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Mary Solomon
· February 28, 2015
I started with Dr Hale close to 30 years ago. After meeting him I never wanted to look for another doctor. He is kind and compassionate, and a very good doctor. He never treats you as if you are a ...bother even when your symptoms are hard to diagnoise He patiently keeps testing if my symptoms do not improve. We work together. His staff is very good and kind. His nurse Traci has been with him for quite awhile and she also treats you like family. His new location is even better because it is smaller and not as many sick people are around waiting to see doctors. During flu season he even keeps the flu patients separate. See More
Lee Garza McClellan
· April 29, 2017
Dr Hale and staff always goes above and beyond for me. Very professional and courteous. Always seen in a timely matter. I highly recommend Dr. Hale
Bryan Hartford Parr
· January 20, 2015
What we have here is a failure to communicate, Thank you for finding the pneumonia, when I came in with a high fever, Thank you to your receptionist for turning me away with what I thought was a bug b...ite on my forehead that was affecting my right eye. because it was an hour before you closed on Friday and "you were too busy, come back Monday.", with an empty waiting room. I found out it is shingles not a bug bite. I called to try to see you Monday, yesterday. And you were closed for MLK Jr's Birthday, an honorable man himself and the inspiration for me to adopt across racial lines and as my youngest son is half black and is a LMT. He saw his clients yesterday, because he cares about making people feel better. So now the trust I was trying to establish has been broken. As it had been since the 1990's that I've had a Doctor I trusted, because he retired, and I don't like needles . I don't get sick often, and when I do I usually try to treat it my self so if I try to call a doctor its because what I've been trying isn't working, and I want to talk to a human. As an answering machine usually means, "Oh they're closed and I'll hangup without listening to the long drawn out message. You should call and listen to it sometimes it really doesn't convey the warm fuzzy feeling that the caller's problem is a concern to you. Where as a human answering would come closer to doing that. So I won't be troubling you anymore I'll continue to go back to the ER as I was forced to do this weekend. Oh and thanks for the call back on why do I want a copy of my records. OUTSTANDING. I'll miss the dog. Oh here's a tip for $500.00 you can replace the receptionist with a two way camera and monitor system and do the Sheldon Cooper thing with the patients that walk in the door. That'll cut some overhead. I liked you. The impersonal electronics, not so much. I really will miss your dog. I needed 10 minutes of your time and you turned me away, Thanks. See More
Jean Hummel-Hasenauer
August 22, 2013
Dr. Hale has been my doctor for over 20 years. Love his new location!! I can be in and out over my lunch hour.
April Chamberlain
· December 22, 2013
Dr Hale has been my family Doctor for 25 years. I wouldn't go to anyone else. Tracy is a great nurse too!
Linda Hazelwood Gaston
· September 28, 2012
Dr. Hale has been my doctor for over 18 years, and he is wonderful, And is nurse Tracey is great.
Merry Christmas, from our family to yours.
Dr. James D. Hale
Everyone Needs the Flu Shot