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Lauren Elaine
· August 5, 2014
Hands down, this burger is amazing! Great quality meat and delicious flavor. It didn't need any bells and whistles to dress it up. It could stand alone without the bread! But I wouldn't pass up the br...ead - it's made especially for this Drago's restaurant by the Leidenheimer Baking Company! And you can definitely tell.

I was surprised to find out that this place has been open since January...what?! I hadn't even heard of it until last week. Craziness.

First of all, it's a Drago's restaurant - they had children who went to St Clement (my alma mater) - how could I not hear of this place?

Secondly, we arrived around 12:45 today and NO ONE was there. The place was deserted except for two or three employees. They must not be very successful.

Despite the cool venue, great burger, and decent employees, our service stank. We sat down at a table after being yelled at from the other end of the building to sit wherever we wanted. It took at least 10 minutes (with no one there besides us) for someone to ask us what we would like to drink. It took even longer for someone to take our order. Seriously? There was NO ONE ELSE there. Our order was very simple - two regular burgers. They come cooked medium well? Sure, sounds great. These burgers, even though they were extremely delicious, took entirely too long to grill up. It seemed like someone must have needed to go buy the meat or kill the cow. We asked for the bill when we received our food because my friend had to get back to work.

If you have time to kill, this would be a great place to come; but it is not for a quick lunch. As per my water rating scale - my glass was empty for more than half of the hour we were waiting. 2 glasses out of my desired 4. Not cool. I expected more from a Drago's restaurant. My only assumption is that the very slow service is why this place may not be doing as well as it could be.

There is no possible way I could give this place more than 3 stars. 1.5 stars for the burger, 1 for the neat venue, .5 because at least the staff was somewhat friendly.
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Barbara Endler Collura
· September 5, 2014
I find it mysterious that my first review is gone. Went for dinner tonight - they only had two waiters on a Friday at 6:30. The owner had invited his friends and they were getting most of the attent...ion. The teenage waiter was AWFUL - he was so stressed, poor baby. The bartender did not seem to care. Our waitress had all of the tables on the lower level in
addition to the"owner's friends". Plus the "friends" let their kids run everywhere. It will be a very long time before we go back. Phil's is just around the corner.
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Dave Falgoust
· July 12, 2014
Got here at 8:28pm eager to try the burgers. As I walked in, waitress yelled across the room "we stopped servin at 8". I said "sorry, your sites say 9pm". She just repeated "we stopped servin at 8".... No sorry or anything. She never gave me a chance to ask for take out. How rude. See More
Jim Clarke
· August 7, 2014
Excellent Burgers! I had a Mushroom Swiss Bacon that was cooked to perfection. My son had a Grilled Cheese burger, a huge burger sandwiched between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches. The fries were great to...o. Ask for Gina, great food, great service! See More
Marti Davis
· March 31, 2014
tried it today and it was everything i heardabout it fresh made burgers and fries plus the homemade chips are outta this world !!!!! oh and get the fried egg on your burger it's great !!!!
Bridget Robert
· April 15, 2014
GREAT concept! Cutest Lil burger joint in town! And it was great to see GINA at the bar! Oh! And the City Park Burger was scrumptious. I'll be back
Don Grossnickle
· July 15, 2014
What a great restaurant. Amazing staff. Can't get enough of the fries. Burgers are awesome.
Giuseppe Di Noto
· May 25, 2014
good, but was over $15 for a burger, fries and a coke. that's steep.
Sherri Hollenshead Daly
· August 7, 2014
I have never been but I just added it to my bucket list
Dina Najiola L'Hoste
· January 13, 2014
It is delicious! Fresh burgers! Excellent chips! Will definitely visit again!
Dina Desroche Bryant
· January 24, 2014
Delicious... Wouldn't go anywhere else for a burger! It's JUST THAT good!!!
Donna Herry Drago
· January 26, 2014
Grilled Cheese Burger with a side of garlic fries...YUM!!!
Kristine L. Smith
· January 19, 2014
Great burger and homemade chips I love!
Larry Jouet
· January 14, 2014
Never seen Tommy working so hard slinging burgers & fries.
Nancy Balladares
· January 20, 2014
My well done burger was juicy & delicious!!!
Jessica Noble
· April 29, 2014
This place is awesome!
Chuck Meyers
· January 14, 2014
Black and Blue was just perfect.
Denice Lowe Muniz
· January 25, 2014
OMG it's so GOOD and wonderful prices!!!!
Tammy Dutreix Guzzardi
· February 1, 2014
loved my burger...
John Foerster
· March 18, 2014

Fire House Burgers fans -- we have some exciting news! We're coming back better than ever with a new location and revamped menu, complete with some of Drago's favorites!

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Burger fans, we haven't forgotten about you! We're busy remodeling and planning to give you the best Drago's Firehouse Grill experience possible! We will reopen with a target date of November 1 at 3521 18th Street.

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We are closed and will reopen Wednesday, October 8 at 3521 18th Street. Sorry for any temporary inconvenience. We'll see you soon!

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