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Tracey Ramsey
December 9, 2011
Make sure you save it forever with experts.

Excited to announce that we will be opening our 3rd location in Limerick! Coming February 2018!

No idea how HDMI ARC works, if you know what it is at all? Here's our explanation of what HDMI ARC is and how it can make your life easier.|By Ryan Waniata
If you haven't been shopping for a TV in a while, in can be confusing, with a lot of new high tech terms to learn. "You'll see a lot more 4K TVs," said Consumer Reports Electronics Editor James Willcox. "Those are TVs with higher resolution screens."

Interesting news from the audio industry.

Major developer Fraunhofer IIS held most licenses for the use of MP3s, and it has announced it is terminating those licenses in light of better, lower-bit files, such as AAC, and the industry shift toward those files.

Did you know you can print pictures from movie film? Here's how:

This blog explores printing pictures from the image sequence files from film transfer process.
What are the differences between 8mm and Super 8 film? How does it effect transfer of 8mm film to digital?

when a file is too big to email, now what?

One of the greatest perks of having your old media turned into a digital format, is the ability to easily share your memories with family and friends, like never before. Digital files can be replicated and share endlessly, between computers, without quality lose. A video, picture or audio file can...

some helpful hints about using your smart phone to record video highlights and messages.

Tips for helping create highlight videos when friends and family can't be there.

Why HD vs SD matters in film transfer results.

What is the differences in High Definition and Standard Definition video as related to film transfer.

Ever wonder with the difference is between resolutions on your scanner?

What is the best dpi to scan your photos at? What is the difference and how will it change the outcome? Understand why picture scan resolution is important.
Smart TV's accept different file formats. How to know what file formats work, and which are the best option.