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Eleanor Rigby
· March 10, 2018
In town from Edmonton for the weekend, and this place exceeded any bar that had been set before, anywhere! The place was alive with energy and positive vibes, and the staff were the best ever. Best Se...rvice EVER, actually! Minimal staff combined with Maximum output made for an epic experience on my end. That band last night was brilliant, too! The food was drool worthy fantastic. Mmmmm nachos, and heyyyyooooo.... The nachos are not what you think, either! Just an all around, radass experience. I'm sending everyone here! � � See More
Carrie Michelle Orsi
· March 15, 2018
Service is top notch .. food fresh tasty.. presentation on nachos always different but same delicious taste!! Avocado margaritas crazy good !! But filling!! Have brought friends ranging in age from 19...-74..all loved it!! Gluten free dishes .. tastes for everyone to enjoy.. and always have had laughs with other patrons .. feel like I’m at a friends house !! See More
Christopher Langer
· March 13, 2018
Best small show bar in BC and a frontrunner for best bar in BC. Great, receptive, high energy crowds, good, cheap food for vegans and meat eaters, and often half decent bands. Reminds me of my favouri...te Seattle bars more than Vancouver! See More
Che Marie Bee
· January 27, 2018
Wicked good service and the food and drinks were off the hook, as per usual. Brought friends for the first time, who are very picky and they loved it. Palomas and Avocado margs were delish.
Chris Levitt
· August 21, 2017
We are from Calgary and wanted to see a good time and an original pub. We were on our way to a pub called the docs when we walked passed Fernandos... Glad we came in, live music from what I think was ...a local band that was awsome, good drinks, the unicorn ale and alvacodo margaritas were soooo good. Good ppl, good laughs, great staff.. Couldn't have asked for a better place to spend a night out on a bday.. Cheers. See More
May Allan
· October 12, 2017
Now I am writing this on behalf of other people with allergies because I have a serious allergy and would want to hear other’s experiences to feel assured prior to eating out... My boyfriend and I wen...t out for our anniversary (had ate there before and been pleased). Prior to ordering beverages we ordered food. I got a vegan burger with a vegan side salad, he ordered a regular burger. I stated I was not only vegan but have a bad dairy allergen to the waitress. We ordered drinks after we ordered food and the drink she brought out - an orange juice and vodka drink - looked oddly creamy so I questioned if it had dairy before taking a sip (not stated on the menu that it did). She confidently said it did, so I restated the dairy allergy and she kinda went ‘Oh, right. Woops.’ Need I mention this was on a slow Wednesday night, and alongside this, no water was served with our beverages. THEN... When the food came out on part of my salad it appeared to be feta that had fallen in. I scooped it out, asked the bus boy and he assured me the meal was vegan... That evening my boyfriend was throwing up until 3am - assuming his burger wasnt fully cooked. I then woke up this morning and was incredibly ill myself... I’m really displeased because for a restaurant who advertises vegan/dairy free meals and assures you that your dietary needs will be met, clearly something went wrong... And the outcome was certainly not pleasant for neither my boyfriend or I... See More
Raquel Redwood
· August 1, 2017
Not sure if they got rid of the brunette curly haired door man... because I haven't been there for almost a year since he took both my friends ID's in order to be allowed back in and to not wait in and to only be told when we they returned with me that he's keeping their ID's and there is no longer room in the establishment AFTER they had given money and came early to be there. (Not to mention left ID's to save spot) this same guy on a different occasion ate food off a tables plate. And also charged us 20$ each to come in on a weekday.... to eat dinner. � I gave fernandos another chance about three weeks ago. I called to get a take out order, I have a therapy dog who I wanted to have sit outside of the establishment so we could be able to sit and have a few drinks with dinner. Unfortunately I forgot her leash, I asked the lady on the other line if maybe anyone randomly had a rope or anything to help tie my dog up. She said "she doesn't have time for this" and asked " do you want your order still or not ?" I hung up.
Most experiences are negative. But great margaritas ! Also the blonde kid who works there from last I saw was super professional and awesome !
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Petey Paragon
· July 19, 2017
Probably the worst experience I've ever had in Kelowna. Door man has some serious issues and the lack of management and attention to detail there is amazing. I will never go back and would never this place to anyone. Lived in Kelowna my whole life and have only been to Fernandos twice. Tonight reminded me why I never go here. See More
