I created this page in order to keep the book I have caused to publish in August 2007 alive. It is also my way of opening a channel where OFWs and non-OFWs alike can interact with each other. This page will also be a place where issues or any other concerns involving OFWs will be discussed. I welcome whatever you have to say.

Ms Bel Cunanan's "Political Tidbits", dated February 15, 2018, carried a story on the sad plight of OFWs, citing particularly those who work in Kuwait, prompted by a discovery of a frozen body of an OFW inside a freezer in an abandoned apartment.


Two issues now facing the Duterte administration---the sorry plight of Filipino workers in Kuwait and the destruction of our island-paradise of Boracay--- will have tremendous repercussions on the nation’s economic life. Both iss...

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So sorry to have been remiss in maintaining this OFW Book FB Page. I can only blame my ill health and my persistent mood swings because of Bipolar Disorder. But maintain, I must, and post at least once a week or every two weeks and if unable to, at least one post in a month.

Am trying my best to cover most of my various advocacies (covering all is impossible because of my health) and next to my NGO - Overseas Filipino Council International, Inc. or OFCI - I have prioritized this Page so it will again be updated and hopefully I can do it regular.

Good day everyone!

"Whenever a Filipino leaves his country to venture into foreign land for a better paying job, the first thing which strikes him upon reaching his destination is homesickness. Some will even start feeling “homesick” while still on board the plane especially if he is leaving behind a wife and children. This homesickness is aggravated by the unfamiliarity with the foreign country’s norms and practices which are completely a turn-around from what he has been accustomed to in his home country. Most often than not, an overseas Filipino worker, is likely to feel lost and confused and will focus all his time and energy at work, his way of somehow coping with his momentary difficulty."

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IN early 2013, I was approached to write for a magazine designed for OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) in Kuwait. I was given a few OFW-related subjects to write about and edited quite a number of already finished articles for publication. When the magazine (maiden issue) was finally out for free...R...

"What happened to Roberto can happen to anyone of you. And should this really happen, what will you do? Isn’t it high time that you work on making OWWA and other government agencies, at that, more responsive to your needs? Remember that the over 10 billion pesos that OWWA is keeping belong to you. Why not use the fund to serve you better and your needs?"

As posted by the Lawyers Beyond Borders Phil (LBB Phil) on its Facebook Page, glad to share with you the following link.

This is a very good and timely move of the State of Kuwait government, particularly by the Kuwait Society for Human Rights (KSHR), a first-of-its-kind effort in the Gulf to educate domestic workers on their rights, privileges and benefits through a publication. This is indeed a welcome move and I thank Lawyers Beyond Borders Phil for the link.

"I need not prove why a lot of these public servants run short of praise and appreciation from the very people they serve. It is a known fact and each and every one of us overseas Filipino workers has experienced, at one point or another in our lives, being treated badly or indifferently by most of them both at home and abroad. If I were to take a random survey now and ask Filipinos of how they are treated by officials of Philippine embassies or consulates in their respective countries of work, majority, for sure, will answer as earlier claimed."…/

In celebration of a dearest friend’s birthday today, I am reproducing a story which I wrote when I was still maintaining a column on – a tribute to one who was very exceptional in carrying out her duties as a public servant. There’s another piece I have written for...Read more

"What has happened in America, I believe, can happen anywhere. We are all vulnerable to this kind of an attack. It doesn’t really matter which country we are stationed because terrorists are everywhere. If they managed to actualize an obviously well planned operation of attack on America and its multi-national people, these terrorists and/or terrorist network are/is widespread, that anytime, a simultaneous attack of the same or less proportion as that which transpired recently in America can materialize. And this can possibly happen even before America can stage its well announced war against these terrorists!

"Should this happen, what will become of us overseas Filipino workers? Should we go back to our country or should we stay put where we are now?"…/

The world remembers today the 911 attack on America, 15 years since it happened, particularly in September 11, 2001. As I remember that fateful day, I got prompted to share a story I wrote for my ‘Overseas Filipino Workers’ column on, an online hub for writers established in 1996...Read...

What is this??? After GAMCA was ruled to be unlawful, here's another form of a monopoly of Health Clinics that the Kuwait-bound OFWs can go to? Am sure that once President Rodrigo R. Duterte is informed of this illegal operation, he will order it closed. So folks, I invite you to sign the Petition. I already did. . .

11 signatures are still needed!
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Muffy RD

Itigil ang pagmamalupit financially sa mga OFW.

Nonprofit Organization
'Naunang itinatag noong 2008, ang PEBA po ay legal na NGO para sa mga OFW, dating OFW at pamilya ng mga OFW, at rehistrado sa Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission at Bureau of Internal Revenue. Ang PEBA po ay non-profit organization (NGO) na walang kinikilingang political na partido, at hindi po kami tumatanggap ng pera o sustento mula sa mga politiko. Ang PEBA po ay hindi rin militante o makakaliwang grupo at wala po kaming balak sumali sa partylist o pumasok sa politika. 

Para sa malayang pamamahayag, ang bawat admin ng pahinang ito ay may sariling pananaw sa mga isyu, politika, kultura at bagay-bagay at sinisikap ng pamunuan ng PEBA na maging responsable, makatotohanan at makabayan ang mga binabahagi namin.

