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Lost in the Sauce.

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Julie Batte Delrow
· February 24, 2018
I was at the Grand Chute Fazoli's today and the experience was awful. We ordered at 2:24pm and still had no food at 2:42. When the food finally did arrive it was obvious it had been sitting for some... time. The noodles were all dried up and the broccoli was pale. I requested a new entrée. The person I was with had his food while I waited another 15 minutes for my remake. My companions food was not what he ordered but at this point it was a hopeless cause. All the while we waited no breadsticks were offered. When my entrée did come I had to wait once again for the chicken on my chicken carbonara. I might understand if the restaurant was busy but it was not. We left unhappy and unimpressed. See More
Rose Weisensel
· February 10, 2018
I love Fazoli's food and like to stop over the lunch hour at our local Fazoli's.
I will not be able to continue going for lunch if the excessive time it takes to get my order continues to be as long a...s it has been for months now.
Twice now I have asked for sides of Garlic Butter (which I fully intend to pay for) and twice now I got home only to find no garlic butter in the bag. Charged once for it and the second time it didn't appear on my bill.
I realize Fazoli's prides itself on "fresh" food being served, but it doesn't seem to me that any of their menu items should take so long to prepare and yet time and again, I wait and wait for my order.T
It's too bad because I like their food.
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Kim Keegan
· February 17, 2018
Every time, and I truly mean every time, I request my item to be prepared with very little sauce, it is served swimming in spaghetti sauce. I only eat at Fazoli’s 2-3 times a year, I’m sure you won’t ...miss my business. However, I’d really like to know the magic words which your staff will understand when a customer doesn’t want two cups of spaghetti sauce slopped on a chicken parm. “Very light on the sauce please” doesn’t work. See More
Rich-Carolyn White
· February 12, 2018
Check your order before you leave. My main reason for stopping at Fazoli’s in college station was for the delicious bread sticks. I got home with the baked spaghetti and salad I ordered but the breads...ticks were nowhere to be seen. When I called and let them know they assured me they would be sending an email with a free entrée. I think the email is somewhere with my breadsticks.
Love the food but hard to love something you don’t receive.
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Vicki Warrensford
· November 15, 2017
On my way back from a trip and I spent the night in Pensacola just so I could eat at the only Fazolis in the whole state. Cindy is running around like she is the only one working here. She was very ni...ce and helpful. Every time she came into the dining area she checked on me. That was a lot. Another gentleman was also working very hard. I had to ask for his name.(Tobias) He kept clearing my table and working hard at the soda machine and elsewhere.
There was another boy who had blue or green hair on the front(wearing a hat) who just stood there or wandered around like he was in a fog. He might be new. I did see him do a couple of things.
I can't comment on the people in the kitchen because I wasn't back there but the food was delicious as always. I had the fettuccine alfredo with a salad.
It's been almost a year since I have been able to come but Cindy made my day when she told me a Fazolis was going up near Tampa. They will see more of me.
Place was nice and clean.
I got there one minute after opening and there were already five parties there. I guess I'm not the only one who knows how good it is.
Cindy and Tobias where the shinning stars especially Cindy.
Keep up the good work.
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Sandy Hoover
· November 26, 2017
The quality of the food has gone down. The bread sticks where not as browned as usual and kind of soggy. They have changed their chicken used in the fettuccine alfredo with chicken. It is a lemon c...hicken which does not taste good with a fettuccine sauce. I couldn't even eat the chicken. It was like they chopped the ends off a whole chicken breast and used that. I am sorry to say I bragged up the place to a friend. I drove 40 miles to meet her there. Now I wouldn't drive .4 of a mile! See More
Jeff Hunt
· November 18, 2017
Pathetic attempts made to please me as a customer. Ordered 12 breadsticks, got 5 wet noodle like breadsticks jammed into the bag, ends of breadsticks curled around the end of the bag, pasta sauces wat...ery, no cheese, bullshit sizes for the price you pay. They use grocery store basil shaker for creamy basil sauce and chicken. Fuck Fazoli's. I almost wanted to open a franchise location because 15 years ago it closed around me, but now I know why it closed. Incompetent management and ownership, incompetent employees, shit wages. I gave them so so many chances and every single time they screw something up. Peace out Fazoli's. Hire some people with common sense instead of those lacking it! See More
Kim Bateman
· November 14, 2017
Was at Jasper location tonight with my daughter and granddaughters, The food took a long time to arrive at table and when it did it was obvious it had been setting for a long time. My granddaughter's ...spaghetti was cold. When we took it back up to the counter and explained it was cold, the girl rolled her eyes at us ! Not the kind of service and quality of food we have had in the past. Won't be back anytime soon. See More
Brian W Davis
· January 27, 2018
Stopped in the Janesville WI location tonight for dinner at 6:40 pm. didn't get served until 7:17 pm. The manager was sitting out in the dining room 2 tables from us and never lifted a finger to see ...what was taking so long. POOR service. Doubt if we will ever go back. No breadsticks till we were almost done with dinner. Fast? NOT! Food wasn't all that good either. See More
Jamie Hamilton
· November 1, 2017
Noting gluten free other than a salad. No responses regarding the multiple requests for an expanded menu from multiple individuals, gluten free agencies and advocates. So many companies have expanded ...their business to include gluten free pasta and some even bread and these companies have seen increases success and income pay off from this change. I guess Fazolis doesn't care to turn from it's antiquated practices. See More
Kristopher Charles Ercolano
· November 8, 2017
The spicy Italian is what I would call, suicidal thoughts.
