The Evolution Revolution
God is...
God is...variations on the theme in Green

Unity Consciousness

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Systems Busters

If we truly believed that we were all one, how would we treat one another?

This is true empowerment.

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This—is what you can develop

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Remember this one:
"Be still, and know: I Am..."

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"Remember this is the time to let go and trust. The illusion is very strong right now in our lives so it is essential to remember to let go and move within the Heart. We are each being supported and held, the ego mind is not aware of this Truth however your Heart is connected. Take a moment to hold your Heart and Be." Christine Day

Get on the Love Train, baby

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Proliferate, profligately

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Nourish yourself, baby

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The Wayne Smoke Snellgrove - Saulteaux

“Flexible strength is better than inflexible. Let the storm flow over you, and then pop back up.”
-Michael Kabotie, HOPI

Flexibility is taught by nature. You wi...ll see the trees bend in the wind. You will see that tree branches are flexible. To be rigid is to break. When we have life problems it is good for us to be flexible. Sometimes we need to flow with what is going on. If we resist, it becomes more painful. We need to be on the path of least resistance. Water flows down the mountain through the path of least resistance. Electricity flows through the path of least resistance. Power flows through the path of least resistance. As Indian people our strength has always been our flexibility.

Creator, I will be flexible today because I know You are with me.

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