This week’s Fan Car Friday comes to us from Tom with a 1951 F-1 Pickup truck that he has had for the greater part of a century. Fan Car Friday is a segment where we want to share with the world the automobiles that our fans have. We have absolutely no affiliation/relationship with the cars, the build or the owners. This post was made with consent from the owner.

This 1951 is a vehicle with a long history, though maybe not quite as long as the restoration may have taken. When ...Tom was first learning to drive some 60 years ago, he was using his mother’s car. It’s fun to drive, not so much when you have to do it in your mother’s station wagon though. After he finally got his license he spent weeks searching for a car without finding one he could afford. It wasn't until his gym teacher at school put up a for sale sign on his pickup that Tom bought it without consulting his parents first (probably due to them being against the idea of him cashing in his bonds early to help pay for the car). To read more about Tom's history with the vehicle visit:…/fan-car-friday-the-1951-ford…/

When Tom finally had some money to play with he wanted to make the truck world class. That meant an automatic transmission for long road trips, beautiful new oak running boards, rack & pinion steering, and a chromed out 429 Cobra Jet engine. Then he decided to make the truck everything he could and more, being an old truck he was able to make it a full frame off restoration. He replaced the entire chassis with something more reinforced and rust free, new shocks, modern suspension, a 9” rear end, power steering and an adjustable steering column. For some of the more up to date luxuries he also added a CD stereo with new Alpine speakers all around, nicer gauges and a hidden kill switch (should anyone ever try to steal his beauty).

You often hear how the owner of a car says they love how it puts a smile on everyone’s face. For Tom though, his favorite thing about the F-1 is how it never fails to put a smile on his face when he takes it out of the garage for a trip. To see more photos of this strong pickup please visit:…/fan-car-friday-the-1951-ford…/

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Last week we gave everyone more insight into Route 66 and its history but a few people were still asking why we would want to spend our precious free time driving in a car for hours a day, even though they knew about Route 66's history (For our upcoming roadtrip on the 6th-21st of April, which anyone in a classic can join).

There are too many reasons to describe as to why, but we will try and tell you as succinctly as possible.

There is nothing else like it in the world like ...Route 66. Without the help of H.G. Wells or a DeLorean this is as close to time travel as one can get. You will get to see countless small towns untouched by modern architecture, strip malls or chain stores/franchises. You can see America and it's pure beauty all free from concrete jungles, pollution, modern distractions from smart phones or other needless noise. You get in touch with your roots, you see where your family came from. Everyone you meet along the way are the most honest and down to earth people you can find. Not only that, you can see and experience something that a photograph or story will never be able to capture.

Driving down route 66 is not something you can easily describe. It's more of a felling. A feeling that cannot be match by anything else.

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Today is March 9th, just one day before the novel The Godfather was released in 1969 by Mario Puzo. In honor of this occasion, we are sharing Virgil’s 1941 Lincoln Continental. In The Godfather, this was the vehicle the oldest son, Sonny Corleone, drove and was later assassinated in. There were only 850 of these produced in the Coupe style. Whenever a person was seen in this vehicle everyone in town knew they were a somebody. That the person behind the wheel was important. A ...level of prestige vehicles don’t quite achieve today because anyone can go out and buy a car they cant afford. But for the Corleone family, there is no more quintessential car they could have driven.

Fan Car Friday is a segment where we want to share with the world the automobiles that our fans have. We have absolutely no affiliation/relationship with the cars, the build or the owners. This post was made with consent from the owner.

With a truly massive and graceful V12 engine it was graceful yet it still had the power behind it to make it something you could drive daily. Virgil purchased this pinnacle of beauty in honor of his father. As a child, Virgil fondly remembers growing up with this vehicle and sitting in the backseat during family excursions in both upstate New York and New York City. They would often drive into the city and his parents would go out shopping, generally with his mother returning with a new Mink coat or carrying a new tennis outfit for Saturdays at the club. But don’t get the wrong impression, Virgil's father came to the US with almost nothing but a single suitcase, and earned his wealth through working to no end while building up his business of importing fine clothing from around the world. To view the engine and more refined photos of the Lincoln please visit:…/godfather-lincoln-continental/

Virgil carried that same level of determination and work ethic when he entered the workforce in advertising. After 40 years of dreaming about it, he finally purchased the elegant vehicle you see today. This vehicle has since been fully restored and even though Virgil wasn’t able to do the work himself as he has gotten older, he still has a deep connection to the Lincoln and it is an important part of his life.