It was so spicy my eyes watered up and a large drink couldn't quench the spice that was working it's way into my mouth.
It felt like I was e...ating raw coals straight from Satan's anus.
10/10 punish the customer with spice
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Virgel Edward Schlitz
· February 1, 2018
Fond du lac wi dont ever go worst service ever on bus boy even ran into my 2yo knocking her over all this fecal matter does is look at her and walks off as she start to cry and when i talk to the man...ager all he says is yea he was in a hurry not even an apology. See More
Christopher Ty Jarrett
· January 22, 2018
I went to a Fazolis for the first time today in Bellefountaine, Ohio. It was amazing and the staff was very helpful, catering and friendly! Loved the spaghetti and loved the bread sticks! Yum! I even penne and lasagna to try later tonight! I want to try the whole menu, too bad there isn't one in Marion, Ohio where I live. Not only was it friendly and delicious, it was a great value too! The only downside was the pizza that I tried. Not so much a fan... Other than that, I highly recommend this place, especially the one in Bellefountaine. She made us feel very welcome and was very accommodating! Loved it! See More
Dawn Davis
· November 27, 2017
My family and I drove over 1hr from Albany, GA to Valdosta, GA to have dinner at Fazoli's. We first found had Fazoli's over 10yrs ago while living in Dayton, OH. Since there is not one in Albany we "t...reat" ourselves a few times a year to the closest one in Valdosta. I never though I would say this, but we were very disappointed in the quality of the food. All four of us ordered the baked spaghetti and my husband ordered his with meat sauce. When the order was delivered there was no way to tell which one had the meat sauce and the staff that brought it our table didn't know either. Another problem was the amount of cheese on the dishes. I would be surprised it was more than 2tbs of cheese. It honestly looked and tasted like spaghetti with marinara sauce only. The final complaint is the breadsticks. They were very, very overcooked. The tops were a dark brown, hard and the garlic powder was more like a garlic "crunch" because they were way overcooked. I hate to say this but, my family and I all agree this was our final visit to Fazoli's. It's just too far of a drive for the poor quality of food. See More
Rae Norton
· November 22, 2017
Worst experience ever at the College Station, Tx location.
Took a while for someone to even take orders then acted as if we bothered him by even being there.
Oldest sons spaghetti came out first then ...several minutes later the rest came out and wasnt even correct. Was supposed to be 2 spicy samplers and a kids pizza slice. Instead was 1 spicy sampler (cold) pizza slice (luke warm) and something else we didnt order.
All they did to fix cold sampler? Stick it in a microwave which ended up still cold. The 2nd sampler finally came out and it was cold as well. Tried to get ladies attention and was completely ignored..
Will never eat at this place or any of its locations ever again.
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Amy Organisciak
· December 1, 2017
The other night we waited over 45 minutes for our food. They kept telling us out was next and more food kept going to everyone else. She took my name and address and said she would mail out 4 coupons ...for four meals that night and I should get them with in three days... well here I am a week and a half later and still don’t have them... I called and they said there is nothing they can do because there is no records of anything....I got nothing extra for my wait or my money back.... I’m not happy with this.... See More
Debra Hammond
· October 26, 2017
The pizza spaghetti was a total fail. No spaghetti sauce whatsoever. No sauce no flavor! Just cheese topping, a few slices pepperoni, and pasta. Is this the norm fr this dish?? I gave 1 star because... the breads sticks were good. Very disappointed. See More
Ashley Daniels-Block
· November 13, 2017
I love fazolis but after tooth surgery today k went for spaghetti and they brought my food in a very disgusting dirty tray!!! What on earth are they thinking?!? If I could post a picture here i would!... I'm sending y'all a message that's just not acceptable. See More
Jenn Droese Much
· November 4, 2017
The Appleton, Wis. location was downright DISGUSTING. Every table had dirty dishes, food, used cups. The trash can was overflowing with dishes stacked on top. The entire visit (over an hour) not once ...did someone come clean up the tables. They ran out of forks and I personally had to clear dishes off the table and bring them to the counter so they could be washed just to get a fork to eat! The soda machine was overflowing with water and a wet rag was placed under it. It literally pooled in the machine and was overspilling onto the floor. No wet floor caution sign, nothing. They then ran out of cup lids, forks and spoons. Seriously disgusting. The staff does not know what they are doing, doesn't care, and absolutely this experience turns me off on Fazolis. So gross. See More
Jay Rob
· March 6, 2018
I really want to start eating at Fazolis again and so does my family but we can not since they do not have a gluten free option besides salad! Gluten free pasta is an easy offering that MANY other re...staurants now offer. Fazolis you need to make this happen so others with intolerances can eat here again! See More
Gary Rainwater
· January 29, 2018