Kyle P. Ferris
· January 22, 2018
Great music and hilarious comedy shows!
My only issues are the food is too good and the doorman is the nicest most kind person I've ever met
Cindy Siebring
· August 7, 2017
From Victoria, my boyfriend and I spent Sunday ( August 6th) walking in the downtown core of Kelowna. Quite warm that day, we were thirsty and decided to stop in for a rum & coke...we were welcomed by... a friendly gal who provided the drink and great customer service. Cheers!!! See More
Lisa Smith
· June 9, 2017
not going back.
we would come there about once a week the last couple years and spend a few hours having food and drinks. some new door guy last night told us its $15 each just to come in. at 8:30. o...n a thursday. plus the place looked dead. no way were we going to pay that just to get in. what a joke. we wont be back. considering the lack of tourists/tourism this summer due to the flooding, you really shouldnt piss off and turn away your all year regulars. oh well. we spent our money elsewhere and told many people about it. See More
Matt Sandy Jr.
· April 25, 2017
As far as venues go, Fernandos is the biggest supporter of local and touring bands in Kelowna. They provide consistent entertainment for our city and PAY the bands better then any other facility in t...own. They provide affordable eats for people not looking to break the bank to get a little grub in their belly, along with a terrific selection of alc/non alc options. To anyone writing bad reviews for a pub keeping live music going in Kelowna, I politely request you stay home and fuck yourself. See More
Mike Christian
· March 15, 2017
Get a new Door man that dosent have a bad attitude and rude to the point of getting in your face in a threatening way, looking for any excuse to abuse his position, if you want to behave like that the...n go get a job at a prison, somethimg tells me he's no stranger to that place.This guy will destroy your business! Word travels very fast with social media. We won't be back. See More
Sean Vickers
· June 25, 2017
The best service I've ever had in a pub , went Friday and Saturday this week , the place was full both nights , drinks were quick , they were organized with seperate bills. They booked 2 awesome band...s on Saturday, I had such a great weekend there , thank you See More
Jocelyn Meyer
· July 29, 2016
I wasn't sure what to expect from Fernando's, but the $7 menu was enticing, so we stopped in with some friends a few weeks ago. Wow! We loved everything about it! The food was awesome, the service was... hands down some of the best we've received in town (since moving here earlier this summer), and we loved the atmosphere. While we were there, we discovered that there's live music too - even better! We can't wait to come back for a show soon. Highly recommended. See More
Read Simpson
· April 25, 2017
Fernandos is like my home away from home. I love these peeps. Everyone that works there is super friendly, so much so that they have become my friends. By far the best bang for your buck with the $7 m...enu, I HIGHLY recommend the chipotle wings and the poutine. Also, most of the menu is gluten free, for other poor celiacs out there. Haters can hate, but real recognize real. #NANDOS4EVER See More
Nelson R. Jatel
· March 3, 2018
avocado margaritas. delicious menu. great service.
Joshua Ertman
· October 26, 2016
I think this is THE BEST bar in Kelowna. Food is always so tasty and fresh, plus the staff are the nicest people on town. Such a cool/chill vibe and great live music almost every weekend. If i could there i would. Seriously get down there and be amazed. See More
Alex Kuschnir
· February 2, 2017
Used to be a good place to eat. What kind of restaurant opens at 4pm anyways? Burritos are smaller now and all they want is you to buy their expensive shitty drinks. Taco del mar serves bigger better ...wet burritos. Plus u dont have to pay a tip or wait 40 mins for your food while listening to crappy music :) seriously dissapointed in the dropping quality of the food they just dont care at all. There used to be a bunch of salsas and guacamoles now they serve burgers lol like wtf See More
Brendo Kolebaba
· August 14, 2017
Great food, great venue, door guys are fucking great characters, no problems. Cya October 6th!
A little more Wild Son to enjoy
Peter and the wolves live @FernandosPub
We suggest you read this and get excited, and dig deep into your donation pockets. #Repost @joshuasongs ・・・ After our recording sesh last night at Jimmy’s Garage @jimmybalfour.artist, @darcybooth & I jammed/rehearsed for Kelowna’s The Tragically Hip Tribute Show Nov 1st @fernandospub. @fiddlermitch @dylanranneyart @tigermoonmusic @devoncoyote @gscatts and so many more will be sharing some of their fave Gord Downie songs too! All proceeds go to @gorddownieofficial cancer research fund. Come and support a good cause and celebrate a Canadian legend’s music. Here’s a snippet of one of the songs I’ll be doing with the guys. #thetragicallyhip #tribute #cover #covertune #gorddownie #canadiana #canada #inview #fernandospubkelowna #jimmysgarage

