Sprint 2 start from the Porsche Club of America Club Race last weekend.Gorgeous skies and track conditions heading out of turn 1.
Hallett Turn 6 testing video 2 - < a lap later > "He's still back there. Going to have to try something different to shake him."
Sunday fun with some Texas Spec Boxsters. Weather doesn't get any better than this!

Here's some action from Lime Rock raced late April 2017 by C. Drake. Sprint 1 started in P4 and fought way up to P1. Sprint 2 started in P1 moved down to P2 and took back P1 during final laps.

Sprint 1:

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Sebring kicked off the start of the season where C. Drake and J. Gladwill traded 1st and 2nd place on sprint race one and two. J. Gladwill took 2nd on the Enduro and C. Drake was out with a broken transmission on the race start. S. Gibbons had a strong weekend as well placing on the podium for two of the three races.

The below video is C. Drake breaking the track record with a diabolical run and a dramatic final corner on the notoriously bumpy turn 17.

Year: 2017 Location: Sebring Group: PCA Race Type: Qualifying Car: Spec Boxster (SPB) #750 Driver: C. Drake Other Notes: There's a 2:28.x in the car. I blew ...