At the SanteClaus Grotto. Posting and packing products. Lets talk about FCD / Sante Claus / Products or anything that comes along.
Live from Grotto 9 Postage & packing Because......
SanteClaus live from Grotto 8 It's the long awaited postage and packing with general chit chat. Almost as much fun as going to the dentist.
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Holly Bowler
· April 5, 2018
FCD was my first non-comic convention and the first cosplay experience for me. I was welcomed from the moment I entered and it felt like coming home. It's not only interacting up close and personal w...ith people we've admired on the screen, but knowing I can strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone there and I will be accepted. Some of my best friends I made at at FCD. It's also the vibe...there's a happy, chilled, friendly vibe that you just can't find anywhere else and it's attractive, like a magnet. I've been to several other conventions since, some of which were truly appalling where it was made clear that my money was all they were after and I was made to feel like cattle. FCD is fan-run, it's warm, it's comfortable, they go out of their way to make it the best experience they can. I've made a family here and when we're not together we all miss each other and can't wait until the next gathering. It's special like that. ♥ See More
Nick Frearson
· April 5, 2018
Fcd has got to be one of the best events I have been to, the organisers are brilliant and also the team that works with everyone to make sure they have a great time
Mark Lupton
· March 20, 2018
After going to their last event in 2016, and being blown away by the friendliness of the staff, organisers and stars, it made it the BEST Con experience EVER, a must go to event!!!!!!
Alan Robert Brown
· April 5, 2018
One of the most friendly cons i have been to you get loads of one on one time with the guests. In a word amazing
Jody Smilas
· April 8, 2018
Absolutely love FCD events always look forward to them and never fail to impress me, also amazing people at the events not just the talent.
Philip Quinn
· April 5, 2018
Wil & David are real gentlemen that know how to provide an amazing convention experience for all attendees
Tim Lyth
· April 19, 2018
FCD Events is always a great way to enjoy the shows we love. Make new friends and have a great geeky holiday.
Justin Salmon
· April 3, 2017
Oh man, what a great weekend Out of the Ashes 2.0 was! It was the perfect convention - best one I've been to. I won't do it justice. Small, intimate, with great guests, and great attendees. The gu...ests were all unbelievably friendly and cool - in the face of fairly heavy fandom. I loved that they treated us as people, really friendly. And it was terrific to just mix with them. All the guests were excellent: humble, friendly, welcoming, interesting, funny. Their talks were fantastically entertaining too. A lasting image will be Robert Picardo on the dancefloor at the Kyber Crystal Party!

I also couldn't get over how friendly the attendees were. There was a real sense of goodfeeling and togetherness, whether it was being lent a blaster, getting a nod from a ghostbuster, or being stabbed by a batleth.

The organisers were also excellent. One of the helpers actually remembered me from "Out of the Ashes 1.0" last year, and I was impressed that one of the two chief organisers asked me if I was having a good time. Those were nice touches and it made the organisation feel really personal. It's a real pity that this is the last event they plan for a while. I sincerely hope they do more!

Despite feeling buoyant, I was also surprisingly sad and emotional to leave, which was perfect (the fantastic "Come and get your love" from the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack was playing as I left the main event hall, and that was a good song to end on). It was certainly a melancholic drive back. I had said heartfelt goodbyes to perfect strangers. We had briefly existed in a wonderful bubble of nerdery where we celebrated the things we loved, where we could be ourselves, and where we could be with people like ourselves. It was a shame to go back to reality. Thanks for creating the memories!
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Kevin Peters
· April 3, 2017
FCD for me is more biased than most i guess because im a member of the FCD team, FCD by all accounts is one of the most personal, friendly and welcoming of UK based Sci Fi events. what originally star...ted out as a Star Trek related event has over the years opened up to the wider Sci Fi genre.
To give a review from my point, the FCD team are extremely friendly, very helpful and can't do anymore to engage with all guests and visitors, FCD is the perfect event for those who are new to events, perhaps slighlty nervous about attending and the Veteran event attender,

I hope anyone who reads this review finds it helpful, feel free to inbox me if you require any further advise or have any questions with regard FCD.
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Sara Buckle-Spears
· April 3, 2017
As many have already expressed, I loved this! My husband and I went to our first event on Sunday at Telford, and as we've attended numerous events throughout the years, this has been by far the best I've experienced.
It might not be the largest event going, but that's also part of the charm, as it felt far more relaxed - which in turn seemed to permeate through to the guests. I noticed fans were given more time at signing tables, even with queues as there were never large numbers waiting at any one time.

The panels were fantastic, and again due to numbers, it was easy to attend them (or not depending on preference).
Staff and volunteers were helpful, and the venue is great. Plenty of parking, easy access for disabled (as I am). This made what normally would be an exhausting day for me merely tiring.
It even has a Costa coffee on site, as well as a cafe. So easy to grab and drink and/or food if you wanted to.

I honestly can't remember the last time I enjoyed an event as much as this one.

Bravo to the entire team behind it, and a heartfelt thanks to the guests who attended.
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Iain Baillie
· April 3, 2016
Many thanks for persevering and setting up an alternative to the 2 day event that you had planned. I wish you the best of luck getting appropriate permissions to host an event next year!

I’ve attend...ed a few conventions now over the years, from fantastically intimate Pages Bar events, through to Wolf Events, Sean Harry, “Destination Star Trek”, Showmasters, the Peterborough event and Creation in London/Vegas/LA.

I was really impressed with the short queues and sound (I know you couldn’t operate more than one microphone, but the important thing was that there was decent sound).

The atmosphere was also much more friendly than the Destination/Creation events. I don’t know if you’ve ever come across Neil Roberts? He used to VC/compare the Firefly events and it would be great if you could use him in the future. He was hilarious (note, I am not Neil Roberts trying to get a job!).

