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Paula Kenny
· October 18, 2017
Fairtrade is a means of making an impact on the lives of small scale co-operatives, make a difference and buy #Fairtrade from all of us @ClondalkinFT and Clondalkin Fairtrade town on facebook
Jason Myers
· January 4, 2017
Fairtrade is the real deal when it comes to standing up for the rights of small-scale farmers, workers, and producers. The organization also provides needed watchdog accountability for environmental a...nd health issues. Vote with your wallet. Give a voice to the marginalized, hard-working families who grow and make the products you love. See More
Alison Streacker
· August 10, 2016
Fairtrade America is an organization full of awesome people doing even more awesome work. As part of the Fairtrade International system, Fairtrade America holds themselves accountable to a high standa...rd. They work with many products all around the world, securing farmers and workers a fair deal.

I woulld highly recommend checking out their website, reading their blog, and joining their monthly Twitter Chats. Also check to see if they're hosting or attending an event near you!
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Evan Girard
· August 25, 2015
Excellent rating for your affiliation with Fairtrade International. Since Fair Trade USA liberalized their rules for certifying after they separated themselves from the international Fair Trade moveme...nt, I lost confidence in their motivations. I'm certain USA has done some great work, but the impacts aren't the same when you cater to the demands of industry seeking to market their products on a scale to great to maintain the integrity of the fair trade principles. See More
CJ Bromfield
· December 5, 2015
I'm grateful for fairtrade companies like Puro coffee that give farmers a fair wage and provide funding for sustainable initiatives. They also work with the World Land Trust to buy areas of rainforest... for preservation. See More
Kyle Ronald Freund
· July 10, 2015
Fairtrade America means producer involvement, better business, great products. Look for that green/blue/black FAIRTRADE label and if you can't find it, take the time to consider what you buy.
Meiko Meiko
· January 4, 2016
*Volunteer works is a Noble Job, but still have to be more Selective in Accepting your member as Not to Ruin Member’s Marriage & Family, so best to just recruit more suitable candidates who are settl...ed financially (Rich) or already (Retired )or (Young-Trainee), that have Lots of time & need Extra activities etc, and to Avoid to recruit a still-Productive-Workers with lots of Routine-works & Family Responsibilities.

*Therefore, Best that to be More Selective in the recruiting process ie. Ask for Spouse -Approval in Written incase of Objection. Check his Back-ground to include, Work, Financially, Family, Mentally & Phisically conditions & Behavior etc and Educate & Train volunteer Ettiquettely so Not to Abandon Spouse & Children etc. (it really happened to some frends of mine, who is to blame??)

* so don’t just Benefit solely the Organization, but to the Welfare of the Volunteer & Family too.
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David Stafford
· October 27, 2013
I just registered Roswell NM and I fully support Fairtrade. I am just now building my team. Hope I can be as good as you all.

EVERY day should be National Drink Wine Day -- just make sure you choose a #Fairtrade certified bottle:

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Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day! Why not treat a friend - or the stranger in line behind you - to a cup of #Fairtrade coffee or tea?

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