Todd (Daddy) What do you get when you mix 2 parts Faith, I part hard work, Lots of prayers, and a little help from your friends? You get to witness a miracle happening before your eyes. Ethen has not been given a chance since July, and 2 months ago the outlook was bleak when he was taken off a breathing machine. The problem is: No one told Ethen he didn’t have a chance, and our family believes that God has the final say in all things. So- he fights. When he refuses to give up, it gives us hope and strength to surround him and cheer him on through every battle. Yesterday was a great day for our little man, but last night was a rough one. It’s been this way for a long time, but still- he never ever gives up The video is one that Brandy shared yesterday on her page. It shows how far he has come from the “persistant vegetative state” that our Doctors thought he would remain in. We love and respect our Doctors and I’m sure they would like nothing better than to be wrong every single time they give bad news. If you’re having a bad day- watch this video. Our son is fighting against all odds and we give 100% glory to God for his progress
Brandy (Mommy) Gosh, I miss you my sweet boy. It feels strange to be living life with out you. I feel so guilty when I smile. I try to make plans and all I can thing is "Ethen would have loved this." Movies were our thing...we had plans to go see How to Train a Dragon 2. How can life keep on rolling by? How is it that you are gone? The balance in the house is so off. I try to keep busy...The quiet time is when the sadness really takes over. I know, I don't want me to be sad. I know you are in a better place but darn it! I'm your Mommy and you are supposed to be with ME! There are lots of things happening right now that I know you have your little hands all in them and I'm so excited but today...right now, I'm just wanting to hold you and kiss you my sweet little man. I love you silly boy.
Ethen will be going home tomorrow. His prognosis has not changed, but we are still by his side and will not give up. Thanks for all of the support and for praying nonstop. Ethen looks better now than he has in weeks and we feel good about taking him home and being with the other Children. We wanted to make everyone smile- so here's a video from the Effie Archive.... This video was taken while he was in treatment at St. Jude.

Please join us if you can!

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Its that time of year again! It's time to Party with a Purpose! Make sure you save the date and keep your eyes open for more details!

* Message me if you would like to volunteer or have something you would like to donate toward our live auctions and raffles.

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Ethen Richardson Updates

Another Birthday without Ethen...he gave the best hugs. Help me wish Todd a very happy Birthday!

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They were supposed to grow up together. They were supposed to be there for each other. They were supposed to be able to share the name of their first crush, whisper about their first kiss... to fight over who would get the car on Saturday be the best man at each others wedding...To be each other's best friend....forever. Instead, there is a void...a forever broken heart. I hate cancer. We miss you Ethen. #itsnotrare #ourkidsareworthmore

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This was before we knew anything was wrong...before our world was destroyed with the words "Ethen has a brain tumor called DIPG and there is no cure". I was taking their Christmas pictures like I do every year and this dog just walked up and posed for a few pictures...sniffed all the kids and then went on its way. I have no clue who it belonged to but it sure gave me and the boys a giggle during our not so fun photoshoot. Emi Sue was in true Diva form and was determined to sh...ow us that she was not going to "perform" on command. She loves to take pictures now. Oh how times have changed.
This time of year is so hard. The holidays are hard and the month of January kills me. The end of January in 2014 is when Ethen had the pontine stroke. He would never walk or talk again. One day he was running races at school, the next he was in the hospital on life support. In a blink there were no more famous Ethen hugs, no more Darius songs to be heard coming from his sweet little mouth with the cutest little lisp you ever did hear, no more silly jokes and no more reminder of things that I forgot on my to do list and no more "I Love You's"... Gone in a blink... From that point on he could no longer speak or move with a controlled purpose. He went from being my helper, a very independent child to having to have me do EVERYTHING for him. When we finally figured out a way for him to communicate with a chart of letters and eye blinks, his first sentence that he spelled out for me was "You bless me" . It brings me to tears everytime I think about it. No, Ethen Taylor blessed me. I love and miss you so much my sweet baby boy.

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Hug your kids extra tight and create lots of Christmas memories. Say a little prayer for all the kids whose main wish is to wake up Christmas morning and feel good.

Music video for eight year old cancer patient Ethen Richardson. Purchase song from iTunes and 100% of proceeds go to his medical care.
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When Ethen was about 5 years old we were watching a survival show. At one point the guy killed a wild pig. Eli burst into tears over the death of the pig. Ethen tried to use logic to comfort his big brother. "Eli, pigs are delicious! They give us ham and porkchops and even bacon!" Of course this may have had the opposite effect that he was going for on his big brother. Eli had yet to put that together in his little head. Oh how I miss my sweet boy!
Please come out and eat some delicious pig with us! Proceeds go to support the Ethen Richardson Foundation! ♡♡♡

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Hey Everyone! Please as you are shopping this holiday season, and throughout the year....remember you can use Amazon Smile. It's exactly the same as Amazon prime...nothing different but Amazon makes a donation to the charity of your choice. I would love if everyone would go in a select The Ethen Richardson Foundation! Thanks to much!