Ang bawat admin po mula sa mahigit dalawang dosenang bansa sa buong mundo ay mga dating OFW, o mga expats at OFW mismo na naglilingkod ng boluntaryo, walang incentive, walang sahod at pawang serbisyo publiko po lamang - lahat para sa ating pamilya at mga OFW.'
PEBA, Inc.
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Got the source from PEBA, Inc., while browsing the Page after leaving a comment to an old post earlier. Worth spreading the word around, most especially for the Filipinos in Kuwait.…/setting-company-recruit-d…/

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 26: The establishment of a local company for recruitment of domestic workers will begin soon after it was approved in the last parliamentary session and after the Al-Shall Economic Consultation Firm completed an extensive feasibility study, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting informed so...

President Rodrigo Duterte said the following in his first-ever SONA last Monday, July 25, 2016. We now move to let him know that since November last year, we already have demanded for the creation of a Department of Migration and Development. Please show your support by signing the following Petition. Thanks.

"I may now also ask on Congress to consider drawing up bills consolidating and merging agencies and offices having to do the Overseas Filipino to have a department that ...shall focus on and quickly respond to their problems and concerns. Kailangan ko ng isa. [applause] And I have asked… I don’t know if Secretary Bello is here, Bebot. Wala? Absinero talaga yan. [laughter] Maski sa Cabinet absinero yan. Gusto ko, he will rent or we’ll lease some buildings here for overseas only. At lagyan ko ng – and they will direct all BIR, lahat na. BIR, lahat ng something to do with the clearances of the police, in one building, may booth lang. I said: My God! Make use of the computer."

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There are an estimated 10 million Filipinos working and living abroad, almost half of them are women. In 2014, they remitted a total amount of US$ 26.3 billion which accounted for approximately 8.5% of GDP in 2014. Remittances are not only lifeline of millions of families left behind but also propel...

I recommend this story for your children, OFWs and OFs out there. Also a good source of inspiration and motivation to improve your situation, wherever you are stationed at the moment. Always dream BIG, as I do!…/how-i-made-my-dreams-com…/

I grew up in Manila, Philippines as the third oldest of ten kids. When I was a teenager, every summer I used to get so angry at my dad. He made me and my b

Dear beloved OFWs, please be wary and start saving while you are still under contract. . .…/ofws-in-middle-east-fear-mass-re…/

A reminder from SSS for the OFWs:

Greetings from the SSS!

This is to remind you that you can still pay for your SSS contributions for the applicable months of January to December 2015 until the end of the year (December 31, 2015, Philippine time). You also have an option to pay for your October to December 2015 contributions until January 31, 2016.


Should you have further inquiries, please e-mail the OFW Contact Services Unit (OFW-CSU) at or call (632) 364-7796 or 364-7798

International toll-free services are also available in the following countries:

Hong Kong 001-800-0225-5777
Singapore 001-800-0225-5777
Malaysia 00-800-0225-5777
Taiwan 00-800-0225-5777
Brunei 801-4275

Qatar 00800-100-260
UAE 800-0630-0038
Saudi Arabia 800-863-0022
Bahrain 8000-6094

Italy 00-800-0225-5777
UK 00-800-0225-5777

Thank you for your continued support.

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Creator of the Petition, Lalay Leila Rispens-Noel, in consultation with a group of migrant advocates, has this to say on her Facebook wall:

"10 million Filipinos living and working abroad but migration and development is not a regular subject in our college and universities. There are of course short courses and seminars being conducted all over the country but this is not enough. Our students must be able to understand the dynamics and consequences of migration and developme...nt. I wish all our college and universities will offer this subject (elective) so that our students can weigh things to migrate or not to migrate."

Is this not good reason enough for you to support the Petition for the creation of a Department of Migration and Development?

If you haven't yet, please sign. It is the least you can do to help the millions of OFWs and their families left behind. Thank you so much.…

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There are an estimated 10 million Filipinos working and living abroad, almost half of them are women. In 2014, they remitted a total amount of US$ 26.3 billion which accounted for approximately 8.5% of GDP in 2014. Remittances are not only lifeline of millions of families left behind but also propel…

I fully support this call of action. It is high time that the OFWs and other Filipino migrants are treated with respect and dignity by providing them a separate body which will ensure that all aspects of support, assistance and development or right channeling of their combined remittances will redound to lessening the loss when they finally go back home for good.

There are an estimated 10 million Filipinos working and living abroad, almost half of them are women. In 2014, they remitted a total amount of US$ 26.3 billion which accounted for approximately 8.5% of GDP in 2014. Remittances are not only lifeline of millions of families left behind but also propel…

What is the significance of the increasing debts incurred by our government as far as the OFWs are concerned? Are you even aware that the debts are increasing every fiscal year, than decreasing? Do we have a say on this very pathetic situation? Yearly, our remittances - both OFWs and OFs (the dual citizens and dependents) reach up to US$25B. Yes, billions of dollars going into the mainstream of RP's economy!

Do you know how much of the total amount of our remittances are goin...g to the government in the form of taxes and other fees? Our remittances alone should be able to keep our economy afloat with that staggering amount. And yet, why is our country in deep debts?

With the coming election, we, OFWs and OFs, have a lot to play in changing the tide. But have we ever bothered to register to vote? If not, then you are one of the silent players in allowing the corrupt officials to continue enriching themselves. You do not have anymore a chance to show you care because today is the last day for registration in order to vote in absentia, the so-called absentee voters. Let this be an eye opener for us. . .…/ph-debt-hits-record-p6-4t.…

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