While he may not have been able to get the car in time to drive his children around when they were young, he says his favorite thing is getting to drive his grandkids around when they are in town for a visit.

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On Friday we posted about how Dan, some of the crew and our more famous customers will be joining us on a trip across Route 66 in from the 7th to the 21st in April (You can read more here:…/route-66-2018-trip-announcem…/) and how anyone is welcome to join us on the trip with their classic car.

We surprisingly saw a number of people who did not understand how Route 66 could be important or why someone would drive across it if they didn't have to. W...e thought we would give everyone a small taste as to why Route 66 is so important.

Route 66, the Mother Road or the Main Street of America as it is known was the first truly major highway in the world. It covers 2,500 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica and was the road that allowed so many to move out west during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. The US used to be a series of various small roads, many of which were unpaved; very unlike the major interstate system and main roads we have today.

A road of this size connecting an area so large was virtually unheard of. The road allowed people to freely traverse half the country, it allowed many small communities to prosper. During World War II the highway allowed major westward migration for the war industries in California.

There are iconic songs and shows that pay homage to Route 66. Route 66 is where fast food began, where several pieces of popular culture began and where many Americans still get their kicks.

We could spend days talking about the importance of Route 66. We wanted to give you a little more information to hopefully inspire you to go out and learn more!

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For the first two weeks in April, Dan, some of FantomWorks more famous customers, and some of the crew will be traveling across America on the Route 66. Although the Mother Road has evolved with some stretches of it now being over paved with freeways and bypasses, we will be traveling as much of the 1957 routing of Route 66 Highway as possible.

We are doing this for two reasons. First, its simply one of the best vacations possible. An opportunity to drive an old car along th...e most famous highway in the world is an immersion experience of sights, sounds, and smells. It’s as close to time travel as you can do without the help of HG Wells. There is nothing like seeing America and its historical offerings in a classic car. The other reason, and even more importantly for Dan, is that he’s writing a series of novels where the story plays out largely along the famous highway both in present day as well as in the spring of 1957. This trip for him is a journey of discovery both of the physical routing of the road as well as the past places and events that took place along the highway. Both will become part of the novel series. The first novel is complete and at the final editor in preparation for publication. He’s doing research to corroborate his locations and places for the second book. So not only will you get to see much of America’s heartland, Dan will help narrate some of the important facets of the highway so you can understand more of why it’s become the most famous highway of all time.

During this trip we pretty much know two things, the location and day we start the trip as well as the day and location we will finish it on. From April 7th to April 21st we will go from the sign that marks the beginning of Route 66 in Chicago all the way to the sign that marks the end on the Santa Monica Pier. Along the trip we will outline that day’s travels and perhaps some thoughs’ of the next. We’ll take guesses at the places we intend on staying at overnight so if a few members of the group wish to visit a different point of interest, lag behind or want to get somewhere early they know where to go. Otherwise the itinerary will be created on the fly as it has for the previous two trips.

We will have 14 days to travel the approximately 2200 miles of Route 66 with an average of about 200 miles a day which includes some excursions. Some will be shorter and some will be longer. We will journey mostly along the 1957 routing of the road. Some of that routing is no longer passable as bridges and modifications to the landscape have made that impossible.

If you and your classic are interested in joining us on the trip, please send an email to

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It almost sounds silly to put much thought into the company you buy your microfiber towels from. But once you think about it, you start to realize how stupid it would be to not put much consideration in it. Your microfiber towel removes the wax from your car, the towel is what you use to wash it, to dry it and clean it among other things. It’s something that will be touching your paint job on a frequent basis. So whatever towel you use, it better be good.

