It's been too long folks, but I've finally started another campaign. #DeflateHunger aims to fund food banks in Boston, New York, Buffalo and Miami in response to an attempt by New England Patriots fans to pay their most recent $1M cheating fine. It would be a mighty "fine" statement if we could out-raise them, don't you think? Details can be found at

Not long after the NFL fined the New England Patriots $1 Million for cheating yet again, some savy Pats fans thought it would be cute to raise a million bucks to pay the fine. Some of us think that money could be better served helping those in need. All money raised in this campaign will be distr...

Keeping Boston in our hearts today.


For what it's worth...

Could Chick-fil-A be turning over a new leaf? A Chicago-based lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advocacy group reports that the restaurant chain -- which was at the epicenter of a media firestorm this summer after its president confirmed his company's anti-gay stance -- has agreed to cea...

Please sign up for our first day of action:

Fri 12:00 AM EDTAt the Food Bank, Pantry, or Kitchen of your chosing.
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