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Jeff Meloy
· January 6, 2018
Too bad the red tide reports only cover areas close to shore. We flew in from up north over the panhandle and west coast of Florida on 1/4/18 and noticed a HUGE area of red tide that stretched along t...he whole area about 40-50 miles off the coast. If one were on a beach you would never know the tide area was close by. Given the size of the tide area seen from 20K feet, I wonder if the Gulf is dying? And, I wonder why nothing is being said about it on MSM or on this site? I lived on Siesta Key in the early 70's and had a day or two of minimal red tide now and them but never had ANYTHING close to what is happening today. The experts say red tide has been around for a long time, which is true, but have you ever heard about the red tide intensity and size over time? See More
Bonnie Scrimgeour Bruccoleri
· March 9, 2018
Red tide has been bad at Manasota Key since arriving 3/1 and have had to stay indoors due to constant coughing. We asthmatics need forewarning of conditions to avoid unnecessary trips to the ER. Shame... on the govt and tourism bureaus for not reporting conditions as they do with fire conditions. All affect our respiratory systems. See More
Misty Ferrell Josten
· August 26, 2017
I was in Clearwater beach the 18th thru the 21st of August 2017. I got in the ocean, which looked a little odd for Clearwater. A little green I thought. I have never been to Clearwater so I didn't kno...w how it was supposed to look. Came home with an allergic reaction to algae in the ocean. Water needs to be tested near the sandpearl resort and pier 60!! Both legs from the Knees down have a horrible red burning rash. I wouldn't advise to swim on the ocean there!! Not worth the risk. See More
Mark Fodor
· December 8, 2017
Republicans that control this state have had over two decades to do something, ANYTHING but we know how that story goes. Vacation elsewhere for the safety of your family.
Craig S. Issod
· April 4, 2017
I also believe Florida has a bit of a plot going trying to minimize the tourist and other damage done by red tide. The reports always seem to be either wrong or on the "light side", even in conditions... when almost no one feels coerymfortable on the beach.
We did not have this situation as bad in former years. Maybe it is global warming or something left over from the deepwater horizon spill.
Either way a bit of honesty would be nice. When the report shows no respiratory problems at 3PM and everyone is leaving at 4PM and coughing, it doesn't inspire confidence.

Maybe we need more of a citizen reporting as opposed to the scientists who may have interest in promoting tourism (through state money, etc).
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Barb Baichly
· April 15, 2018
Red tide is really bad. Coughing and burning eyes! Staying indoors on April 15th.
Donald Gleason
· August 11, 2017
We have been going to siesta key for years. Oct 2016 red tide was terrible. Every day dead fish and breathing problems. We drove to Tampa about 70 miles to swim in the gulf. Now we will fly there but ...not reserve a room till a couple of days before See More
Donna Larochelle
· May 19, 2017
I agree that the reporting has been unfair to the public. We stayed in Manasota Key Jan and Feb 2016. Once we found out what the coughing and dead fish was all about, I started to check this site be...ach reports daily and found that they were not accurate. There was never ever any mention of it on the news either. Very disappointing. Even for a very healthy person, this air-born red tide felt very nasty. I so much want to go back, but it is an expensive vacation to not be able to enjoy it. See More
Gin Merrill
· March 10, 2017
I think it is about time Florida takes responsible for TRUE reporting for the Red tide. I moved from Punta Gorda to Englewood(about 3 miles from the Englewood Beach) on Feb 2nd. Becaue of moving a new residence... I didn't get to the beach. But had traveled aaround town to strt a new bank account, a new Doctor, grocery shopping and ETC...By Feb. 14th... It seems I was starting to get sick with the red tide. My eyes burned and watered, I had this terrible dry hacking cough. By the 17th i went to the Englewood Hospital Emergency Room. It bgot worse and by the 20th I went to a local clinic. I don't remember ever beingh that sick. My body end up with Bronchitis and an internal infection. PLUS when I got well enough around the 5 the of March, I did some research on line and seeing to my dismay that the reports of the dates of mid February did not (in my opinion give a true report of the severity of the Red Tide! See More
Jay Currie
· December 23, 2017
Stump pass beach was horrible today. Dead fish and coughing. Stay away.
Richard Benson Raborn
· April 13, 2018
Need to know this when staying at a beach or fishing!
Gene Hiemstra
· April 6, 2017
We had friends who visited in January and they left the island to get away from the red tide! We were at Anna Maria October of 2016 and was hard to breath. Since then I've at two bouts of nasal and... infections. Repeating from previous written statements an independent agency should do the testing! See More
Robert M Wilson
· October 10, 2016
It is a major improvement over previous state communication efforts regarding the Red Tide. I remain very concerned about the paucity of sampling that the state uses to evaluate the conditions of sta...te waters. In other words, the states sampling protocol is inadequate to draw accurate conclusions outside of areas where there is a visible problem. As part of the resident coastal population affected by Red Tides, this inadequacy has proven to be a serious health concern. See More
Barbara Piekarski
· September 30, 2016
Englewood Beach, Stump Pass Beach and Blind Pass Beach stank terrible today. Fish and eels were washed up on the beach but people were still shelling and laying on the beach. The stink of it all hit as soon as you parked. Why would these people put their lives in danger? How could you not walk on dead marine animals? They were everywhere. Floating in the water, on the shoreline and on the beach where the high tide once was. If you need a tan that bad lay in your yard, at your hotel or find a park. See More
Jennifer Holder McGann
· August 3, 2014
I personally experienced Red Tide off Anna Maria beaches 20+ years ago and it was horrible! I couldn't breathe the air so walking along the beach was impossible as well as a swim in the Gulf. As I, it lasted a couple of weeks and it became quite depressing. Now that I am retired and living full time in Estero, enjoying the beaches is by far my favorite thing to do. I FEAR red tide and pray it stays far away so as not to affect peoples health. Thank you for asking. See More
Jane Colson
· February 24, 2017
We've been coming to lido beach every winter for three years. This will be our last. Every year red tide gets worse. This year it's been impossible to enjoy the beach. So sad, it's a beautiful place😔
Karen Fokkens DeBeer
· February 17, 2017
Beautiful day at Coquina Beach until the cough started. Didnt think much of it until we noticed that people around us also had this cough. Wasnt until we spoke with these people around us that we were... told it was probably from the red tide. See More
Rege Goob
· March 5, 2017
Haven't had to many issues in May or Sept when we go on vacation. But I know all the beaches are a war with this. Assuming hit and miss. But don't let it stop you from visiting this area. Plenty t...o do besides the beaches. See More
Charles R Stuart
· March 13, 2016
It's always nice to know what you could run in to so you can plan ahead and make the most of your time on the water. It's funny how this usually only happens when Okeechobee is letting out large amoun...ts of water. See More
Scott Anderson
· April 11, 2016
I'm a musician that plays the beach venues, mostly on St. Pete Beach and Treasure Island, and the red tide has been bad this past week. Really feeling the effects, and making it difficult to get thr...ough a gig... See More
The red tide continues to kill fish along the southwest Florida coast. This video shows FWRI HAB researchers sampling in a patch of red tide with dying (what we call "moribund") sea trout. Fish health experts at FWC will analyze the fish specimens to better understand how brevetoxins act to kill fish.
Having a career in Marine Science sometimes pays off in some joyous and unexpected ways. We wanted to share with you today a video taken while sampling in Tampa Bay showing a pod of dolphins following in the wake of the boat. Don’t worry, dolphins are very agile and intelligent mammals and they do not get injured by the motor!
After FWC scientists taught about red tide during Great American Teach-In, this young student created a song about red tide. He sings about how shellfish filter red tide. The missing piece is that these shellfish then become toxic. But we give him a lot of credit for capturing exponential growth – that red tide populations grow rapidly from one to many cells through doublings, or cell division. One red tide floating in the ocean, Two red tide floating in the ocean, Four red tide floating in the ocean, Eight red tide floating in the ocean, Sixteen red tide floating in the ocean, A lot of red tide floating in the ocean, Uh oh uh oh, Here comes hungry clams, Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, Horray, horray, now all the red tide is gone, Now horray!

