Way to go #Buffalo #Bills fans! FANSFLOCK is a crowdfunding platform exclusively for #fans allowing them to raise money for their unique cause.

In a little more than two days, the Buffalo Bills' faithful raised more than $100,000 for former linebacker Darryl Talley.

#Sriracha fans can now get their fiery fix on the go thanks to this hot new product

This genius invention will help you take your Sriracha obsession even further.

J.K. Rowling writes an exclusive #HarryPotter #Halloween tale for fans. Happy Halloween Fansflock followers!

J.K. Rowling is serving up a special Halloween dose of Harry Potter for her die-hard fans, this time in the form of a profile of one of...

#BreakingBad fans can now get their very own Walter White acton figure. Where they can get it may be a little disturbing though.

In a spectacularly bad bit of judgment, the big box store puts a meth manufacturer on its shelves.

These #Zelda fans are giving the new video game a 2-D makeover

With Oculus Rift on the horizon and modern filmmaking techniques infusing gaming, all eyes are on virtual reality and 3-D. But one group of fans is...

Could author J.K Rowling be hinting towards another #HarryPotter novel?

Can you solve the conundrum in the Harry Potter author's tweet?

Derek Jeter bids farewell to his fans in this superb Gatorade commercial

Watch Derek Jeter take a walk and soak up the adoration from his biggest fans in the Bronx.

Which is your favorite discontinued fizzy drink?

Surge is back, not it's time to revive these other awesome discontinued drinks.

KFC has launched a line of fried chicken computer accessories in Japan. Would you type with a fried chicken keyboard?

For the stylish computer owner looking to stand out from the crowd.

The #Batmobile nowadays is looking more like a Bat-Tank. What are your thoughts #Batman fans?

<em>Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice</em> director Zack Snyder <a href=""...

Check your old comic book collections; you might have a million dollars laying around the house that you don't even know about!

Continuing the trend of iconic comic books selling for house-in-the-Hamptons levels of cash, a nearly perfect copy of <em>Action Comics</em> No....

Will streaming subscriptions eventually take over traditional video game stores? What are your thoughts #gamers?

The secret to selling gamers on PlayStation Now, says David Perry, is to not tell them what it is.

FANSFLOCK is a platform for superfans like this to realize their dreams!

See exclusive photos from the digital exhibit

Check out these hidden features of Universal's magical #HarryPotter theme park

Everything is so magical! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Diagon Alley at Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla., opens to the public on July 8.

Do you think Queen Elizabeth II should get an upgrade Game of Thrones fans?

She's more of a corgi over direwolf person, herself

How far would you go to support your team? #fans #worldcup

As long as we have Teddy down there #IBelieveThatWeWillWin.

By far some of the craziest and most dedicated soccer fans at the 2014 #WorldCup

The zaniest and most spirited fans attending the 2014 World Cup.

Here's just one example of how fans can come together and make a difference!

Kayla Hanley has done yoga only once. She was coaxed by friends to try a hot yoga class in college. “It was very difficult,” the 21-year-old acknowledged. “One thing that helped was a cute instructor. I’m not flexible at all.” Still, she’s willing to give yoga another shot on Saturday — even without…