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Introducing Video Chat feature to Facebook Messenger Lite App…/video-chat-feat…

Facebook always has a new feature to present and surprise its users everytime. Lovely yet useful feature added this time is the "Video Ch...

Manage your identity by "Tagging" yourself with the latest feature - Facebook Face Recognition Technology…/facebook-face-r…

The Tagging Feature in Facebook is not a new tool for Facebook users. Till now we all have experienced the "TAG" feature while sha...

Newly introduced feature for Messenger users. The 4K Resolution effect.…/facebook-messen…

Newly added feature by Facebook that has started becoming viral nowadays is for the Messenger app users. Now people who use Facebook Messe...

Hello dear page visitors. I would like to clearly state that this page is NOT at all related to hacking.

I got messages stating how to hack. But please note that this page deals only with tips and tricks.

Kindly make a note of this.



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Facebook used its own technology to map the earth's entire human population as it prepares for an internet based in space

Hey FB'ies, did you check the new set of reactions launched this week?

Moment when India's P.M Narendra Modi met Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, a history is created.

Watch the video below.

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Posted by Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg is at Facebook HQ.

The most amazing moment this morning was when Prime Minister Narendra Modi and I talked about our families, and he shared stories of his childhood and the impact his mother had on his life. His answer is deeply moving and inspiring, and it's worth watching all the way through.

Facebook's Internet service would come without advertisement and videos.
The social-networking site is topping the charts when it comes to all-time global app downloads.
A start-up is quietly challenging Facebook’s efforts to connect emerging market consumers to the internet, signing up more than 15 times more telecoms operators than the high-profile effort led by the social network. mCent, an app owned by Boston-bas
Touted as tech’s top five, stocks of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon tanked when the Nasdaq opened on Monday morning
App that would allow publishers to highlight and push news events to Facebook users is said to be in alpha-stage testing