Our sister Pub Sturgeon Hall is hiring.

We are looking for an experienced Kitchen Manager.
Requirements include:
Food costing & menu building.
Hiring & training of staff in the ways of the kitchen.
Inventory Control & ordering.
Kelowna, BC · Full-time job
indie garage rock. Inspired by all, equal to none

Thu 9:00 PM PDTFernando's PubKelowna, BC, Canada

Post-Modern Connection, a band that defies genre norms with skillful blending of musical influences.They are the culmination of unique experiences of their individual members, who hail from different continents.Their styles range from soul to indie pop and even experimental.
They are steadily building traction through multiple sold out shows, as they gear up to release their first single.

Sat 8:00 PM PDTFernando's PubKelowna, BC, Canada
Music · 157 people

Substance and accessibility are often considered opposing forces when it comes to pop music, making it all the more impressive when a band like Scenic Route to Alaska so effortlessly delivers ample doses of both.
The easygoing Edmonton-based trio, comprised of Trevor Mann on lead vocals and guitar, drummer Shea Connor, and bassist Murray Wood, effortlessly weaves catchy vocals and memorable melodies through rich arrangements – instantly engaging but begging to be heard again ...and again. It’s a coveted combination within the crowded sphere of indie rock – and one that’s rarely the product of anything but time, talent, and heaps of hard work. Of course, Scenic Route to Alaska are no strangers to any of those.
In early 2016, the band entered Monarch Studios in Vancouver with Howard Redekopp (Tegan & Sara, The New Pornographers) to cut the 11 tracks comprising Long Walk Home, their latest LP.

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Fri 9:00 PM PSTFernando's PubKelowna, BC, Canada
We craft rock-fusion music at the edge of the Canadian Rockies and spend a lot of time together in a van.

Flowshine is a group of laid-back folks from Alberta, Canada who enjoy playing chill tunes and having good times. They deliver an upbeat and high-energy show that balances rock n roll showmanship, strong musicianship, and relatable song-writing. Their music is positive and dancey. Come be part of it.

Sat 9:00 PM PSTFernando's PubKelowna, BC, Canada

KRIS AND THE BLUES MACHINES is Kris's blue side!!!
Kris usually travels around the country with a carnival of Circus musicians that go by the moniker of BLACKBERRY WOOD but every once and a while he gets the urge to travel the great unknown all by his lonesome and yell out the blues!!! Childhood memories include being told to sit in front of the kik drum, to keep it from slipping, in his dads Blues band and getting his first guitar from band members!!!
Musical adventures followed Kris around all his life and this newest finds him traveling with his trusty companion "The Contraption" which plays samples of old marching drums, New Orleans rhythms, and earliest jazz drums as well as many fun orchestral sounds!!!
This ain't no normal solo guy with guitar and don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling the urge to move all the tables and make room on the dance floor to shake it good

See More

Dreamy melodies and psychedelic summer vibes take you somewhere warm and far away.


Dreamy melodies and psychedelic summer vibes take you somewhere warm and far away.

Windigo is the relentlessly lovable brain-child of Anthony Kameka (guitar & vocals), Del Coburn (bass), Tory Rosso (guitar) and Mitch Cooper (drums). Kameka's mellow yet powerful vocals and Cooper's exquisite rhythms balance expertly with Coburn and Rosso’s infectious artistry.

Combining their intoxicating creative intuition, Windigo has found its way into the hearts of a loyal and sizeable following in their hometown of Calgary, Alberta and nationwide. The band currently has six releases and over 200 live performances - and with an all new full length album slated for a 2017 release, the possibilities are endless.

Opening will by local talent
Speak Easy

is a psychedelic pop driven trio originating from the interior of British Columbia. The band the was formed during the winter months of 2016. After an ongoing, jam inspired collaboration of drummer Scott Sparrow and guitarist Oliver Sandberg during their years at the University of British Columbia Okanagan, bassist Lauren Giorgio was introduced to the project, and Speak Easy was conceived.

The group combines moody psychedelic rock with an eclectic sound, which has been compared to John Lennon - if he’d never met Yoko Ono. With their love-hate inspired lyrics and dad-pop chord progressions, the band has accumulated a steady fan-base within the Okanagan, playing multiple packed-house shows - including an overflowing debut show at music hub Milkcrate Records in Kelowna.

Speak Easy is currently recording their first full length EP at 1330 Studio in Kelowna, BC. They currently have a two-track mini EP available on Bandcamp, titled ‘It Takes Two’. The group also has tracks available online through music collective Swamp Presents.

