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This webpage is not associated with ZYNGA, it is rather a general assist. There are other website that assist in leveling up fast.

General Problem Solving:
Clear out your cache, cookies... and other such data that is store locally in you hard drive associated with running farmville 2. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD UNINSTALL YOUR WEB BROWSER. Keep you browser/flash up to date. Your flash can be update by using your browser to go to Adobe website. In some cases a reboot might be necessary. In case your favorite browser does not do the job, use IExplore in extreme cases. Should none of these work, contact Zynga for help. Be aware that this is a free game, just be statisfied that they are aware of your issue.

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Most utilized crop:
Wheat (4h - 2 feeds), blueberry (2m - 2 feeds), Blackberry (2m - 8 feeds)

Most Profitable Yielding crop:
Vanilla (4h - 5 feeds) - used in Vanilla Cream Puffs 5,000 coins to sell. This is however limited to the amount of sugar (12 max in inventory) you can ask from neighbors.

can also be obtained from farm animals by feeding them.

They can be used on crops or trees. They enhance your crop with a result of a prized crop and can give you more experience, coins, and crop mastery.


Reward from a prized crop:
As you progress up from Yellow to Red and finally Blue Ribbon, your reward of crop mastery, coins, and experience increases. Ultimately when you reach the Blue Ribbon, you will still get crop mastery, coins, and experience reward. Your crop mastery stops gaining when you receive the Blue Ribbon.

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Best Animal for you coins and feed:
Baby Cochin Chicken
Baby Nubian Goat