!!

We have a 15% off your next order coupon in the newsletter
As well as lots of good updates and exciting awesomeness!


How do I sign up?
Link in Comments!

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PayPal has become increasingly difficult to work with through the years. They've battled us numerous times, and we're almost ready to cut ties. We're moving towards alternative processing methods and working to keep up with the changing culture. Here's an excerpt from our recent blog post about it.

We're releasing a newsletter tomorrow with the same info, but also a coupon. The link to the blog and the Newsletter signup are in the comments


In case you haven't noticed, 'the system' has been working to prohibit and limit citizens access to herbal medicines, and this effort has increased CONSIDERABLY in the past few years.

We've done wonderful with avoiding prohibitions so far, even for our Teacher Plants (entheogens), but there's always a bump in the road for entheogen suppliers it seems...

Last year we saw the FDA crunch down on Kratom.
We're also seeing similar oppression in the newly blossoming Cannabis industries and other herbal medicine work.

Amanita Muscaria was blacklisted by PayPal recently, Ayahuasca Herbs including Acacia Confusa have been mostly taken off of eBay and other markets. Credit processors have been working against these plants especially. Don't worry though, we will continue to be around with your continued support!

read more about our current payment methods here:…/2017/…/26/payment-processing/

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