Happy Sunday Funday y'all! Mid 90º in Sunny South Florida. It is HOT, but I still got my 4 mile run in! Make sure to stay HYDRATED!
Less than 48 hrs to start the DietBet Eli's "One Step at a Time" Weight Loss Challenge. Remember that EVERYONE can win. All we have to do is lose JUST 4% of our weight in 28 days. This is a great way to join one of the best support groups, lose weight all while HAVING FUN! Make sure to go to the link below to sign up.
Happy Sweaty Saturday! Remember to stay well hydrated. It really is important to drink water throughout Especially in high temperature weather. What did YOU do to get your sweat on today?

For all those of you that may feel overwhelmed by being overweight and feel that it's impossible for you to get to a healthy weight and perhaps even get fit, let me tell you this: I was once in your shoes. For much of my life I felt that I was doomed to be overweight forever. And I SURELY never EVER imagined that I'd be FIT at almost 50 years old. I hope that my story inspires and motivates YOU to realize that YOU too can do what you set your mind and ACTIONS to! Remember that all you need to do to start is take "One Step at a Time" For more about my story and HOW I transformed using my "One Step at a Time" approach to SUSTAINABLE weight loss, check out my book "From Fat Boy to Fit Man-'A One Step at a Time'- Story of Success"

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He is still my baby boy 19 years later. But now he has trouble keeping up with his "old man". Lol!
It's crazy that I wasn't even 30 years old in that picture yet I felt like an old man. Now I am almost 48 and feel I can conquer the world. (Most days).
I wish I would have been a better example of health and fitness to my kids earlier on, but its only too late when we die. So as long as we are living, we CAN achieve progress!

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