Praise and Worship in Embale, Haiti - a small village. I LOVE IT!
Sharing at a preschool in a small village in Mexico, the boys wanted to sing for us. "3 little fishies went out to swim. The smallest one went out further. Along came a shark and said, "come over here." The fishy replied, "No! No! No! b.c. my mom will get mad." Adorable
At an preschool in Mexico, the boys wanted to sing for our team. "3 little fish went out to swim. The littlest one went way out. Along came a shark, and told him "come over here". He replied, "no, no, no, b.c. my mom will get mad"
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Bob teaching Christian Character for Ministry to 55 pastors in Sonora, Mexico.
#missionsaprivilegenotaprice #FMImexicosince1985 #institutoelshaddai #shaddaitas more photos coming soon and details soon. Thank you for sending us!

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Bob arrived home safely around midnight last night. He had a very impactful 2 weeks in Mexico. Updates coming....


Bob left for Mexico today. Lots to do, many of the churches to revisit and strengthen, and a team of Canadians to host. It's going to be a great trip.

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Thank you partners for sending your financial gifts so our teams in northern Mexico could go to the small villages and preach the Gospel through the Christmas Story. #since1987 #FMIMexico2016 #christmasprograms2016 #programasnavidenas2016

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Sometimes you have to close your eyes REAL TIGHT when you're praying. These children are so precious - hearing and receiving the Gospel of Jesus thru the FMI Christmas Programs. #FMIMexico2016 #Christmasprograms2016 #programasnavidenas2016

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Christmas programs in rural Mexico are already underway. We are so grateful to all those who made these life-impacting outreaches a reality. The Gospel of Jesus is preached to over 16,000 people every year in the small villages and towns of northern Mexico .... since 1987.
Missions:a Privilege Not a Price

Christmas Programs in the rural villages of Sonora Mexico is underway. What a privilege to share the Gospel of Jesus and bless the kids with gifts.

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As Christmas draws near, our teams are preparing all the bags to distribute during the annual Christmas Programs where thousands hear the life altering message of the Gospel.
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After a year and a half of two vehicles in limbo on the Mexican border, (due to legalities/national strikes) waiting to be imported to Mexico (for two Institute El Shaddai ministers to have) we are right in the middle of crossing them in-- please join us in prayer for favor and safe passage.

Here are some pics from the various areas we have been privileged to travel through within the last month or so. Such a beautiful diversity.

Focus: Pastors Beto and Zulma Ruelas.
Town: New Cumpas
Population: part of the 5000+ of Cumpas

Beto and Zulma have 3 children. Betito is 19, Isela who is 12, Jason is 7.


Zulma graduates from our very first generation of Instituto El Shaddai, in fall of 2003. Her husband, Beto graduated the very next term.
Before the life changing call of God of their lives, they were faithful serving in their home church. Zulma and Miki served together on the praise team at that church and had many fun and wonderful times together.

Beto and Zulma left their home and family for their first assignment in the small village of Jecori. They led that church very well until they felt it was time to turn it over to a local.

They have been praying and seeking God and He has moved upon a man in the town to donate the land for a church building and a home.

Beto and Zulma already have a congregation meeting in their home while they construct their church and home.

We are honored to be their spiritual covering as they move forward to fulfill the assignment on their lives.

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Focus: Pastors Jesus and Adelina Espinosa.
Town: Cumpas, Sonora
Population: 5776
Extra Facts: an indigenous language is spoken by 14 of these towns people (and also speak Spanish).


For me, Miki, these were the very first pastors I really knew in Mexico. Back before Bob and I were even married, I met them, and they are dear to me.

Bob and I spent 2 weeks a month here in Cumpas teaching in their Bible School. What an act of love that was!!! In those days we translated our teaching WORD FOR WORD into Spanish-- I can only imagine just how horribly they came across. Lol. But Pastor Jesus continued to have faith in us and allow God's developing gifts to have a voice in his school.

Adelina tried, many times to teach me how to make the famous large, paper thin tortillas-- which to this day, I cannot do.

They have been pastors of the same church here in Cumpas for around 45 years.

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Focus: Pastors Rodrigo and Olga Sujas.
Town: Tepache, Sonora, Mexico.
Population: 1365
Bob and Miki, as FMI reps first went into this village in 1991, October or November.


Rodrigo and Olga have 3 beautiful children. Natan, 12, Cristal 9, and Riguito 5.

Rodrigo attended and graduates from our Ministry Training School, Instituto El Shaddai in 2004.
Before leaving their home town of Navojoa to pastor in Tepache (about 9 hrs drive over a mountain range), Rigo and Olga both faithfully served in their local church where they met and were married.

They have been pastors in Tepache for almost 11 years now.

In addition to being Pastors they have recently been supernaturally able to purchase a tortilla shop to support themselves (since the church is small and unable to financially care for them at this time).

Rigo and Olga have proven themselves diligent students of the Word; Spirit-led pray-ers; intentional and wise, and attentive in their parenting; and committed in their marriage; and we are honored to have them as part of the FMI team in Mexico.

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Bob teaching at a Instituto El Shaddai graduates reunion in this area. It was such a pleasure to see so many that are so dear to our hearts and to share with them what we believe God gave us to serve them with.
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We have been traveling on the east side of the Sierra Madre mountains (which run down into Mexico from Arizona) visiting and ministering to the churches and our graduates.

Tonight we have a joint reunion of graduates in the area of Navojoa (on the west side of the Sierra Madre mountains).

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