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Thu 9:00 PM PSTFernando's PubKelowna, BC, Canada

8pm Start time for this night
Bring your friends make a team.
Dab some numbers - win some cool stuff

Wed 8:00 PM PSTFernando's PubKelowna, BC, Canada

"Energetic riffs, captivating vocals, and a rock and roll attitude to back it up. Quadra Sound is one of the most exciting up and coming bands in western Canada that I have heard. " Says Malcom Owen-Flood Music Producer/Lead Guitarist for Band Of Rascals.

The Vancouver Island based three-piece has been quickly establishing itself show after show, as major rock n' roll force in the Western Canadian music scene; the result of a astounding year including 1st place at "Battle Of ...The Bands", Multiple Shows in Victoria & Vancouver, and the soon to be, release of their critically aclaimed debut singles.

Combining elements of high-impact modern rock a la kings of Leon and Rival Sons, with their roots deeply invested into classic bands such as The Beatles. Quadra Sound has created arguably one of the more unique sounds to come in recent times, captivating an audience of all ages. This is only complimented by their electrifying high-energy live performance.

"With over 40 years in the audio industry, it’s hard for a band to impress me much. Quadra Sound's dynamic and musically interesting performance put that to rest for a while. This band's visual performance and danceable songs, made for a very enjoyable mixing gig for me going FOH." - Ron Obvious

"The response we get after each performance has shown us that this is just the beginning" reflects lead vocalist/guitarist Nick Fascione. this holds true as Quadra Sound is continuing to break new ground, performing in front new audiences, recording new music pushing the boundaries of what modern rock n roll can, and can not contain. Quadra Sound strives to keep looking ahead, dreaming big and to only increase their so far immense success.

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Sat 9:00 PM PSTFernando's PubKelowna, BC, Canada

@fernandospub get down to Fernandos pub to shake your midterms away ...

Image may contain: one or more people
Fernando's Pub shared their event.
January 25

Late minute addition for tomorrow night - Fri 26th.

Fri 9:00 PM PSTFernando's PubKelowna, BC, Canada

Doors and $10 cover at 9pm Music at 10pm

Volunteers - original Okanagan based psychedelic swamp life Canadiana boogie rock and cosmic mange

The songwriting of LIAM McIVOR brought to life with drums, bass and now featuring BRIAN LOONEY of Kelowna's THE CIVIL DEAD on lead guitar


"Dreamy post apocalyptic cosmic mange - i guess regular folks would call it some kind of garage country blues" - Fernandos

^^ Take a listen - live video from their recent set at HIDDEN CITY in Vancouver

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Fri 9:00 PM PSTFernando's PubKelowna, BC, Canada

Doors & $10 cover @ 8pm - Entertainment @ 10pm

"Praise be to hillbilly heaven, the spirit of Hank Williams is alive and well. Alberta's Ol' Boots & the Hoots have resurrected the broken vocal formula that was perfected by Southern storytellers years ago and has since inspired so many amnesiac stadium-country singers. The 11-track Pinecone Cowboy features a poised collection of wittily crafted, downtempo western melodies, a cactus in the ass of modern, power-ballad country cro...oners that forgot the music of their grandfathers. "
EXCLAIM! Magazine

"Born to hootenanny they play swingin’ old-time country and have a real zinger of record called Pinecone Cowboy"
BeatRoute Magazine

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Fri 9:00 PM PSTFernando's PubKelowna, BC, Canada

Doors @ 8pm - Music Starts @ 10pm
$10 cover at the door.

Leila Neverland's new ukulele set is full of hilarious storytelling and gives a new edge to her live performance. Come check it out!! ...

Frontwoman/songwriter Britt MacLeod takes inspiration from a wide range of musical styles and creates songs that are somehow both dark and catchy, thought-provoking yet danceable. MacLeod leads the project with her soulful voice and ukulele, and is joined by a talented core of musicians: Mike Lauder (drums), Paul Wilson (bass/synths), and Reggie Harvey (guitar).

The live shows are electric, fun, and always new and fresh. Stylistically, Rio By Night covers a lot of ground. Energetically, they consistently hit the roof.

Rio By Night's new album "Yet The World" is available now on iTunes/Apple Music and at

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SCHOOLS OUT at Fernando's Pub

Lit new Weekly night! Tell your friends!

DJ's Ghostcurb & friends


Playing music to get you moving all night long

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Feb 1 - Mar 16Fernando's PubKelowna, BC, Canada