The play writing room for The Stars Say Die!

Some of our most hilarious cast and collaborators are performing in this year's The San Francisco Improv Festival. It's on now, check it out!

Check out Barbarella : on Stage and in Space! which opens this weekend. An out of this world live stage production of the classic space flick. Featuring a few Exquisite Corpse Theatre vets in the production.

Astronavagatrix from Planet Earth is on a super top secret mission to rescue famed Earth Scientist Durand-Durand. Will she be able to complete her mission? Or will she get derailed by the multitude of ethereal beings who wish to "make love" to her?

We share some company members with and heartily endorse Thrillpeddlers and their fantastic new show The Untamed Stage - Held-Over thru June 11 which was just extended--see it while you can!

Concept & Music & Lyrics & Musical Direction by Scrumbly Koldewyn. Add’tl. Material by Terance Bennan, Damien Chacona, Cab Covay, Andy Wegner, Martin Worman, and Alex Kinney. Choreography by Marilynn Fowler. Additional staging by Cab Covay and Noah Haydon. Directed by Russell Blackwood.

If you're a fan of Exquisite Corpse Theatre you're pre-disposed to love this drag-musical living room theater version of Charles Dicken's Great Expectations which features several of our regular cast: Fabulous Expectations! It's almost sold out!!

Salon San Carlos V: Pip Pip Hooray! Join Salon San Carlos for our fifth season with an evening of diabolical fun, dark lusts, and drag! Welcome puppeteer L M deLeon and her skeleton crew in Bones Boning, "a short tale of lust after life," followed by Foulplay Productions and Fabulous Expectation…
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May 20, 2014

Everyone at Exquisite Corpse enterprises thank our offstage team of who are just as fine cadavers as any of the rest of us, and just as libel for specious headlines... thanks for all you did to make our Soap Opera scandalously good!

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3 more photos courtesy of Chandler "what's a Facebook?" White (aka Jock Hardashian). From "The Life You'll Never Have" the Tuesday night performance...

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Great images of last night's opening night, photographed by Monica Hernandez (who also shot our character cards). join us tonight for the Hardashians' last wedding day!

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Almost sold out for tonight's closing show! Get tickets quick if you want to join us tonight!

Exquisite Corpse Theatre returns--and this time it’s Soap Opera!!  An Exquisite Corpse play is a party, a hilarious original night of theatre, and a collaborative writing game all rolled into one. You've never seen a show like this! In each of our shows the audience writes the script the night of th...

Visions of our preview night performance, courtesy of the Puzzlingly Evident Douglas Wellman. Cameron Eng Gerri Lawlor

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Dancing the audience-written "Shame of the Soaps" at Stage Werx....

Last night we had a really fantastic preview performance! It's a good sign when we're too busy to take any photos. Right? So here are a few you may have seen before. We have a great show for you! Two nights only tickets still available for both Tuesday and Wednesday: Http://

Oh man! We've got Corpstraits back for this week's shows! Live artists (the best kind) drawing collaborative portraits of our audience & cast during the pre-show writing party! We'll have them for both Tuesday & Wednesday's shows this time! Here's a few from our SciFi show last year!

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See our debut tonight! We have tickets left for tonight's preview/industry night performance! This will be our first full performance with an audience, and it was initially invite-only. But we'd love to fill the house and it's a few $$ cheaper than our Tues/Weds shows, so join us!!

THIS IS A SPECIAL PREVIEW PERFORMANCE it's especially for friends of the production & fellow performers or maybe you're a friend-of-a-friend or a reviewer, that's okay, too! You'll be attending our first show--it will be FANTASTIC!! But if it's not *perfect* don't be surprised, okay? Only TWO MORE P...

Our Soap opera show is next week! Get tickets now at and here's something to get you in the mood... no, not Barry White, silly. The great KrOB of Ask Dr Hal and Radio Valencia made us a special #SOAPOPERA audio collage in his inimitable style. Happy listening.

KrOB's special pre-show Soap Opera mix for our Soap Opera Exquisite Corpse show next week: full of awesome--plenty of organ, wedding themes and soap opera dialogue

Before next week's Soap Opera show, some background about the play you'll be writing:  -- all photos below by Monica Hernandez (except where noted)

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April 1, 2014

Ahead of our shows on April 8 & 9, you can find out all about your favorite Exquisite Corpse Theatre Soap Opera characters: their scandals, claims to infamy, plus assorted addictions and convictions. They all appear in "The Life You'll Never Have!" an Exquisite Corpse Soap Opera. Go to for more info and tickets!

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Foul Play Productions is with Stage Werx and 3 others.

T.M.I. once again is the first to break the story! Eveline Hardashian on the rampage after photos of rival Bert Burns and son Ernest Waylon surface. "It's ab...out love, not revenge," swears Burns. "I am going to destroy him!" swears Eveline.

YOU decide what happens at Exquisite Corpse Theatre: Soap Opera's "The Life You'll NEVER Have!"

2 Nights Only: April 8 & 9
at Stage Werx

photographer Dean Mermell
models Guy Silvestro and James Jeske

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