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Lance Edwards
· November 13, 2017
I have had a lot of problems using my ATM at the Credit Union and am on my third ATM/debit card in about a year already. There are things I don't like about the online bill pay website. The people are... great but in the year I have been with them they have not exactly instilled a lot of confidence in their competence. I was going to refinance my mortgage through them, now I am hesitant to trust them with something that important. See More
Tiy Becker
· November 2, 2017
Wow you are such a ridiculous bank! You closed my account on me took my $ i had in there for some weird fees then i come and try to break a $20 bill and you WONT do it because i DONT HAVE AN ACCOUNT?!...?! What the ****... seeing as how my husband, mother, father, sister, brother, about 10 of my in laws, and also numerous friends use this bank i will be making sure they switch to a new one! I seriously cant believe that just happened! I would have laughed if i wasnt in a hurry at the time and pissed off! So thank you so much for that!!! See More
Lisa Baldwin
· July 14, 2017
Huge kudos and thank you to Lynn at Financialedge Community Credit Union. Had fraudulent activity & credit card shut off at 510PM on Friday night. I zip over to the credit union a few blocks away, the...y were closed, I called & explained what happened, she asked if I could come now. I was at the door she let me in and got me set up with a new card!! What a relief!! My family has been members here for years, this is one of the many reasons why! See More
Meri Sue Engers
· November 2, 2017
Diane Szczepanski is an excellent representative of this credit union. She is very professional and wonderful to work with, always keeping her customers best interest in the forefront of all transactions.
Jennifer Jones Coberley
· November 16, 2017
Love the My Life checking cash back and round up to savings.
Toby Downey
· January 12, 2017
Been with them before they were financial edge and love everything they do for me and the staff is great good people.
Shontai Nichole Hill
· June 6, 2013
I have been a member of this Credit Union since I was 18, and I highly recommend for everyone to choose them for ur account and loans. They are very nice, they are understanding, they really do go and beyond to take care of you. I will never go anywhere else I have always had great service and have been satisfied. See More
Laurie Feinman
· May 8, 2015
Excellent Staff!! Excellent Customer service since Day 1! if I could give 15 stars I would! I use both locations and my opinion goes to both because I just love and adore each and everyone of you!
Andy Lieber
· October 5, 2016
Amazing Credit Union! The staff here is excellent and they really treat you like a person and not a number.
Norma Arbuckle-Felker
· August 12, 2015
Wonderful place to do business.... the BEST Financial Institution around.
Andrew Frantom
· April 3, 2015
Great credit union! Glad to see you are finally on Facebook.
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