For anyone that might have missed our Kickstarter campaign but still wanted to support us, we have a pre-order page on BackerKit where you can still pledge for the game.

Any funds we get through BackerKit will go towards unlocking the next Stretch Goal from our Kickstarter, the Hard Mode.


Thanks again everyone for helping us in creating our dream tactical JRPG!

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Hello everyone! This week we're wrapping up some of the work we've started in the past few weeks. We're done with our story polish phase for the most part, whic...
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Алексей Расщепов
· October 3, 2017
Wery familiar good battle and job systems like in FFT.
Amazing colorful battlefield painting.
Realistic good drawing character portraits....

But wery bad animation in all:

Characters is constrained movements limited in one tile size. (In FFT units have size around 1 width to 2 height. And it did not look constrained. In Fell Seal heroes have size around 1 width to 6 height and all skill/attack animation bounded in 1 tile under hero.)

Bad movement animation. Heroes sowly walk witchout change of body position.
Movement speed does not match witch speed of rearranging the legs. It like heroes levitate in air forward.

Wery slow throwing proectile speed.

Magic animation not not spectacular.

It be good FFT-like game, if to release game obtain good animation.

In suggestion be good if all Jobs get individual apearance on hat and clothes, instead curent customisation system same for all Jobs, 2-3 individual hat and cloth variant for each Job.
And same for hero portraits. 2-3 individual portraits variant for each Job.
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Michael Zagrodney
· August 29, 2017
From what I've seen in game play, it's good, being only able to play the 1st real battle scenario, I couldn't give full stars for this fact. I can't wait for the full game to be available, so I can im...merse myself in the storyline. See More
Daniel Brown
· August 29, 2017
Only having played the Demo so far it is hard to give an in-depth analysis of the game. Having said that, so far I am a fan. I love turn based tactical games like FFT and the Disgaea series and I am... definitely looking forward to playing this game in it's full version. See More
Kevin Guay
· September 27, 2017
I've been waiting for a game like this forever. I backed them up on kick starter voted on squareenix and now will follow them on every social media. Hopefully everything goes as planned :DD
Scot Madsen
· November 21, 2017
Finally, something grabbing the spirit of Final Fantasy : Tactics and running with it! Something SquareEnix didn't screw up yet! :D

Nathaniel Walker
· October 4, 2017
Excellent retro game with the options modern technology provides.
Fell Seal Trailer
Oops, somehow forgot the update yesterday! But here it is! On the scripting side, we're still working on new cutscenes for the beta build, and we have 2 more th...
This week, we've been pretty busy with our story polish phase primarily, but we still got a few other things finished. On the art side, the main exciting piece ...

Latest Kickstarter update: closing backer surveys soon and monthly update!
Check it out right here:…/fell-seal-arbit…/posts/2067817

Hello everyone! :)We hope you've had wonderful holidays and wish everyone a great upcoming year 2018! Backer Surveys and new demoWe're going to close the backer surveys on Backerkit next week on January 9th, so if you haven't filled it yet, now would be a great time to get that done!Also, in case yo...
Fairly slow week for us this time. With Christmas and my birthday in the same week, we honestly didn't have as much time to work as usual. We still got some new...
Hello everyone! :) We've had a big week again on progress. More bug fixes and a lot of new assets. We have the final complete sprite for the Blardger monster we...
This week, we've been focusing on bug fixing and on some odds and ends and polish. We've updated a few menus to convey a little more information and make them c...
Another big week on the dev side! This week, we fixed another slew of bugs and refined many systems, primarily centered around how we're packaging loose files w...
We've had a pretty busy week and got a lot of stuff done. First, we've been hammering at a lot of bugs, especially around abilities and menus. The fans on our D...
This week, we've continued working on bug fixes (mainly around abilities and spells) and adding some new spells. We added about 10 more spells this week, includ...
Slightly belated update for Fell Friday! Big news this week is that we finally sent all our Kickstarter backer surveys . We can't wait to start gathering everyo...
Fairly calm week on our side, as we took a few days off early in the week to recover from the intense Kickstarter experience! Our artist did manage to wrap up t...
Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark updated their cover photo.
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It's been announced already, but in case you missed it, our Kickstarter was a big success and we even managed to get our first stretch goal cleared, the playabl...

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark officially funded on Kickstarter!…/fell-seal-arbit…/posts/2029759

Thank you so much everyone for your incredible support!...
This was quite the adventure on Kickstarter and we're so very happy that we got to experience it with 1200 great backers!

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This has been an intense experience for our team and a crazy 34 days! Honestly, things got a little close to the wire right before the last 48 hours of the campaign, but the incredible show of support from everyone really brought it together in the end! We're very happy and proud to report that not…