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Ville Hassuklovni Lehtinen
· June 3, 2017
I have been using several holsters, batons and baton accessories of ESP for over 7 years now.
I have a lot of experience, considering different brands of holsters, belts and accessories, and especiall...y breaking them.
I have so far been unable to break anything from esp product range, so I must say they can take some punishment, and still keep functioning properly.
My main tool, extendable baton, is esp hardened 26" supergrip, with leverage cap, and additional prybar cap, and I will never switch from this model!
Durable, reliable, easy to maintain, and since the center of the weight, even a little lousier hit has the desired effect on the subject.
Accessories like the additional caps and windowbreakers are easily attached and removed even when in hurry, and are very durable.
Thanks for all the great quality products, keeping us in the field safe and helping us to do our job well and properly!
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Gian Mario Voorhees Ribilotta
· April 15, 2017
serious brand whit serious products for professional use,good quality and good prices.
Ondřej Bělohlávek
· April 6, 2014
The best self defence products!
Hamid Hassan Hiba
· July 26, 2016
Best self defense're the one.
Elbadaly Ahmed
· August 30, 2016
The best products I've ever seen
Svetlin Mihaylov
· March 1, 2015
the best products for selfdefense and security....!
Teanis C Tillmon
· September 22, 2014
I like your products.
Petr Krejčí
· September 9, 2017
Kvalitní výrobky, co vydrží mnoho let.
Daróczi Zsigmond
· February 2, 2018
Nagyon megbízható termékek.
Jakub Dickinson
· September 24, 2017
Super kvalitní výrobky,ještě mě žádnej nezklamal......palec nahoru
Edilson Martinez Chaparro
· April 28, 2016
El expandable baton &accesories con linterna acoplada es una herramienta estupenda
quisiera saber cuánto costaría el envío de una unidad con linterna via correo a Bogota Colombia. Quedó atento x es...te medio. See More
Jakub Novotný
· August 7, 2016
Nejlepší produkty na sebeobranu prostě kvalita ,spolehlivost a přijatelné ceny na jednom místě
Martin Kejklíř
· April 22, 2015
Super neni co dodat kvalitni zbozi a rychlost dodani
Václav Hrubeš
· June 25, 2015
Znám jejich teleskop, a jsem s ním spokojen!
Radek Šíp
· August 3, 2013
2018: Pozáruční servis svítilny - naprosto úžasný přístup, výměna části svítilny za symbolickou cenu, opět maximální spokojenost.
Dima Becker
· November 17, 2015
Продукция супер!!!
Александр Полищук
· November 4, 2013
Нужно чтобы было на русском . И товар можно было пересылать в Україну
Euro Seguridad
· November 1, 2013
Todo es calidad y buen precio.
You can meet our team at MILIPOL Paris. Stand G 096.
Memories of IWA 2017
ESP new system UBC-05 for your belt...

Compact and metal version of ESP telescopic baton

Is designated for concealed carry mainly. Thanks its significantly reduced dimensions it is suitable for all kind of armed and security personnel who carry out their duties in civilian cloth. Unlike major competitive products the ESP product is made from hardened steel. You can use it even for the most demanding missions in extreme conditions...


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Certificates for instructors about ESP police baton training...

More than 3 000 around the world!

Do you have one of them?

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Euro Security Products

A well-known strongman from a special squad was selected for the verification of the necessary quality. He is so well physically able that it would be very diff...icult to find a similar one in our population. He simulated a very resistant culprit, who wanted to release himself from the handcuffs almost at any price (like he was expecting ten years of hard imprisonment…). He tried a unique “fight” with this new tactical equipment. We must admit that the situation was made easier to him a bit by the fact that his wrists were well protected during this unusual test with a soft protective layer. That allowed him to develop the maximum pull his extremely well trained body could accomplish. This unique test started after careful installation of the handcuffs made by ESP. The figurant pulled carefully at first, but later in full strength. Puffy muscles, veins looking like ropes – the handcuffs looked like they would explode. In the end, we heard a pronounced cracking sound. Some people thought about a broken strip, while others tipped the broken lock. However, it was badly broken bone as we all found a bit later. It should be said that not many people among the on lookers expected that this “string like” material and the relatively delicate design would resist so well the boundary human skills. In addition, as the “testing person” recognised by himself later, he would not be able to develop such a strength without the softening bandage (he is a very resistant person who can overcome pain, but despite the protective layers, there were purple lines on his wrists which healed only slowly). The mentioned test thus provides for the necessary warranty that this new equipment could become a very reliable aid to all who, in their jobs, undertake activities, during which the quality securing of a risky person could be vital.

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Reload your 5,56 rifle faster now!

More about ESP "speed" holders:…/holders-for-magazines-ar15…/

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ESP orange gun Glock 17 for your safe and real training...

Do you have one of them?


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Bolt cutter...

Two ESP batons and a special accessories...


Have you ever try the effect of ESP sprays?

Here results of a real test

Our pepper sprays are tested by two volunteers in real situation. "Real test of pepper sprays TORNADO and HURRICANE manufactured by Euro Security Products sh...

Hurricane ESP spray/flashlight for your defense...

Do you have one of them?…/spray-flashlights-hurricane/

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Tactical bag from ESP - the most universal for your duty or rescue accessories...


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One of many ESP baton police courses - here in India...

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Have you ever seen ESP system UBC-05?

From Jara - his set for a night...

Thanks a lot

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