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REVIEW: Kingsman 2 at Petronas Twin Towers
Attending Malay Wedding | Expat Angela on YouTube
KLCC | Lunch at The Avenue in Tokio Marine Building

Quick Review KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE from Petronas Twin Towers 😍 Did you know Elton John is in it?
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[NEW Blog Post] I'm INSANELY HAPPY again! The first time since India in 2013 .really ... and it's all because of Malaysia Here's a deeply personal account of my recent struggle to stay in Malaysia and the series of failures that led me here.

The last time I remember being this light, this joyfully happy, this optimistic, and this positive was the summer of 2013. I can pinpoint triggers in my mind and there are precisely two to be exact. The first was in July when my daughter and I went on a very fun weeklong road trip in India before sh...

[20 Second Teaser] Come with me to the festive and very pretty wedding reception for Kumal and Suhada! It was lovely and basically the non-stop food-fest you'd expect in Malaysia ... attended by the 'Who's Who' of KL food truckers

FULL 7:18 VIDEO on my YouTube Channel >> https://youtu.be/pHms9WY9KEU

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Exploring the back streets, side alleys, and hidden 'insider' treasures beyond Petaling Street (Chinatown) in Kuala Lumpur

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DIGITAL NOMAD KL | I've found a hidden little 'affordable' gem for brekkie or lunch in the Tokio Marine building close to Petronas Towers! It's mostly frequented by locals working in the surrounding buildings but the best part about The Avenue for digital nomads is the counter that overlooks a pretty courtyard and waterfall that has individual electrical outlets for keeping devices charged up

FULL REVIEW with links to The Avenue on my blog: http://luxurybucketlist.com/…/klcc-lunch-at-the-avenue-by-g…


[20 Sec Video Teaser] Thai street food is so different to what I'm used to here in Malaysia! Come take a sneak peak with me to try chicken hearts, chicken balls, and -- sadly -- to be scammed by a vendor for the first time in my life

FULL 5 MIN VIDEO on my YouTube channel >> https://youtu.be/B8x5zDmIMDY


[30 Second Teaser] This is my talented (and funny) friend Phng Li Kim from the wildly popular TV show The Paranormal Zone (SyFy Channel). She’s in the middle of filming promotional videos for a special show at locations with “elevated paranormal significance” she says, which I translate to mean extra spooky! For Halloween she’s picking 10 people, with 10 real life stories, to sit down with her and film a special episode of her show. I've never had anything happen to me but if you have be sure to pop over to Li Kim’s Facebook page to share your story.

Check out FULL VIDEO on my YouTube channel >> https://youtu.be/YKS1_mwuPpI

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Expat life is always an adventure and I thank you for following mine...

Photo by Raymond Pung of Unknown-Imagery

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[NEW VIDEO TEASER] Selamat Hari Merdeka everyone 🇲🇾 I celebrated trying a new Char Kuey Teow Burger and meeting The Malaysian of my dreams ♥️

FULL 6-MINUTE Video on my YouTube Channel >> https://youtu.be/qrmPqL9KKHw


If you want to be a digital nomad and mix up your lifestyle … try it!! What’s the worst that can happen, eh? I’d say that nothing you can imagine happening will be worse than leaving a dream unfulfilled that your heart holds dear.

I’ve been an expat most of my adult life, moving from country to country and along life’s path as it opened up to me. However, until this year I never identified as a Digital Nomad. Pretty much because I wasn’t, even though most people in my life saw me that way. I’m a Californian and have worked in...

I swear I just saw a Malaysian CROCODILE!!! I'm on my last hotel review here in Port Dickson and still can't believe it ... what the heck was that???


I usually don't do check-ins on my Facebook page but ... I couldn't resist!!! Just arrived to Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson and I'm IN LOVE ❤️

Expat Angela was live.
August 20

Peace. Love. And Music ❤️

Posted by Expat Angela

I forgot about this piece for some reason, I don't know why.
Almost 2 years ago to the day I was so horrified by what I was seeing and the influence Trump was having over some of my family so I wrote this article ... I guess I thought this would help to show a different perspective. Sadly it didn't.

Supremacists 'out-crazy' even fanatical racists but IGNORANCE is now breeding a brand new army of Americans who don't even self-identify as being racist yet.

[15 sec trailer] Step Inside my 5 favourite Kuala Lumpur Food Trucks and Deep Dive into the Tastiest Dish on Their Menu with Me!

FULL 16min36sec Video on my YouTube Channel (it's the longest vlog I've ever posted!) >> https://youtu.be/I-6Y2fv27aI