Working at the Clarksville, IN. store was a bad experience, management didnt seems to manage as they should so made ot a tense work environment. I worked ot two different times amd was talked into le...tting them cook the books nkt to pay me time and a half and it was a cronic problems with others as well. Then when I quit I had to call the corporate office to receive my last pay check (4 weeks later) now I still havnt recieved my W2. Guess I have to call Indiana Labor board and file a complaint. See More
Susan Napier Campbell
· February 27, 2018
I ate there last night. Everything was good or better as any Fazoli's where I have eaten. The breadsticks were amazing, as usual. Everyone was nice and friendly. The service was great. I am so gla...d Hazard finally has a Fazoli's! See More
Allison White
· September 3, 2017
I was just at the Shawnee Kansas location and it took me 30 minutes just to get to the ordering counter! They had like THREE people working at this location and I didn't even order because the girl at... the counter couldn't even give me an estimate on how long it would take and I had to go to work! I wasn't the only customer that left without any food! They didn't even offer any kind of COMPENSATION for me waiting so long and having to leave without my food! See More
Ann Epps
· August 12, 2017
Will not be visiting the one in Kingsport if any again.My daughter and I was sitting at our table and a baby roach was crawling on the table top. I informed the manager he said people act like they ne...ver struggled before. I've struggled but it sure hasn't
involved roaches. Struggling has nothing to do with a roach on the table top of a restaurant. If the restaurant is struggling,I suggest higher management get involved.
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Ken Hiltz
· January 12, 2018
The restaurant located in Westerville, Ohio absolutely sucks.
Just take a $20.00 bill out of your pocket and throw it away, because that is what your “dining experience” will be.
Wes Minder
· November 11, 2017
Jay and his crew at the Shawnee Mission Kansas location treated us well tonight so I thought I'd give them some free advertising. I wrote this in 2014.
It's 2017 now and this store has ...gone downhill See More
Roy Glenn
· November 24, 2017
I recently dinned at Fazoli's on North Lee Hwy in Cleveland, Tn. I found that the food was much better than Olive Garden. The establishment was very clean and the service was great. If I want in the future it will at this particular Fazoli's. See More
Robert Tallent
· January 9, 2018
The quality has really gone down and the portion sizes have gotten smaller. Probably won't be back.
Lisa Moreo
· September 5, 2017
My husband and I went to the Elida, Ohio Fazoli's on Friday Sept. 1.
Absolutely the nastiest restaurant I have ever been in.
We WILL NOT ever go back....

Not only did they have a less than desirable staff (cashier kept wiping his nose and scratching his head will taking orders) but the facility was disgusting. The carpets are black and sticky, the counters at the beverage station were entirely gross, the tables, chairs and booths were not appealing and in serious need of a complete scrubbing.
Even the sills of the windows were built up with filth.
I honestly don't know how the county health department can allow this joint to remain open!!!
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Carol Kadel Hughes
· January 11, 2018
Big disappointment in Shawnee KS. Major rip off. Staff walks out food cold. 4 people working on a Saturday night rush.
Kate Peters
· August 8, 2017
My family usually loves fizolis, made a special trip to the Fort Wayne location for bread sticks because they are always the best and within an hour my fiance is feeling nauseous and his stomach is hu...rting and im pregnant feeling stomach pains, strong nausea and just the worst feeling, thats the only thing we have both eaten not just recently but the same. It's hard to think we could get sick from our favorite bread sticks but 4 hours later and we are still hurting. See More
Kimberly Monse
· September 4, 2017
I love this place but we would love to have one in east Norman. We have so many restaurants on the west side and the east side has all the rich people because we live out by the lake.
Amy Roy
· November 26, 2017
Thank you Lisa at store 1620 on Madison Ave in Indianapolis, IN for taking the time to get my catering order placed. Great customer service!
Lois Ogden
· September 17, 2017
I love eating at Fazolis. Unfortunately we are still waiting for our food. Been her for over 30 minutes. Wish I could give 5 stars but not today. This is the Fazolis at Independence Mo.
Cory Ferguson
· September 11, 2017
How is faazolis even in business. The food is terrible and it isn't even affordable. I hadn't eaten there in months and decided to give it another chance. NEVER again!!
Chelsea Ward
· October 22, 2017
PLEASE come to Tulsa!! You can, literally, get anything you want in a drive through in t-town EXCEPT pasta or Italian food!
Mendy Fields Adams
· March 15, 2018
Fazolis idea of a salad was 5 small pieces of lettuce. Nothing else at all. It was pitiful.
Jenny Clemonds
· March 13, 2018
Love the bread sticks! �� and just great yummy food
Jadon Rothacher-Baker
· February 11, 2018
I went to a diff location over a decade ago and I believe all Fazolis are intrinsically good.
Laurie Welts
· October 13, 2017
Went thru the drive thru. Worst meal EVER! Dried up chick, cold breadsticks, the salad we paid extra for was wilted & 1/2 piece of onion. THIS MEAL SUCKED!!
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