My video for a PlayGround contest with some backing tracks. Played on Ipad mini 3 with PlayGround app, samples edited in Ableton. ht...

New stuff soon!

Eufoteoria - Ayahuasca (Blocktreat Unmix) Ayahuasca Remixes Export Label 2013
Noonautics is a nonprofit focused on research and development of modalities that catalyze our inherent collective potential.

Nowy trak "Elektrony" w kooperacji z Zaspałem (Zespół Cruz Zaspał) na skwerowego składaka "skwerbombing"

Muzyka: Eufoteoria, Zaspał 2015


“...There's no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.”

Cookin' a remix for Jakub Nox Ambroziak for his upcoming single. More info soon.

Last year, Czech DJ Mary C. tangled my two tracks in her mix for VICE magazine. It's quite a compliment looking at the company in which they are found. The whole thing has smooth flow and induces into a nice mood. You should check it for your own good

Mary teď spouští vlastní label a jeho první výsledky jsou ke slyšení i v následujícím mixu.

Fluctuation Remixes / Export Label 2015

Good Paul / TSI / Mokhov / Lower Entrance / Nik Laker / Slime / Echo Deal / Eufoteoria / Cuefx / Kratos Himself / Nema / Crookram

The Fluctuation Remixes album shows the alternate world of Printempo music seen through the eyes of producers from Poland, Great Britain, Austria and the USA. In this new world, the rules by which...

Sup Y'all?! New stuff coming ! The whole album called "Fluctuation" by Printempo was remixed by a bunch of producers, more or less associated with Export Label. The album is called "Fluctuation Remixes". When the right time comes, seemingly this month, you'll be able to hear it here: In the meantime check out the promotional video by VJ Matam (godfather of Export Label).

Printempo - Fluctuation Remixes PT01 - Good Paul PT02 - TSI PT03 - Mokhov PT04 - Lower Entrance PT05 - Nik Laker PT06 - Slime PT07 - Echo Deal PT08 - Eufoteo...

A remix I've made for a fellow from 5:55 label on his debut "Raices" EP. Share, comment and support !

Kolejny remix, który przygotowałem dla Phattcuta na jego epkę "Raices" wydaną w 5:55.

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remix by @eufoteoria Gitarzysta, producent i raper pochodzący z Kłodzka. Absolwent Instytutu Jazzu i Muzyki Estradowej na PWSZ w Nysie. Tworzy muzykę z pograniczna new beats / downtempo / abstract

A track from my latest album "NANO"

You can download the whole thing from here (FREE OR BUY ME A BEER)


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Eufoteoria: @eufoteoria Due to similar workflow, "NANO" is a kind of continuation of former "Cookies" EP from Eufoteoria, project of a youn

Single created in cooperation with Cuefx Band.
Video by VJ Matam.

Cuefx Band feat. Eufoteoria - Neurodramatic Hip Hop part 3 International Post-War Chill Remixes Export Label 2013 Agnieszka Tward...

Give it a try, give it a "share", comment, support.

Eufoteoria: ...

Here's some new recommendations. Ya'll should check the site. The authors got some good taste and there's a lot of nice and fresh from around the world.

You are here:Home › Abstract › Introducing: Eufoteoria – ‘NANO’ (05×55) ← Swarvy – ‘a n g e l’Introducing: Eufoteoria – ‘NANO’ (05×55) February 17, 2014 | Filed under: Abstract, Bass, Beat Tapes, Beats, BoomBap, Downloads, Electronic, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Label, New Albums, New Artist and tagged w...

And it happened. My new album called "NANO" is already out and available to download from links below. Get it on your player !


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Eufoteoria: ...

Już dziś za pośrednictwem i 5:55 puszczamy mój nowy album NANO ! Materiał będzie można pobrać na stronie skweru w dziale produkcje jak i na bandcampie 5:55. Linki podam wieczorem.

Today, along with and 5:55 We're releasing my new album called "NANO" ! Links will get here in the late evening.

muzyka: Eufoteoria scratch: Lapsky wideo: Cruz (korzystając z "Le Ballon rouge") Wideo zapowiada nadchodzącą produkcję Eufoteorii - "NANO" Płyta wychodzi nak...

Remix, który zrobiłem jakiś czas temu w konkursie organizowanym przez Nowe Nagrania. Będzie dostępny do ściągnięcia jako BONUS do albumu "NANO", który ma się ukazać już 30-go.

Remix that I made some time ago in a competition organized by Nowe Nagrania. It will be available for download as a BONUS for the album "NANO" to be released already 30th.

Remix, który zrobiłem jakiś czas temu w konkursie organizowanym przez Nowe Nagrania.