One opportunity for improvement would have been to have had the actors signing tables/exhibitor tables moved into one of the side rooms (or the foyer where the captains chairs were). This was due to the loud voices of people around the perimeter which often made it difficult to hear and the rumble was continuous. Obviously you can’t ask any of the guests to keep quiet, but it would have been better to have kept the talks to only the one room.

Another could have been to use the actors a bit more. A lot of them could have talked for a bit longer and there were several lulls in the programme that they could have talked for. JG’s talk in particular was cut short.

Also, when the event changed to a 1 dayer and was “cancelled”, I never received any emails telling me about the change in venue. It was only when I was searching for a programme the other month that I discovered the event had been changed.....

In summary though, many thanks for the event day. It was really appreciated that you and the special guests went to a lot of effort to make the event fun, engaging and low cost for us attendees. (Free and ample car parking - wow!). Good luck for next year's event.
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Laura Fawcett
· April 19, 2018
The organisers are very nice people and very accommodating 🙂
Stewart Ogden
· April 4, 2017
This was a great event! For me personally it showcased my 3 fave shows - B5, Star Trek & Stargate. I attended all the talks which were all great in their own way! The photoshoots were well organised &... painless! The icons party was really good too! The venue was excellent with The International Centre being placed in a great spot with plenty of food, drink & extra entertainment options! See More
Cj Fear Smilas
· March 31, 2017
The last FCD event we attended was amazing. It was our first convention and we are so happy to be back again.FCD really do make you feel like family and they put on events of the highest quality.
Than...k you for yet another great experience that my family will always remember. See More
Steven Buckle-Spears
· April 2, 2017
This was my first fcd event on Sunday and I had such a great time. All the guests were funny and welcoming. The talks were great! I just wish I had gone Friday and Saturday as I now feel like I missed... out on so much more!! Please can you try and get Andrea Thompson next year?!! I would buy a VIP ticket for that � but seriously i am really thinking of doing that anyway. If there is one next year. See More
Daniel Balding
· April 5, 2017
The entire weekend was awesome from start to finish! I got to sing with the great John. G Hertzler and the legend that is Robert Picardo. I enjoyed meeting the wonderful John Carrigan who is a true ge...ntleman in every sense of the word, and a hell of a dancer to boot. He is also inspirational and can inspire the uninspired. Bruce Boxleitner had some fantastic stories to share, and he and his lovely wife are charming. And can't forget the great Aron Eisenberg, the amazing Claudia Christian, and definitely not the amazingly down to earth David Blue and Rainbow Sun Francks, who were truly incredible. David and Wil, the event you put on was truly amazing. Be proud and hold your head up high. So say all of us! See More
Andrew Baguley
· April 5, 2017
I went with my brother in law and it was so personal, amazing weekend, I attended the Sunday, I've attended two conventions and this is the best by far. Thank you so much to fcd and wil and david, com...e back in 2019 :-) See More
Steve Roberts
· March 25, 2017
Loved the last FCD event I went to - it was also my 8yo son's first con and he absolutely had a great time. I am very much excited about the up and coming 2017 convention. If FCD are running the eve...nt, you must go, you'll have a lot of fun. See More
Aaron David Merlin
· April 2, 2017
This was my first FCD event and I was there briefly Friday night, Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday. It was amazing meeting the guest speakers, the event staff and all the fans who did attend. The... staff were awesome, friendly and helpful. I had a great time to be honest. See More
Erika Stroem
· November 30, 2016
It would be quicker to say what I do not like...
Oh... I can't think of anything I do not like about it... I just love it and the people who run it, who now treat me as part of their extended family ♥
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FCD Events are extremely proud to announce our final line up for our first unofficial Stargate Convention being held on November 16th to 18th.
With some of the best loved guests from across the Stargate tv franchise we are sure this will be a brilliant event!


The tickets for this event are selling fast, well beyond expectations with most likely to sell out long before the event sales cut off date on October 1st 2018, so gets yours sooner rather than later.

Our autograph and photoshoot sales desk is now OPEN!!

All autographs are priced at £25 each*
All Photoshoots are priced at £30 each*

You can also buy all autographs and photoshoots during the event

You can buy your event tickets, autographs and photoshoots by hitting the link below…/fcdeventspresentscalm…/158399

*Advance sales price only

Please note:
All guests appear subject to work commitments & minimum ticket sales targets being hit and may withdraw or be withdrawn or replaced without warning or any ticket refunds given.
Should this happen all pre purchased autographs and photoshoots will be refunded within 7 working days
All tickets sales are non refundable or transferable unless the event is cancelled or postponed

FCD Events will be taking a short break from active duty from May 2nd until May 14th as most of the team will be attending my(Wil) wedding in Cyprus.
Emails & messages will still be answered but may take longer than usual for us to respond.

We look forward to welcoming you to Cal Mah!

Wil Ross & David Limburg

This event is a nonprofit in support of charity and an unofficial gathering for fans of the Stargate franchise, both tv & movies. It is not endorsed by or affiliated in any way with MGM, Sky, Sci-fi tv, Brad Wright, Jonathan Glassner or any other licensee or copyright owner. Promotional purposes only and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

See More

Hello All,

A quick update fo you:

We only have 8 Abydos weekend tickets left on the current batch before we are SOLD OUT OF WEEKEND TICKETS!!


We also only have 8 Saturday & 13 Sunday tickets left.

At this stage we can not guarantee there will be any more day or weekend passes made available.

There are plenty of Al-Kesh and premium passes left available with all premium passes available on our payment plan.
For more details on our payment plans please message us.

All tickets, autographs and photoshoots are on sale now hit the link below to buy yours now!…/fcdeventspresentscalm…/158399

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