Does anyone know this man?
He goes by Taz & when I met him in 2008 he resided at A Hope homeless shelter downtown. He was 6 or more generations local to Asheville, but had been homeless for a while and when possible rising municipal bus tickets between various cities. I can't recall if he was a Nam Vet or not, I remember the friend he came with to a FOA photo session definitely was. I had a dream last night that Taz had passed away, and I'd like to touch base with him if possible.

Do you know someone who should be in Faces of Asheville 2018? 📷
Get them to like this page by tagging them in the comments or sharing this page - that is the best way to keep up to date with the project and to know when to sign up for a limited number of portrait spots.


Please tag people in untagged portraits you see in the 2008 collection or comment/PM if you know how to reach them - some folks have been lost to time.
We'd love to be able to touch base with everyone as 2008 participants will be the first to have access to the limited number of 2018 spots or have the option to submit a letter if they've relocated.

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It is now coming up on 10 years later, and Jen Bowen with photographer Cindy Kunst are remounting the project to see not just who has moved on, passed on, or stayed on - but to examine how has the conversations and connections of community shifted and how have we changed.

Portrait shooting will be in 2018, stay tuned for more details by liking/following this page or reaching out through a private message. We are still actively building a team for this project if you have skills in events, marketing, or social media management, as well as an interest in photography, documentary studies, or exhibit management - PM if you want more info.

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Photos taken in 2008

It's with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of one of the 2008 Faces of Asheville participants, Steven Liebenhaut who had been fighting cancer these last few years. "Free Hug" Steve was an inspiring individual & member of the Asheville community who many of us knew from his time working at Amazing Savings. He would never hesitate to go out of his way to offer a smile, hug, or favor, and was often active in the community raising funds to help others in need. He had a profound love of tie-dye and that was what he chose to bring to his portrait session. He will be deeply missed but never forgotten as he lives on in the hearts of so many that he touched. Peace & Love to Steve and his friends and family.

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All photos, participant letters, and other primary research materials have been donated to the Special Collections at UNC Asheville and can be seen upon request.