Determined to make the best life for himself, John Costello went from humble beginnings to V.P. of Business Development for a multi-billion dollar company. Get details about his intriguing background in “Executive Hoodlum: Negotiating on the Corner of Main and Mean.” Read the synopsis or buy it today at

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How many of you have to take this test every year?

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Marie Korn
· September 15, 2017
Excellent read. Talk about giving your soul to an audience, he definitely laid it out. And it's all 100 percent true.

This is not fiction, I lived it too!
Margie Costello
· September 17, 2017
Johnny, you nailed it. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger! Congrats!
Joe Caracciolo
· September 16, 2017
Love it ! Great read ! This book is a must have for all . I would recommend t to anyone .
Dillon Brockert
· September 15, 2017
Great book, Great stories and experiences! A MUST READ
Truth or fiction?
John Drummond reportng in 1986
My father entrtaining his Italian friends just outside Chicago...

Finding inspiration is a great step towards becoming a successful individual. Learn about the incredible true story of John Costello, a successful businessman with an intriguing history, in his latest book, “Executive Hoodlum: Negotiating on the Corner of Main and Mean”, at…/…/ref=sr_1_sc_1….

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[Following is an official OnlineBookC review of Executive Hoodlum by John Costello.] id237666-125 One look with John Costello today and you would never guess that he had experienced so much trouble in the past. He has become a successful man. He is ..

Celebrating birthdays at my home with extended family! Johnny Fratto and his son Johnny Jr. Rudy Fratto and Rudy Jr. flew in from Chicago to attend along with others including my Godson, David Ruiz, friends Terry “The Tramp” Orendorff, previous international President of the Vagos MC and Vago Dennis Grindeland. Johnny Fratto’s father was Lew Farrell aka Louis “Cockeyed” Fratto, a guy in the upper echelons of the Chicago Outfit and worked directly for Al Capone. Tragically, Johnny’s older brother Frankie was killed in the same plane crash that claimed the life of undefeated Heavyweight Champion Rocky Marciano. Johnny was a character and is featured in a chapter of Executive Hoodlum; may he rest in peace. Read more at!

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As a Chicagoan with personal experience in both the world of politics and crime, I asked some very pointed questions to Bob Woodward, one of the most famous investigative journalist from the Washington Post, pertaining to corruption in government.

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My father, Mario Casini, AKA Gianni Costa, AKA John Costello, had a tremendous tenor's voice and was the epitome of old-school Vegas. Beside the "skim" at the Stardust, read what else went on behind the scenes in Executive Hoodlum.

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I do not know the origins of this video but is sure to stir some controversy. It has been reported this video was debunked. However in this day and age with the “deep state” being exposed and corrupt unelected bureaucrats being exposed , who really knows what is truth and what is fiction. We all know the Joe Kennedy stories about requesting Sam Giancana’s help in electing John F Kennedy. As well as the controversy over JFK appointing Robert Kennedy to go after the mob. It is rumored and I believe published that Frank Sinatra help persuade Sam Giancana to support JFK to the amount of $10K and was actually slapped around as a result of the fallout. Was the mob complicit in the assassination? With all that went down combined with Jack Ruby’s background it seems there was a path.

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In 2000 I was served this federal subpoena after my cousin Iron Mike was arrested on felony gun charges. Explaining this to the CEO of my company was fairly difficult. Read what happens when I am called to the witness stand.

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John Costello, AKA Mario Casini, went from America’s Pavorotti, to singing the blues in a Florida prison? How does one throw away a promising career for a life of crime? Like the last scene in the movie A Bronx Tale; the saddest thing in life is wasted talent? Learn the entire story in Executive Hoodlum.

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This motorcycle was commissioned by James Gandolfini to be built in 2005. Motorcycle builder Paul Binford was tasked with the job. The build was started in 2005 and finished in 2010. Mr. Gandolfini never took possession of the bike. This custom top-to-bottom build and took 5 years to complete. It actually looks like it has never been ridden. Obviously, this elegant motorcycle is very special and deserves a place of honor as it now passes into history. My good friend Rusty Coones shared these pics with me a while back. Rusty played Quinn in the hit FX series Sons of Anarchy. His image appears in my book.

In my personal life, I learned much about non-government sanctioned violence in the mob and outlaw biker world. In my professional life, I learned about US sanctioned violence directly from men like Rob O’Neil of Seal Team Six, the man credited with killing Osama Bin Laden. Read more at

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In the 1960's my father convinced my grandfather to enter the rough and tumble world of Chicago politics where crime and politics have always gone hand and hand. Read the fast paced story of triumph and tragedy in Executive Hoodlum.

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A decade before Jake (far left) became a confidential informant, I was best man at his wedding. Little did anyone know he would cut a deal to avoid jail time and testify in a murder trial from a shootout between the Hells Angels and the Vagos in Sparks, Nevada. Outlaw Bikers, the Chicago Outfit, New York and New Jersey wise guys, Hollywood and Corporate America all collide on the corner of Main and Mean. Expect the unexpected at

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