Welcome to Facing South Florida

Looks like may have a big turnout in Iowa - that would help Trump and Sanders. @CBSMiami

If CNN is right + word spreads Ben Carson leaving campaign trail it could affect tonight's Republican caucus. His supporters might jump now


CNN reporting Ben Carson will leave the campaign trail and return to Florida tonight. A sign he's ready to drop out. @CBSMiami

If you would like to see what a caucus meeting looks like, here is one from 2008. Democratic Iowa Caucus @CSPANVL

The Democratic Party held a caucus for Precinct 53 of Des Moines at Theodore Roosevelt High School. Besides voting on Democratic presidential candidates, the attendees conducted business such as……

On Joe's new album - tentatively titled "In Memorium" - he'll cover the top hits of all the artists who die in 2016.

“If you're in Des Moines on SUNDAY... catch @JoeNBC playing at @Javajoescoffee! #mjiniowa”…

Glad to have rapper @DirkLP following me now. Loved Loudest of Loud.

Every time I see @randikayeCNN she's reporting in a bar. New Year's Eve now a debate party in Des Moines. Is she in need of an intervention?

Even though he's not there I'd still put Trump in at 3 between Jeb and Marco

“Best to worst (so far) 1. Rand 2. Jeb 3. Rubio 4. Christie 5. Cruz 6. Kasich 7. Carson”…

"I will always allow my faith to influence everything i do." - Marco Rubio.
Next question: How often will we hear about faith after Iowa?

If Trump walks on Fox stage now, wheeling out his own gold-plated podium, and forces his way between Cruz and Rubio, I'd vote for him

"There's only one savior, and it's not me. It's Jesus Christ." - Marco Rubio
Glad we were able to clear that up.

Jeb is feeling his oats tonight. Not quite swagger, but certainly a confident stride. This is closer to the Jeb we knew back in the day.

The battle between Jeb and Marco remains one of the most interesting (and Shakespearean) story lines of 2016.

.@Jeb talking about Puerto Ricans moving to Orlando is a real thing. Every month 1,000 families moving to Florida from Puerto Rico @CBSMiami

How happy are the execs at CNN and MSNBC that they get Trump while Fox gets everyone else?

Trump now bring millionaires to the stage. You get the feeling these are the folks he's most comfortable around.

Trump now rattling off the names of wealthy people he called to donate to veterans.