Which is why we’re h...appy to work with The Rag Company . They’re a small-business that’s been around since 1999, they’re an American company, they’re family owned, their products are very high quality and they aren’t yet another company that makes all their products in China with unknown materials. Not only that, they’re constantly giving back to their local community. After spending countless hours designing a new towel from scratch, they celebrated the launch by donating 100% of their proceeds from the initial sales launch to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

We’ve been using their products on the cars for a short while now, and the results have been great. Their rags are incredibly soft, have no sewn edges or product tags so there is no chance of scratching your paint with them. The difference is night and day. They saw us using their products and sent us a few cool vintage signs to hang up in out shop.

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This Fan Car Friday is brought to us by Jerry and his 1952 VW Beetle. This Beetle in particular used to belong to Jerry’s father, Matt, and is something Jerry intends to pass down to his kids when they’re ready.

Fan Car Friday is a segment where we want to share with the world the automobiles that our fans have. These cars are not for sale and we have absolutely no affiliation/relationship with the cars, the build or the owners. This post was made with written consent from th...e owner. To read about the beginnings of this 1952 VW, please visit:

Jerry spent many years restoring the car with the intent to present it as a gift to his father. He took the body back to bare metal, stripped any rust he could find, repainted it to its factory correct color, redid a correct interior, replaced every electrical component on the car and even kept the drum brakes while replacing the wheels with reproduction Porsche ones. But restorations aren’t as simple as they sound on paper; the paint does have a few flaws, the chrome doesn’t pop the same as it once did and the gaps aren’t perfect. But, none of that matters to Jerry or his dad. It feels exactly as it did to Matt when he first purchased it so many years ago.

After getting the car back from his son, Matt was overwhelmed with what Jerry had done to it. He took his wife out for a date and went for a ride on the coast like they did all those years ago before they were married. But when they came back, Jerry was the one who left with the keys. As overjoyed as his father was to have the Beetle back in his life, he knew it had to start a new chapter with his son’s family instead of continuing where his left off. Don’t get the wrong impression though, Matt goes over to his son’s house frequently to “borrow” the car for a day or two.

Jerry says his favorite thing about the car is sneaking away from responsibility for a few hours during the week to go for a drive with his dad to any of the local establishments for a quick bite.

His father’s favorite thing about the car is seeing it have new life in it once again.

To see more beautiful photos of the car please visit:

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Today is Washington's Birthday, more widley known as Presidents's Day. A holiday held on the third Monday in February to honor the Founding Father George Washington. Without George Washington, winning the revolutionary war would not have been possible. Without his strategies, leadership and forethought it would have been impossible to defeat a global superpower. He set precedents on how to lead, how to set proper standards and how to know when to step aside to let others grow....

Today honors his achievements, his greatness and his importance in developing our nation.

Which is why today we want to share with everyone our partnership with Prometheus Lights. We are not trying to compare them to George Washington, but in an era where everything is being cheaply made overseas it is important to highlight those who are proud to design, work and manufacture products in America.

Prometheus Lights doesn't need any marketing hype, their passion and hard work allows the products to do the talking. In an age of disposability they make flashlights that are designed to last. This was the way America used to manufacture products - the right way. On top of everything else, they have good old fashioned customer service.

Instead of taking ready made components and refashion them together or simply rebrand something else, Prometheus Lights constructs flashlights with their own software and hardware designs. They began by manufacturing them in-house until they started to grow so large that they had to get new partners on board to keep with demand. The Prometheus Lights aren't just another $5 gas station flashlight. Instead, they are something that commands respect.

While it's true that not everything they manufacture is in the US, it just shows how proud they are to make what they can here. They have the contacts, the facilities and the trained workers all in place to make it an easy switch to go overseas to increase their profits. But instead, they make whatever they can in America. This is why we are proud to work with them.

The fact that their flashlights have magnetic flexible arm attachments that allow you to light any awkward angle of the car without your body getting in front of the light is just an added bonus.

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This weeks Fan Car Friday is brought to us by Larry, and this post isn’t just about a car. See, Larry may be 94 years old but he keeps young by continuing drive his 1940 LaSalle 5019 as well as fly his plane whenever he gets the opportunity.

Fan Car Friday is a segment where we want to share with the world the automobiles that our fans have. These cars are not for sale and we have absolutely no affiliation/relationship with the cars, the build or the owners, we simply saw the... photos and felt they should be shared with the world to inspire others on their build. Or, simply put, its great eye candy for those of us who can't make it to car shows or meetups as often as we would like. This post was made with written consent the owner.

