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Since our church's website has fallen into disrepair, we have opted to take it off-line for the time being. The domain will be redirected to this facebook page.

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First Baptist Church

That's right! Break the chains of apathy with me as we start our new Sunday School class for "Teens to Twenties" on April 1st at 9am. You could be 29 and still be a part of this new adventure!


We posted something on this a while back; but this link has more information.
BTW, the keynote speaker was once the pastor at Perth. Great man and great speaker.

That's right! Break the chains of apathy with me as we start our new Sunday School class for "Teens to Twenties" on April 1st at 9am. You could be 29 and still be a part of this new adventure!

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LYFE Women's Conference...Learn about how to see God's work in your life and live as a woman equipped to impact this world for Christ!

As we head into the weekend, remember that we have our Sunday School at 9:00 AM on Sunday, followed by the morning worship hour at 10:00 AM. This week, we will have special guest David Spencer, the Executive Director of Sacandaga Bible Conference. Dave will give us a brief update on what's happening at the conference and will be happy to answer any questions during our fellowship time after the service.
Pastor's message will be from Revelation 11, "Victory in Sight."
Mondays for Men is at 9:00 AM on Monday. Choir practice on Wednesday at 5:30, followed by prayer meeting at 6:45.

Don't forget that tonight is choir practice. Lynette has plans for a couple specials coming up; so if you are interested come in full voice.
Prayer and Bible study begins at 6:45

Bacon Bakin’ Bake-off
March 30, 2018; 6:30 PM
Prizes Will Be Awarded
3rd Prize: Bacon; 2nd Prize: Bacon;1st Prize: Bacon

Some great thoughts from Thom Rainer to start the morning:…/seven-potentially-deadly-church-s…/

As I have categorized problems and challenges church leaders share, I have seen seven distinct categories of hindrances. Since I am primarily concerned about church health, I call these hindrances “church sicknesses.”

Tomorrow at 9:00 EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME, we have our Sunday School classes, with the men working on 3rd John and the ladies in Romans.
At 10:00 AM, Pastor Bill continues with his study of Revelation, looking at the two witnesses of Revelation 11.
Here is a quick quote from the message: Truth is a terror to a teller of tales.

Some have had questions about Keri Bramer, particularly regarding the recent earthquakes. Below is her recent newsletter:
The past month has been busy with culture events, language classes, moving into a different apartment, and many other little things! I'm so thankful to be settled into my apartment, to put up all my pictures and just make it feel more like home. I have also been able to have a couple of families over for meals and it has been great getting to know th...em better.
Language classes have officially come to an end and I will be having a language evaluation at some point to see where I am at with learning Pisin and how to best proceed with language learning. There is so much more to learn especially medical terms - I've seen that this past week with being in the clinic in the afternoons. Please continue to pray that I learn quickly as I am working with the Nationals in the clinic. Also pray for our language helper Nico, we do not believe he is saved, but he is very interested in spiritual things. Pray that he will see that Jesus is the only way and not just something else to be added to everything else he has heard before, pray for wisdom as the men here on Center continue to work and talk with Nico.
This past week I was able to observe and help with the medical orientation for the new bush missionaries. Listening to these orientation sessions helped me to better understand some of the medical challenges the bush missionaries face. Since many times professional medical help is hours away, the missionaries are sent out to their villages with some medical equipment and medications to help stabilize a patient until medical help can get into their location.
Some of you may have heard about the recent earthquakes in PNG. Yes, I have felt these earthquakes but thankfully they have been far enough away from Lapilo that we have not had any damage here on center. Please be praying as there has been much damage in other areas of PNG and aftershocks are still happening and there is a concern for more landslides. Pray for those trying to get into these remote areas to offer assistance, the damage to the roads is making it even more difficult to get into these areas.

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Yeah. Better remember to do this.

Several from FBC have met and seen this family when they have ministered at Sacandaga Bible Conference over the past years.
Here is an update on their youngest son, Michael. Please keep him, the family that surrounds him and those who are supporting his care in your prayers.

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The Lindsey Family

I know everyone has been waiting for an update on Michael. It was just needful that we take some time to process and continue in prayer.

The spinal tap did abnormal cells in Michael’s spine. Originally, we were in agreement with the plan for targeted radiation but when the recommendation became whole brain and spinal radiation, we had to reconsider. Doctors offered little hope of it changing any outcome and the risks were far greater. In short, that option took too much and offered too little. And so we came home with nothing left medically to draw from.

We had already been working with Michael’s diet and other natural remedies. We had looked into several alternative care facilities in Arizona but nothing brought peace. Many preferred facilities would not take a minor.

This last week, we connected with a local group called Kourageous Kids just to have medical personnel familiar with his situation in case we needed help locally. They have provided us with rescue meds to have on hand at home and we’re very encouraged by their positive attitudes and the strong support that they are. Everyone that we’ve met shares our faith in God and that means so much to us!

Through one of the staff, we’ve also connected with a local medical doctor who is passionate and very educated in nutritional therapy. We’re very encouraged by his confidence and he has spent hours with us and with Michael working out a battle plan! I can’t tell you how much the positive thoughts and can-do spirit empowers us to fight. We’re grateful. We had become so tired.

We don’t know what tomorrow holds, so we take this journey day by day. Ultimately, we know that God is in control and we continue to ask for healing. We’re doing all that we can in the natural and praying that God will add the super to it.

For now, Michael is doing very well! He is relieved to be home and with his brothers and sisters. We try each day to get back to normal—haven’t gotten there yet, but we try. I’d be lying if I said that we are at complete peace all of the time. It’s a real battle in the spirit that begins as soon as we wake each morning. But God does send peace and we are getting stronger and better able to bend in the wind. We feel your prayers and your love and want all of you to know how much it means to us! Thank you!

The picture is of Michael this past weekend at our new house. That’s him at the top of that little tree. He’s happy and strong and very, very loved! Thank you all for continuing to pray!

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A bit of (all too true) humor on a snowy day.

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PCA Memes

A little flow chart to help with decision making.