Not my goats, but another goat owner has clearly had one of their bucks stolen. Please keep your eyes peeled.

More goat theft in the Valley. Please keep your eyes peeled for a very large Alpine buck (not neutered male) goat.

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Fairvew Loop area: We have a missing Alpine buck (male goat) we believe was stolen from his pen on Monday afternoon between 3:30 and 4:30 pm. Rocky is 2 years o...ld, apx. 160 lbs. & 32" tall, chamoisee (light brown) with black belly and legs, and a white patch on his right side. He is wearing a black collar and currently has a very shaggy winter coat and beard. He and another goat were in their pen at mid-day feeding, but when my husband got back at 4:30 after running an errand the other goat was loose in the driveway, the "goat-proof" gate to the pen was standing open, and the leash normally clipped to the fence was missing. In backtracking down the driveway looking for hoofprints or other tracks my husband found that leash lying on the edge of the driveway, close to the road. The only conclusion we are able to draw from this is theft. Pic below is of a comparable herdmate in summer coat. Rocky's markings are very similar, but his winter coat is very shaggy at this time of year. If you see a buck matching this description, please PM!

Offering a $250 reward for safe return of buck, and up to $500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of thieves. Report has been filed with AST.

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3 years have passed and still nothing. I'm heartbroken and wish that I could recover even 1 of them.

Hi Everyone. I appreciate all the support I've received over time. As I approach the 2 year mark of my goats being stolen, I'm sad to report that none of my goats have been recovered despite my best efforts and all the outpouring of support and tips from the community. Please, if at any moment you believe you have seen any of my goats, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you all.

Have you seen the banner or flyers about this page in the Livestock Barn at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer? Stop by the Alaska Mini Goat Cache's presentation table to talk to us about Rayna's missing herd! We'll be there through tomorrow night.

Due to the significant drop in leads, and the fact that I REALLY want to get my goats back. I have decided to offer a reward for information that leads to the actual recovery of my goats (alive and healthy in condition). $500 for the safe return of 10 of my goats, alive and well. $1,000 if my entire herd is returned to me alive and in healthy condition.

Thank you all for keeping up hope and passing on leads. As of today, all the pregnant does should have kidded (given birth). I'm really missing having babies in the barn, it is one of my favorite things about summer. As of today, none of the leads have turned up anything significant, but keep it up! I believe I will find them.

Thank you all for continuing to look and listen! Still searching!

The Associated Press picked up the story!

FYI there have been other thefts since mine. Check out this ad for missing chickens: everyone lock your critters up tight until we figure out who is doing this! Had a Chevy Malibu come down and stop stop at the top of my barn drive today. I'll be reporting that license plate to the troopers.

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Thank you to Jeanne Devon, guest host on the Shannyn Moore Radio Show on KOAN 95.5 FM and AM 1020, for mentioning this story on the air!

This is Heather. I have just been made aware of a FALSE rumor at the local swap meet. I confirmed with Rayna, the truth is the goats have NOT yet been recovered. Repeat: they are STILL missing.

Please check here before passing on rumors because it may hinder recovery efforts if incorrect information is distributed!! Thank you!

An as-yet unidentified goat rustler stole the better part of a Wasilla woman's herd this week, and now Alaska State Troopers and hundreds of Facebook followers are on the case.

Please share! In her interview with KTVA Channel 11 News aired at 10PM tonight, Rayna has offered to drop all charges if the animals are returned safely! Spread the word so that maybe the thieves' conscience will overcome fear of prosecution for the good of the goats.…/Thieves-Steal-20-Goats-from-Wasilla-F…

Rayna has offered to drop all charges if the animals are returned safely!

Incredibly grateful to KTVA Channel 11 News for their report on this story tonight!…/Thieves-Steal-20-Goats-from-Wasilla-F…

Rayna Fritcher's animals went missing Memorial Day weekend and she needs the community's help to bring them back.

Please tune into KTVA channel 11 news at 5 and 6 to catch an interview. Zinnia and I did an interview bright and early this morning. Neither of us is at our best, but anything to get the word out to find Zinnia's herd mates (including 2 of her babies from last year).