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Ricky Chazya
· August 14, 2014
Evangelical Assembly is the church to be in if you are in Chingola. Wonderful Praise and worship which will bring you right into God's presence. Sermons are well tailored by the Holy Spirit Himself to... help you live a fulfilling christian life and grooms you to be a standing christian wherever you go. You will never regret that you have been a part of this great church. See More
Kce S. Wells
· January 1, 2017
Evangel Assembly, a home of God's Love...their you will be shaped, equipped and directed in the ways of God...i am one of the Sons of that ministry...find time when in that locality to visit the Churc...h...Lord bless. See More
Eddie Ndebele
· May 13, 2016
Wonderful place of worship with good people and breath taking music
Rex Chiwele
· December 30, 2016
If u wanna feel Gods presence, please dont hesitate to come
Ministering today Sunday March 18, 2018 at Evangel Assembly PAOGZ Chingola : Reverend Milton Mtonga Theme Note : " The Stone Must be Taken Away" Matthew 28:1 - 6 Isaiah 22: 22 John 11: 39 - 40 The Lord is able to open new avenues in our lives. Jesus was completely DEAD for 3 days lying in a Tomb and the women in the passage of scripture went to attend to His body to give Him the burial rites per the Jewish tradition. When they reached the Tomb they found it open and what they didn't realise is that Jesus is more powerful than DEATH itself. The Stone had been rolled away by the power of heaven and even today in your life EVERY STONE THAT HAS BEEN KEEPING YOU AMONG THE DEAD HAS TO AND WILL BE ROLLED AWAY!! Lazarus died and was in the Tomb 3 days but Jesus told the people to remove the stone. A stone is a hindrance and not until it is removed your destiny shall not be unlocked. Psalm 24: 6 - 8 The Lord is coming to remove every stone that has hindered and locked up your future. When the King of Glory appears must be opened up. There are doors that have been closed and locked for many years; for instance Africa has wealth which has been locked up by a stone which should be removed for her to unlock the wealth in her. You as a child of God are a Champion; You were liberated at Calvary's Cross and the blood of Jesus freed you from the shackles of bondage in order for you to lead a fruitful, rich fulfilled life. In life there are stones of hindrance and docility. There is nothing in this world as long as we are children of God that can stand in your way of uplifting and promotion to new levels of Destiny. In the Case of Mary and the Women at the Tomb of Jesus the Stone that was removed was rolled away and the Angel of God sat upon it, never to be rolled back again. Even in your situation every stone that the Lord will roll away from your tomb will never be rolled back again. Ity is time for us to begin to counted. We need people who are zealous and those that will not wait to be sent out for God's service. There is something about you that can no longer be allowed to be hidden. The shift is already in motion and will continue manifesting God's glory and wonders among His children. When you have tested the resurrection there is no door that will hinder you; just like Jesus after the resurrection He was able to go through walls even when doors were closed. From that point it was all Glory for Christ. I SEE Greatness in all of you right. Even the Company that sacked or fired you will begin to look for you! We are breaking limitations just like Jesus Christ became unstoppable after he rose from the dead. May you arise above limitations and hindrances. You cannot continue living behind the STONE of hindrance. These days in church people are keeping things that are holding them back from getting their destiny of progression. There must be a place of exposition and repentance to remove all things and weights that stand in our way for a breakthrough. We don't need groups in church; we need to be together to work for the Lord. How can we worship where there are divisions among you. Every STONE of hindrance must be removed and allow breakthrough to be manifested. Those who have been fighting you for no reason will be dumbfounded and disgraced before the Lord. What you're seeing now is just a shadow of what God is doing. God will work through you to realise the Destiny of your life and the CHURCH. "You Stone, standing in my way to blessings, get out of my way"
Big Sunday
Evangel Assembly (PAOGZ) is with Bishop A F Ngwira.

Evangel Assembly, Chingola, welcomes you to our Sunday Service at 09:00hrs. Come in for a time of awesome fellowship as we worship God together.
We are along Kitwe road and just before the Magistrates Court in town.
See you there.

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Ministering today at Evangel Assembly PAOGZ Chingola : Bishop Aaron Friday


Nehemiah is a book about rebuilding, repairing, mending and restoring things; not leaving things the way they are.

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