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I-TEAM LEAD TESTING Prompts interns to "Follow The Lead"


As interns from @cramerkrasselt, we created #FTLchi to empower the public

Cramer-Krasselt (C-K) is the second largest independent advertising agency in the U.S. known for integrated campaigns for clients such as Corona, Porsche, Hilton and Panera Bread.

Do not be satisfied that the lead poisoning of the water is ONLY affecting some CPS schools...If its in the water for the schools it's probably in the water at ...your house..It just doesn't skip homes and go directly to schools... come on!!!! Call your Southside Alderman and demand answers and testing of your home' water/pipes...Its OUR health that could be at serious risk!!! They will hide it if you let them.…/ct-chicago-school-lead-wate…

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Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool on Monday night pledged that the cash-strapped district would pay "whatever it takes" to remove lead from water sources and develop procedures to regularly test water and flush school pipes, though it's unclear where he'll get the money.

"Everybody's taking the assumption of elevated lead levels due to construction, because it just seems to make sense, and we understand that, but a lot of things... have been assumed that have been proven to be false," said Gary Litherland, spokesman for the Chicago Department of Water Management.

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The city of Chicago is looking for volunteers who want their water tested for lead, but for this testing, don't call the city, the city will call you.

More than two years after federal researchers found high levels of lead in homes where water mains had been replaced or new meters installed, city officials sti...ll do little to caution Chicagoans about potential health risks posed by work that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is speeding up across the city.

Nearly 80 percent of the properties in Chicago are hooked up to service lines made of lead.

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While the crisis in Flint, Mich., is drawing worldwide attention to the disastrous consequences of failing to properly maintain a public water system, the Chicago study highlights a broader problem facing scores of U.S. cities.

TESTING FOR LEAD: Chicago residents can now call 311 to have their tap water tested for lead, and 28 city schools are being tested under a new pilot program to evaluate potential health risks posed by lead water pipes.

The new testing measures for the city's aging water system were announced Wednesday by Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office.

Remember: the easiest way to eliminate lead from you water at home is a simple lead water filter! #FTLchi #followthelead

Happy Fact Monday! Remember to follow us on twitter @FTLchi and check out our website #FTLchi

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Our final tested site: Auburn Gresham had high levels of lead @ 38 ppb way over the recommended level! Check our map for all results #FTLchi

Does your water have lead in it? Ashburn results came back negative last week at 0 ppb lead level! Follow our progress #FTLchi

Another negative result came back last week in Garfield Ridge with 0 ppb lead level. Hope everyone is staying hydrated this summer! #FTLchi

West Lawn results tested positive last week at 14 ppb lead level, be sure to empower yourself and test your own home for lead! #FTLchi

Last week we tested in Gage Park and the results were 0 ppb lead level. Is your water clean? Check our map! #FTLchi

This map indicates the lead levels of tested public drinking fountains within the Greater Chicago Area. All tests conducted by Follow The Lead were tested using the OMEGA HHWT-14 photometer. Click HERE to learn more about our process.

Brigton Park tested positive for lead at 2 ppb lead level. However, there is no safe level of lead. Be sure to check our map! #FTLchi

We found 0 ppb lead level in McKinley Park last week! Remember to drink filtered water whenever you can #FollowTheLead #FTLchi

We found on July 26th Douglas tested positive at 28 ppb lead level! This is well beyond the recommend EPA threshold of 15 ppb #FTLchi