For many of us, we can remember the first car we ever sat in. It may have been the family car, something cool your uncle drove, a regal vehicle your grandfather had or something that is still in the family to this day. Whatever it may be, it is a vivid memory for us. Larry's vivid memory was almost 80 years ago, it was a 1938 Cadillac 60 Special at the dealership. His father purchased it for his mother for $1,800 while they were in Miami Beach, Fl. Not only that, the $25,000 Dusenberg 4 door Phaeton in the showroom left an impression on him when they were buying the Cadillac. Infact, the vehicles he saw that day left such an impression on Larry that he can even remember he was at the Cord Auburn and Dusenberg show room on Lincoln road in Indiana.

The vehicle Larry has today may not be the very first car he remembers sitting in, but that doesn’t make it any less special. He purchased this car many years ago when it was brand new. Unfortunately this isn’t that very same LaSalle; but he was able to execute on what many of us only dream of - buying their dream car and having total freedom both on land and in the air. This one is numbers factory correct from the frame up to the engine. The price was $975 plus another $175 in shipping from Detroit to the very Famous Don Lee Cadillac out in California. Plus the dealer marketing charge of an extra $17.50

Larry never told us what his favorite thing about his car is, but he referred to these as his “toys” so we can only imagine how much enjoyment he receives from owning them.

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FantomWorks added 149 new photos to the album: Asphalt Angels 56th Annual Car Show.
February 12

A selection of photos from the visit to the Asphalt Angels car show in Doswell, VA

This week’s Fan Car Friday comes from an owner who would like to be referred to as TD, and he brings us a DeLorean DMC-12.

Fan Car Friday is a segment where we want to share with the world the automobiles that our fans have. These cars are not for sale and we have absolutely no affiliation/relationship with the cars, the build or the owners, we simply saw the photos and felt they should be shared with the world to inspire others on their build. Or, simply put, its great eye c...

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In season 5 of FantomWorks we restored a 1963 Willys Fleetvan. What made this vehicle special is that over their 14 year run only an estimated 2,400 were built. Given those were built for use by the post office, it is even more special considering this one has factory left hand drive (Mail couriers drive on the right hand side for easy access to mailboxes).

You may remember it from the obscenely thick bondo it came to us with, the fact that the entire side had to be replaced ...with metal as the old ones were welded patches or from when the owner wanted to set it on fire for a party he was having before his wife had him restore it!

We are proud to say the owner and our build was written up in an article by the guys at, they mail out an entire magazine dedicated to Willys and Jeep articles. After we contacted them about getting a copy they were nice enough to instead send a copy for each guy who worked on the truck and sent us a digital copy to share with everyone on Facebook.

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Often when you ask someone about their car, there is a great story behind it. It may be the owner chasing down the exact same car they had when they first started to drive, a long restoration process with their family or something that has been passed down to them from one generation to the next. Those are all very special stories, but you don’t need a great history with a vehicle you own for it to be fun. A new vehicle can be purchased without needing a backstory. Which is g...

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FantomWorks added 58 new photos to the album: 2018 Washington DC Auto Show.
January 29

A selection of photos from the visit to the 2018 DC Auto Show. This show was designed to showcase and let people test out modern production cars, but there was a very strong collection of classic cars at the show.

This weekend FantomWorks will be visiting the 2018 Washington DC Auto Show. On display there will be many booths showing the newest generation of Jeep Wranglers, Acura NSX, Fiat Spider and Mustang Bullitt; all of which will receive great fanfare.

The smaller booths like the Volvo S90 or Crysler Pacifica won't receive the same level coverage. Which cars, technology or vendors do you want to see FantomWorks stop by so you can get the inside scoop?

FantomWorks added 3 new photos from January 25 — feeling blessed at FantomWorks.
January 25Norfolk

We love our fans, but our 64 Corvette customer really outdid himself with all the gifts!!! Dan received logo-etched Glencairn whiskey glasses, Corvette cookies for Melissa and Heidi is already enjoying her Health Bars. We are so thankful!!!

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