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My first baby...the one who made me a mommy for the first time. You are my freckled face, brown eyed sunshine. You are my comedic relief in stressful situations. You are the living time lapse for my adult life...I can clearly see your sweet eyes looking up at me with your chin resting on my belly---you giving me a hug while I straighten out your wild hair before you take on the day at school. Not much has changed in that, except my viewing perspective. I now look up at you.......the same sweet eyes but your chin now rest on the top of my head. I am so proud of you. I see the struggles you face and the decision you make and I want you to know that you are doing great. I know it can be hard to stand away from the crowd when it's not perceived as the cool thing to do. Being a teen is not easy but you are rocking it. You keep being you, big boy. Happy 14th Birthday!!! I Love You!

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This morning I was looking at Emi Sue sporting her size 7 jeans and thinking about how Ethen was wearing a 7 or 8 in jeans in the third grade...I thought about the fact he was only 37lbs in kindergarten and Emi Sue is 47lb....the exact weight he was when he died. I was thinking about him being such a little bitty peanut and of course how much I missed him and I was wonder what he would look like now. forward, I was pouring myself some coffee looking out of my kitchen... window...I see this one little tiny bird in the shrub flitting from leaf to leaf pecking at little bugs. I smiled and thought to myself that he reminded me of tiny but taking care of business! ...then I was sitting eating my breakfast and staring out the window watching all the birds hop around and thinking of how chilly it is I'm walking to the sink to put my dish away I think to myself...I wish I could hold that little Ethen bird, that somehow holding it could make me feel better... I turn from the sink and start walking toward the living room and see a shadow flash by from the corner of my eye. I turn and look and see the very same breed of bird that reminded me of Ethen on my back porch (for all I know it was the same bird)...I opened the door and walk right up to it and slowly pick it up. I talked to and it made the sweetest little chirp sounds back at me. I took a couple of pictures and walked back outside and opened my hand and he flew away.... I smiled.
Such a crazy coincidence! #orwasit
#Warbler #sotiny #imissmyson

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Last night, Brandy and I went out in the soaking rain to see Darius Rucker on Daniel Island. What would be a date night in most marriages carried a little more meaning for us:

Anyone who knew Ethen or followed his story would recall that he listened to Darius Rucker CD’s while in treatment at St. Jude, and his favorite song is Wagon wheel. Brandy bought tickets to a DR concert in July of 2013. Later that month we received the worst news ever and left for Ethen’s clinical tria...l in Memphis. Brandy had planned to take the boys to that concert. I bet Eli and Ethen would have loved being there with their Mommy.

Fast-forward many months, and Brandy is celebrating how well Ethen is doing. The tumor shrank after radiation and the natural medicines seem to be working. Ethen is back in school, making all A’s and is sick a lot less. Brandy buys tickets to a Hootie and the Blowfish concert with plans to take the boys since they missed the concert many months before.

As fate would have it, Ethen wouldn’t get to go to this concert either. He had a stroke and began a new chapter in his battle. On both occasions, we had friends and family stand in at the concerts for Ethen. So, last night, it was our turn to show up- not as much for entertainment, but for Ethen.

We stood under an awning for over an hour, with rain coming down in buckets, watching soaking wet people go back and forth. We could hear the muddled sounds of the band as we stood there trying to stay dry. We laughed, talked, and complained a little. Finally, the skies cleared and we went to our seats to hear and see the last four or five songs. I may have been the only person in the stadium crying during Wagon Wheel, but I just felt like Ethen was there with us.

We talked and wrote many times about perspective while Ethen was sick. Sometimes, it takes a dreadful rainy night of challenges to put things all in line again. Don’t miss out on the things that matter. Every day I think of the ‘could haves’ or ‘should haves’ with regards to Ethen. What matters is right there in front of you- God and family.

We miss you Ethen Taylor. I hope you heard Wagon Wheel last night and it made you smile.

Momma and Daddy love you.

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I can't believe that Emi Sue is now the age that Ethen was when she was born...6 years old. She had a princess tea party on Sunday. It's was so cute. Little girls that age are so much fun! ♡♡♡

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Eatonton friends - please join us!

Tue 11:30 AM EDTThe Hut - 400 W Marion St, Eatonton, GA 31024-1218, United States
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