Posted a new song: "03 Christmas Shopping Blues"

Blues | Toronto, ON, CA

We are number 40 on the ReverbNation Blues charts for Toronto, ON, CA.

Blues | Toronto

We are number 40 on the ReverbNation Blues charts for Toronto, ON, CA.

Merry Christmas y'all!

Blues | Toronto
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Louise Peacock is at Photo By Bruce M. Walker, Model - Gandalf.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my friends. Here's hoping that 2016 brings health and happiness to all.

Yay!!! We are number 38 on the ReverbNation Blues charts for Toronto, ON, CA.

Blues | Toronto

Just checked our Reverbnation stats and we are currently number 10 on the GTA blues charts. Thank you all our lovely fans!!

I just merged duplicate Fat Happy and Blue pages! However, doing so nuked comments. ;-(

Hello everybody - we are emerging from a drab winter and spring is just around the corner. Still haven't managed to get into the studio to record ... still working on it.

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Momentous decision: I shall be removing the Big Belly Blues video from YouTube, and switching it over to Vimeo.

This is because YouTube has been employing weazel methods for auto-detecting copyright infringements - their auto detect software not only nails genuine infringements, it also tries to go after other people's work - I have so far received 3 notifications tell me that I am infringing someone's copyright - the only snag being the material flagged is MINE. there is no proper resolution process so my answer is to boycott YouTube.

Vimeo is a really nice site and friendly too.

Guilty again - still busy with landscaping and art shows - music has been neglected .....(so shoot me - LOL)

I should feel very, very guilty - due to my summer gig - landscaping - I have been neglecting the music side lately, but there stuff percolating ......

Went wild last week - submitted Surreal Memphis Blue to the Junos. Everyone keep your fingers crossed and vote for us (of course -LOL)

Exciting news everyone! This Thursday, I'm going to be interviewed about Surreal Memphis Blue on Cable TV.......

Went to an AWESOME. AMAZING songwriter work shop at Metalworks on Saturday. The key note speaker was Ralph Murphy - He is fantastic.

Ralph Murphy - Songwriting Tips and Advice
Fat, Happy and Blue added 17 new photos to the album: Fat, happy and Blue pix — with Louise Peacock.

Summer is (sadly) leaving, the days are shorter and landscaping begins to tail off. As a resut, I've got a little more time on my hands, so I'm starting to work on new songs......wait for it ......