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Tristan Wilcox
· December 26, 2017
Over priced rip off. A year ago they had a $30 popcorn and 2 drink “deal”. It came with a bucket and cups that were refillable for life for $5. Evidently life for them is 1 year. But I guess they got money, so now they don’t need to deliver on their promises. I will take my business elsewhere whenever possible. See More
Timothy Frogue
· December 23, 2017
It was not our best experience; we went there to see a movie and was directed to the wrong theater. So, we had to wait another hour to see the movie. It is the way there tickets are; it made us believ...e that we were in the right place when we were not. See More
Adam Hill
· March 8, 2018
So I just looked into their VR arcade pricing... Apparently they did the prices hoping that people couldn't do simple math. $16.99 per person for 90min in a group of 9? Thats 10 min or person. But the... single 10min price is $10.00. who would pay 70% more if they're given a choice... Maybe if it was $6.99 per person it would make sense. See More
John Sanders
· February 23, 2018
Two weeks ago you could order an Hamburger by its self if that was all you wanted. Now if you want a burger, you have to buy a $10.00 combo.

You need to have it ala cart like before.
Kara Toney
· September 17, 2017
Every time my family goes there to bowl the lane is always freezing up or mot all the pins come down so we are constantly having to go up and tell the workers to reset our lane. We have spent good mo...ney there and this always happens and they never credit us or give us a discount let alone say we are sorry for your inconvenience. See More
Alvis Gomez
· December 17, 2017
We preordered our tickets and we got our seats fine. The nacho chips needed to be tortilla and they had jalapeno because they ran out of salsa. We didn't play any games but it look ok.
Kyle Jeffrey Williams
· December 12, 2017
Trying to buy movie tickets before they are sold out. The ONLY way to buy future tickets is through their website and the website is down. This is the SECOND time this has happened with their website.... We only go there about once a year so I'm not sure if this is a regular thing with them or if I just have bad luck. Not a good record. See More
Michael Scott
· September 9, 2017
Great experience with great service. The staff went out of their way to accomodate our needs and make us feel comfortable bringing our baby boy along for the night.

Great value!
Carla Nelson Campbell
· March 23, 2017
We paid for an hour of bowling and were put on a lane that didn't work. By the time they got us to a lane that worked it had sucked up 20 minutes of our hour but they didn't give us back the 20 minute...s. Our game timed out and they ignored us when we asked for more time. Moved on to the games. Cards wouldn't work, points earned were lost and no help recovering them. And their pizza tastes like frozen pizza. Not going back. See More
Kathy Johnson Harmon
· March 24, 2016
Most times I have gone to Fat Cats I really enjoyed it. This time, not so much. When you are paying for 90 minutes of bowling and the lane keeps having problems, they should stop the clock. We lost a ...good 20 minutes.
The arcade was ridiculous! There were very few games that worked mad those that did had problems. My kids got to go today with $10 in tokens because all 4 of them had no cavities. What should have been a fun reward turned out to be pretty miserable for them and me. Can't they shut down the bowling and arcade for one day and get everything fixed? With two neighboring districts having Spring Break this week, it should have been a better experience.
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Stevie Rae Flores
· September 16, 2016
People just running a business. How easy can that be? There's a couple people I've seen when I've gone there and they've been the best. Always smiling. Sure, prices are a little high, but if you wanna... have a huge building - ya gotta pay the bills. I like going there and I think they've improved a lot. I love bowling cause they always got hippity hoppity music and makes me want to partayy! Sure there's things they could change, but I'm still happy with them now! Thanks Fat Cats for being an awesome business! � See More
Nathan Huff
· December 28, 2015
The bowling alley was horrible today. When you buy an hours worth of bowling, and the lane is broken half the time, and the floor is covered in wax so you are at risk of slipping... Not a good experie...nce. Too bad our other lane was broken 90% of the time and we were just moved from broken lane to broken lane. Teton Lanes looks like a better venue if you want to bowl. See More
Paul Groesbeck
· June 4, 2016
Management sucks!!!! Worst customer service experience I've ever had. I ordered a thing of nachos halfway through the movie. Twice employees came in. One brought "quesadillas" and another brought a "s...alad". I asked them both if they were my nachos and they said no. At the end of the movie I went to the counter and politely asked for a refund. Then one employee came and said to my face I was wrong and they wouldn't give me a refund because they took them to me twice and I "denied them". He continued to deny that they were wrong and that it was my fault for the whole situation. I have never been so disgusted. Never ever going back to Fatcats again. See More
Carla Zundel
· May 25, 2017
We have done our Harwood elementary field trip at fatcats for several years now and we have loved it. They are so kind to the students and bend over backwards to make sure we all have a good time. Tha...nk you so much. See More
Tobie N Bridger Jacobson
· June 10, 2016
We came here about a week ago to see Captain America & discovered we were about an hour early because the times were off online. So we decided to buy $6 worth of tokens to play til the seating began. ...Well guess what? NONE of the machines worked. And they didn't have any out of order signs. So we just kept swiping on different machines seeing if we could play another, and the games wouldn't work, they just kept stealing our tokens! What a ripoff. We were very disappointed. And then when my husband went to sit in his seat, there was a massive stain like throw up. Ew!! This is why we don't like coming here. See More
Michell Huerta
· August 5, 2017
We went there last night everything was great till I ordered some nachos. The chips were stale it felt like I was chewing on a piece of gum!
Larry T Curtis
· April 16, 2015
Used to really enjoy the Fat Cats movie experience.
Used to be able to go on-line and see what's playing..........not now
Used to be able to reserve of the very very few that had that ...option......not now
Used to be able to call for movie times that were correct......not now
( can call now but there is no guarantee that the times are correct. Showed up for a movie tonight and the only time was 2 1/2 hours later.)
Used to like Fat Cats........not so much now.
Is there any plan to get movies, reservations, correct times back to how they used to be ?
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Michael Miller
· April 25, 2016
Like Tanya, I got on their Facebook page just to complain about the exact same thing. My friend had a little family come up from IF to utilize some charity-acquired tickets, only to find out that "the...y had changed policy recently" to 2 weeks or older for these kinds of acquired tickets.

That isn't on the ticket. That isn't on their website. It isn't on Facebook. Whoever's in charge of the marketing and PR for this facility needs a swift punch to the throat. Unbelievable.
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Chad Knight
· November 26, 2014
I feel like customer service is really lost in this place. My wife and I wanted to see the new Hunger Games movie. We have free movie passes. There is no way to redeem them on the website. The is so out dated. Its difficult to navigate and looks like it hasn't been updated since Al Gore invented the internet. So, I called in to see if we could have two tickets set aside for will call to make sure we got a seat and was told I had to come in to get the tickets. Well, I'm at work and can't really "come in" to get the tickets. There was nothing they were willing to do to be helpful. Not impressed in the least. See More
Anne Marie Hopla
· January 22, 2016
Wow! We took our family of 7, paid for two lanes by the hour. We only got to bowl one game because everything was broken. They moved us to 3 different lanes, none were any better than the others. The ...balls kept getting stuck, bowled strikes and they didn't register, older kids frustrated by computer errors. We won't be back See More
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