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Mary Amelia
· August 13, 2017
I loved it the first time I attended which was three weeks ago. I just got back home from attending the second time. I really liked it. The message hit home. I hope that you get in touch with me c...oncerning the Life Groups. If you do you do if you don't you don't. Joy, no matter the circumstances is the message the pastor shared today. It's a true message and I receive it. Joy is deep in our spirit where we meet with God. That's where it always will be and can only be expressed through our lives when we meet there with our Lord Jesus. See More
Ka Trina Reese
· January 31, 2018
Everyone is so friendly and welcoming! Plus Pastor Donovan's sermons are really in depth and thought provoking. Good church!
Deb Badt
· December 6, 2016
I want very much to give Expedition 5 stars but I honestly can't at this time. I have been attending for aproximately 5 months but honestly have not felt particularly welcomed. I have not met a singl...e person who would go out of their way to talk to me more than the obligatory greeting or to ask me to move so they can sit with their friends or family. I'll admit part of this is my own fault but I am a quiet person and find it difficult to insert myself into others conversations. My first Sunday I filled out the welcome card, took it to the stand outside and was not asked any personal questions about myself or offered any help in getting plugged in to a small group. I also sent an email expressing interest in Life Groups that went unanswered. I love the messages and the music. I love seeing the diversity of the congregation and it is obvious people are there because they love the Lord and each other. I leave feeling blessed by the message and music but not included in the church as a family. See More
Laurie Lackner
· August 15, 2017
It was very comfortable. No pressure, no preaching, no gloom and doom. Vety upbeat and happy. I will go again when I visit my daughter.
Lonna Rood
· August 14, 2017
I love this church. I have never been able to get my husband interested in church until he came here. Now he can't wait to go.
Chantel Van Acker
· September 18, 2017
I love this church! Everyone is so wonderful and friendly.
Susan Clayton Jacobson
· December 19, 2016
I love Donovan and the way he presents God's word. I know Donovan loves people in general and doesnt pick and choose his favorites. He takes time to hug and say hi to anyone. I love the creative ways ...they get the word out and decorate always thinking of the message. They are always welcoming. See More
Leah Harris
· February 17, 2016
We are newer to Payson, and were looking for a church to attend. Two very good friends recommended Expedition, so we attended once and are hooked. The two sundays we have attended so far have been comforting and needed in our new lives. We will be regular attendees. See More
Sharon Moyer
· November 27, 2015
We moved here 2 years ago. I looked at the church ads in the Payson Roundup. I counted over 60. A bit overwhelming. Our bank lady that set up our new account for some reason told us about a church tha...t she thought we would fit. The name she gave, Expedition, meeting at Julie Randall made me wonder. But we went that Sunday. And I knew we did not need to check out any other church. What a blessing we are a part of to worship and serve our God. See More
Skip Smith
· January 1, 2017
We love the teaching and the praise and worship brings the presence of God. There is life in this church and we are so happy and blessed to be here.
Everyone is so friendly!
Stephen Fenton
· September 10, 2017
I enjoyed the time I was a visitor at Expedition Church Recommend it to my friends
Susan Erdelyi
· September 28, 2016
This church is amazing! Because of Expedition I have a wonderful relationship with God! Donovan makes the Bible come alive. Through his teaching, I can put into practice, what the gospel's are saying.... God blessed me with a great church family See More
Renee Charles
· March 6, 2017
My experience with Expedition Church has been nothing but a family filled with love.
I was introduced to expedition from a very wonderful friend Leslie Babcock and her Aunt and Uncle have always been loving and caring. The services are so awesome. Always a message that I need to hear. It's helping in my growth and faith in our Heavenly Father. See More
Amy Martell
· March 19, 2014
We love Expedition, its home for us after not being a part of a "church" for so long. It's welcoming and loving no matter where you are in life. I'm grateful for this place, and the Godly people who attend.
Kevin Dick
· February 26, 2017
This church is on fire for Christ and building a community within our community built on loving like Christ. Love this home.
Amber Crain
· March 30, 2016
I absolutely love this church. They are family and treat my son Zaiden and I so good. Music and Donovan's message is amazing.
Fayth Lowery
· December 9, 2016
I love the people at Expedition! There is always a smile and a hug waiting and lots of fun community projects and fellowship! You can always feel God's love through the people that attend!
Marie Shaughnessy
· October 10, 2016
Expedition is GREEEAAATTTT . Looked and looked until I found what I was looking for. Especially love the music. Very casual and relaxing .
Rene Bearce
· October 24, 2016
We moved here in June and have been coming here since. Im really enjoying the preaching, easy to understand and can be applied to daily living. I people are very friendly.
Sandra Herzer
· April 17, 2017
My son and I have been attending for about 3 months. Donavan is a great teacher, all of the minister's do a wonderful job with God's Word.
Life is better together! At Expedition, we believe that intentional, meaningful relationships are the best way to grow in our faith and trust in God. LifeGroups at Expedition are a phenominal way to connect with others in relationships that are intentional, and meaningful. Check out one story about how LifeGroups have made a difference in people's lives...
Check out this short clip from Sunday and watch the full message here: Believing in Jesus is essential to following Him, but have you ever considered that you can believe in Jesus and not follow Him? Jesus didn't give His first disciples the option to just believe in Him, He called them to follow Him. He called them to give up their lives to follow Him, and He calls us to do the same thing today.
Expedition Stories 2017 Part 2

Dreaming of ways to bless the community and the world!

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For all you Dave Matthews fans out there... Don't miss this Sunday @ Expedition! Looking forward to another great Sunday with the Expedition fam!!!

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