The Pathfinder school is coming to Florida with 2 Great outdoor survival classes. One basic course in late Feb and advanced course in early March. Don't miss your chance to sign up, space is limited!…/


Graduates of our NPYO course. Great group of girls from thr Lakeland Grace Academy.

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Coastal Hunter Gather Course was a Success! There will be another one scheduled for 2016, space is limited so check the scheduled of the Pathfinder School.…/

Self Reliance Outfitters is the ultimate resource for bushcraft and outdoor self-reliance gear. We carry an immense selection of survival gear, survival knives and survival tools.
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David Canterbury

We are in the process of putting together a Florida Class that will be a Hunter/Gatherer Seminar for 4 days in South Florida, this class will involve Desalinati...on of Sea Water, Collection of Fresh Water, Net and Trap Making for fish and crustaceans,Hand lining, as well as free diving with Pole Spear and Hawaiian sling for Specific target species. We will be working with a friend of mine who owns "Go Native Spear Fishing" and logistically this class will be very limited in student numbers most likely 24 max. More details and an Outline will be posted on our website soon-

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Jamie L. Burleigh

Here is current list of Pathfinder School Basic classes for the rest of 2015~

Please remember to sign up and lock in your class period of choice as we have limi...ted spots and the classes are filling up very fast!

Basic Survival Class June 26th - 28th 2015,(Class will be led by Jamie Burleigh)
Basic Survival Class September 12th - 14th 2015
Basic Survival Class October 9th - 11th (Class will be led by Jamie Burleigh)

Click on link below for scheduling, required equipment lists, testimonials and much more...
AND as always you can message me for more information, or simply call the store!

*note* The basic class is our most requested class, we have it many times during the year and if you took the class in spring, you may have a completely different experience than if you took it in the fall!

Jamie L. Burleigh
Lead Instructor
The Pathfinder School

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Free kids survival course enrollment is open we only have 12 spots so if your interested please let me know. Classes run 4 weeks on Saturdays from 9-2 in Port Charlotte then the last weekend is a camp for one night to test what you have learned Saturday-Sunday. Ages are 8-17 (common age for class is about 11) This is a free course to kids with one adult joining for the whole time we have class, no dropping them off.

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Survival Adventure Network Shoot Announcement!
Pathfinder School is looking for 6 Individuals to participate in a Survival Challenge at the Pathfinder School to be filmed and released on Pathfinder TV, the Scenario will require good Survival Skills, and the ability to think on the fly, we will not give details of the Challenge so no prep can be done ahead-If you would like to volunteer to test your skills and be part of this project, the dates are Feb 20/21/22 of 2015, with y...our arrival required by evening of the 19th for breifing. We will have safety and Instructor personnel on site and this will not only be a challenge to you but also a teaching moment for us to be filmed and observed by our audience. We will have several Instructors and Safety personnel on site for this shoot and we will be filming 24 hours a day for this shoot. You can contact me directly at
Pre Requisites are
1. You can NOT be a prior PF School Student
2. Must be in fair to good physical condition with no limitations
3. Must sign release waivers for both filming and liability prior to shoot.
We need 3-6 Individuals male or female at least 18 years of age-
Let's get Dirty!
This will be a Winter Scenario-----------------

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Set up a group where we can work together share stories and ask questions please check it out. It is a closed group to try to keep focus on learning & not spam & copy past material please check us out & let me know if you are interested in joining
Expedition Survival Classroom

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Basic class scheduled for Jan 1st weekend. & gift certificates are now available.…/

Expedition Survival School is dedicated to the hands on development of each human beings fullest potential in the outdoor world through military, native and real world survivor expertise. We prepare your for the next adventure!
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Small class, Big fun!

Trips to the Ecuador's rain forest & jungle is in the works! Volcano Climbing over 17,000ft, then traveling to Stay & live off land by hunting & gather our own food in the Jungle for almost a week with 3 native Indians, Rappelling waterfalls, White water rafting then a day or two visiting the sites such as Middle of the world museum. Who would join us on such a trip?

We want to hear your opinions, What would make the perfect survival course for you guys?

Check out our newest class. 2 day family survival trip! bring the kids & the tents & learn in a relaxed environment Your family will work together as a team through a survival scenario for 2 days & one night.…/

create fire with limited resources, find water & treat for safe drinking & find Food for everyone, Set up to signal for rescue

Meet our instructors,
Scott, one of the instructors here at Expedition Survival. Scott is a Vietnam combat vet, Who after serving his country went on to be a instructor for our US Navy special boat units & Navy Seals attached to special boat units for 6 years teaching coastal survival, Scott also has owned & operated a jungle survival school for civilians to travel to Belize & spent the days living off the jungles, working along side the Mayan Indians! Scott worked at a pack ...station running pack animals for 4 years, then as a professional construction diver for 8 years. Scott also ran a Kayak guide service in the FL keys & has worked as a Survival instructor for the Pathfinder School. Scot currently volunteers as a instructor for the National Pathfinder youth org.

Kevin Jackson, instructor here at the School. Kevin grew up in the swamps of Florida & spent his time growing up working at veterinary clinics, reptile farms, and animal rescue centers learning about exotic wildlife. He has certificates from 1 Basic & 2 Advanced levels of the Pathfinder School for Wilderness Survival. Kevin Also took part in a documentary for Survival Adventure network & wrote for Self Reliance Illustrated Magazine. In 2012 Kevin was invited to join Mickey Grosman for almost 500 miles all on foot through the rain forests of Ecuador on part of a 5000 mile Survival Style hike across South America Mickey did With Amazon 5000 ( Recently Kevin has been a Chapter leader for the National Pathfinder School volunteering his time to teach our next generation about wilderness self reliance as well as working with Expedition Survival.

Kevin would like to thank his friends for making it all possible Mickey Grosman with Amazon 500 & Dave Canterbury at the pathfinder school LLC. Dave & his family are the best & we encourage you to take one of their courses in Ohio if you can for some of the best training you can get

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Nonprofit Organization
'Timo Gualinga, a native to Amazonia from Ecuador took a serious beating, mentally and physically alongside Mickey Grosman throughout the 5000 mile epic expedition. He stood firm, loyal and determinate to bring a message of hope to the global fight on cancer.'
Amazon 5000 - for the Cure
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This Fri, Sat & Sun Survival class special.
Bring 3 people pay for only