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FarmLink at Farm Progress Show

Congrats to our employees, customers and partners for receiving The New Economy 2016 Best Agricultural Solution award

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In 2015, investments in farming technology reached $4.6 billion, paving the way for connected farms that are more efficient and profitable . As a result of the increased data-heavy operations, traditional B To B companies like Comcast Business are stepping in to help farmers parse the new confluence...

It’s no secret that farmers love data and the gadgets that collect it.

Value in collecting data to make decisions that increase productivity and decrease input costs may be worth $45 an acre.

Is your grain marketing as good as the pros? Instantly improve your skills and make more per acre with DTN MarketVision powered by FarmLink. #grainmarketing #plant16

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We made #grainmarketing easy because farmers already work hard enough. Improve your skills and rival the big guys. Sign up now for a free trial.

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Great blog on 5 tech areas to explore during spring planting. TrueHarvest can help you with #5 by validating decisions through benchmark performance.

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We KC. Thanks to Boulevard Bakery for our #OpeningDay celebration cookies today! #GreaterKCDay #ForeverRoyal

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Today, we're celebrating the 102nd birthday of the Nobel Prize-winning father of the Green Revolution. What an inspiring man. Here's to the next generation of hunger fighters!

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The World Food Prize

Today, March 25, 2016, marks the 102nd anniversary of the birth of Dr. Norman E. Borlaug, founder of the World Food Prize and the man saved more lives than anyone who has ever lived.

"We have been successful raising yields, or reducing environmental footprint, but not both at the same time, and that is the greatest scientific challenge facing humankind. Big data will be essential to bring together all the information a farmer needs."
- Kenneth Cassman, agronomist at the University of Nebraska.

Agribusinesses are increasingly using computer databases to enable farmers to grow crops more efficiently and with less environmental impact. Experts hope this data, detailing everything from water use to crop yields, can also help the developing world grow more food.

Should you continue to buy, rent, or sharecrop new land? Use Discovery to explore the yield potential of your fields.

And it's free.

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This week we are delighted to announce the launch of our new website! Thanks to our dedicated team, our site is designed with a fresh look to share the latest about our agtech products and data science innovations. We hope you enjoy!

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With high input costs and low market prices, TrueHarvest customers know which fields to focus on this #plant16.

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"Through technology, Grandpa, Dad, and I know more about the land we tend than my Great Grandpa could have ever imagined."

Great story by Brian Scott on how his family uses data and technology on their farm.

When it comes to farming, it’s likely that your notions about farming may be outdated. Brian Scott, a third-generation farmer, helps us to rethink modern-day agriculture. From tractors with auto steer capability, commercial drones and even biotechnology – you may be surprised to find out that farmer…

Harvest Public Media takes a deeper look at how MachineryLink Sharing is transforming agriculture. Learn more about how MachineryLink Sharing is saving farmers money and increasing efficiency.

This is a great list! Data science can help create new solutions to all sorts of modern day challenges.

Here is a non-exhausting list of curious problems that could greatly benefit from data analysis. If you think you can't get a job as a data scientist (because…