Please be advised a full detailed Red Tide report, including data tables, regional maps, and an interactive Google Earth map, will be available on Friday, April 27th on the FWC website at:

MIDWEEK RED TIDE STATUS UPDATE: A bloom of the Florida red tide organism, Karenia brevis, persists in Southwest Florida.

In Southwest Florida over the past week, K. brevis was observed at background to low concentrations in four samples collected from Charlotte County, ba...ckground to medium concentrations in twenty-two samples collected from and offshore of Lee County, very low to high concentrations in fifteen samples collected from and offshore of Collier County, and very low concentrations in two samples collected from and offshore of Monroe County.

Additional samples collected throughout Florida over the past week did not contain K. brevis.

Over the past week, fish kills were reported in Southwest Florida in Lee County (at Bonita Beach, Fort Myers Beach, Gasparilla Island, Lighthouse Beach, Lovers Key State Park, Lynn Hall Beach Park, Newton Park and Tarpon Bay) and Collier County (at Barefoot Beach, Clam Bay, Gordon Pass, Seagate Beach, and Vanderbilt Beach). Respiratory irritation was reported over the past week in Lee County (4/20 - 4/21, and 4/24 at Bonita Beach; 4/19 and 4/22 at the Causeway Islands; 4/18 – 4/19 and 4/21 – 4/24 at Lovers Key; 4/19 and 4/22 – 4/24 at Newton Park) and Collier County (4/17 and 4/19 – 4/24 at Barefoot Beach; 4/23 at Clam Bay; 4/24 at Seagate Beach; 4/24 at South Marco Beach; 4/19 and 4/24 at Vanderbilt Beach).

Forecasts by the USF-FWC Collaboration for Prediction of Red Tides for Pinellas to northern Monroe counties predict net southern movement of surface waters and southern, onshore movement of subsurface waters over the next three days.

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The Beach Conditions Reporting System ( allows trained beach sentinels to report beach conditions, including the effects resulting from blooms of the harmful algal species, Karenia brevis, commonly known as Florida red tide.

Reports of "some" to "many" dead fish are shown from Newton Park, Lovers Key, Bonita, Barefoot, South Marco, Vanderbilt, and Seagate beaches. Reports of respiratory irritation are listed at Bonita (slight), Lovers Key (moderate), Barefoot (moderate), Vanderbilt (intense), and Seagate (moderate) beaches.

If you experience effects of red tide, please help us by reporting through the smartphone application, "CSIC" whcih is free from Google Play or iTunes stores.