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NOTICE: Avoid the "Ethereum" group on Facebook! We were just banned for pointing out why BitcomonGo is a scam. The admins officially support scammers. Leave that group ASAP!

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Spotted on the London underground. We just keep getting more and more mainstream!

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Ethereum recently had a major dip and many panicked and sold. But were they right to do so? It's important to know when and when not to sell your Ethereum!

Excuse the language, but this has got to be said...

Albert Bereti to Ethereum

The Market Cap of ETHEREUM has gone DOWN by


in just 3 WEEKS. From 34 Billion to 24 Billion


WHY? Because all you stupid FUCKS keep investing in ICO's which are essentialy scammy shitcoins.

Please you stupid fucks need to understand that the price of the tokens you acquire during the ICO phase goes down in value after these coins hit exchanges and then if they have actual value they go back up in price.

You are better off every single time just waiting and investing in the tokens/projects after they hit exchanges (Bittrex, Poloneix, etc) and just buy what you want with bitcoin.


Alot of these ICO's are just taking your ethereum, converting it to fiat(money/USD/EURO/CDN/AUS/GBP), and spending your hard earned money on expensive bottles of wine.

Sometime's the ICO doesnt even make it to exchanges because they are fuckin scams. One way to avoid getting scammed is just buying from the exchanges.

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#Ethereum holding strong at £200 lower wall. Stay strong hodlers!

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Guide on how to sell your Ethereum quickly, securely and easily in the UK coming out soon!

Morning Great Britain! 🇬🇧 #Ethereum is ⤴️£7.41 at £287.06 📈 #bitcoin #investing #crypto #eth

Morning Great Britain! 🇬🇧 #Ethereum is ⤴️£8.61 at £272.59 📈 #bitcoin #investing #crypto #eth What was that about the bubble popping? 🤔

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Posted by Jason Agnew
Jason Agnew to Ethereum

Everything you need to know about investing #ethlife

Morning Great Britain! 🇬🇧 #Ethereum is ↘️£33.69 at £270.53 📈 #bitcoin #investing #crypto #eth Guide on when and when not to panic out today

BIG #ETHEREUM NEWS: Vitalik no longer signing on as advisor on future ICO projects. #btc #eth #investing…/vitalik-will-not-be-advisor-fo…/

Vitalik announced today that he'd no longer sign on as advisor for any future ICO projects. What does this mean for the future of Ethereum?

I think we've all contracted F5 fever at one time or another!

Got F5 fever? So did these Redditors! Utilising various available home hardware kits they built some nifty Ethereum price checking gadgets.
Any given technology can only be said to have achieved mainstream adoption when it becomes employable by the regular public without any specialized skill or expertise.

Good morning Great Britain! 🇬🇧 #Ethereum is ↗️£14 at £305, an ALL TIME HIGH 🎉
😲 📈 #bitcoin #investing #crypto #eth

Today is the day for votes to be cast for Britain’s next Government with eyes set on either Conservative leader Theresa May or Labour leader [...]