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The improving economy and employment market is not helping the most low-income households.

"The map provides in-depth information about what government activity is taking place in each neighborhood, such as tracking the progress of resident requests a...nd building permits. Users also can see where government facilities — including fire stations, schools, parks and recycling centers — are located."

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NashView is intended to complement hubNashville, Davidson County's portal for requesting services and tracking their progress.
The shape that we give to our city, in turn shapes us. In this TEDx talk, "Improving Public Health Through Community Design, Citizen Engagement, and the Buil...

Check out what California is doing to with affordable housing laws.

Legislators in California have started to take on the state-wide housing shortage with laws that take zoning decisions out of the hands of municipal governments
Research finds significant link between the walkability of a city and the blood pressure and hypertension risk of the people who live there

Safety concerns in public spaces are important, "but the methods to counter them do not necessarily have to result in sterile, alienating places. The way to revitalize a plaza is to invite the public to share in its design and planning."

"So-called 'undesirables' are not the problem. It is the measures taken to combat them that is the problem... The best way to handle the problem of undesirables is to make the place attractive to everyone else." --William H. Whyte

We're excited to announce that the Affordable Housing Design Leadership Institute has won @AIANational's 2018 Collaborative Achievement Award! AIA says the Institute has had a profound effect on the affordable-housing ecosystem. Details:

AHDLI has received the 2018 Collaborative Achievement Award by the American Institute of Architects for its influence on the architectural profession.

Perhaps one of the best ways to approach climate change-induced displacement is to start with community engagement.

Louisiana's Isle de Jean Charles Resettlement Project is the only government-funded climate relocation in the country—and a test case for more to come.

Reading: "The most essential designed component of New York is not a skyscraper or a station, but the street."

Fewer cars, some of them driverless, and more space for everything else.
Joel Mills

“Design has an important role in city building and can make a difference.” Nice piece on the late Ron Straka, one of the pioneers of AIA's R/UDAT program.

Ron Straka, an architect and city planner, recently died. Mr. Straka helped shape Denver. Mr. Straka championed LoDo as a site for Coors Field.

Great opportunity here from the AIA's Architects Foundation. This is how #MyAIA rolls.

The Diversity Advancement Scholarship This architecture scholarship can change your life! Maybe you chose architecture because you want to design a better world. Or you can’t imagine doing anything else. One thing’s for certain: You love this work. And we’d love to help fund your college exper...

For the first time in nearly 30 years, FEMA is significantly redrawing New York City’s flood maps.

A first for any major U.S. city.

It’s a problem that isn’t going away. (from October 2017)

It’s getting harder and harder for governments to subsidize projects like they’ve done in the past.

Interested in working in philanthropy and expanding opportunities in America's cities? We have an opening for a summer fellow in our American Cities Practice. Learn more about the position at our website. Apply by 1/19.

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