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Marcia Connors
· November 15, 2017
Have been a life long member forever, seen a lot of changes, but will continue to call this my church home and family. The fellowship and love is real and the preached word from Pastor Cranford is co...ming from scripture. He is a great teacher of the word and leads by example. Love my Church and Pastor & his family. Come join us and grow with us. A church where you can use your many gifts that God has given you. We welcome one and all. See More
Ash Ash
· November 13, 2017
I was raised in this church although they are under new leadership than back then i still love it just as much! Great praise and worship team, Greeted as soon as i walked in by many, I was made feel v...ery welcome and loved so i visit as often as i can��� Absolutely Love it there!! See More
Charlotte Chattams
· February 19, 2018
Love the way I'm introduced to the wonderful messages and promises in God's Word, as it is applied to my life in the sermons..Thanks to All at First Baptist...It's always a pleasure...
Samantha Tripp
· December 24, 2017
Awesome leader you all have...Not to mention such a beautiful loving First Lady as well... love you all stay blessed
Shawn Millet
· April 3, 2018
My family has been at first Baptist for years seen alot of leaders but still call it home
Mary McDonald
· August 21, 2017
Great church with a welcoming spirit. I'll be back!!!❤️

A few pictures of our young people celebrating God's night out at the First Baptist Church of Ridgewood Heights Dayton Ohio

Good evening, you are so close to your dreams and visions coming to past but the enemy is trying to set a trap and snare to take you out. Beware of those who are trying to set you up for a fall. By the way this Sunday morning at First Baptist Church of Ridgewood Heights 116 Hanover Ave. Dayton Ohio I will be preaching a message called "HE GOT MORE THAN WHAT HE CAME FOR". The lame man begging for alms at the gate called Beautiful in acts chapter 3 received more than what he asked for. Join us and be amazed how you to can receive more than what you ask for from our God who is able. 11am hour of power worship service. This is communion Sunday.

This Sunday morning I will be preaching the message "YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN" John chapter 15 verse 16. Most people still find it hard to believe that in spite of all our short comings God still chose, selected us to have and live the abundant life in Christ. Come and here this message that will propel you into your destiny. Join us at the First Baptist Church of Ridgewood Heights 116 Hanover Avenue Dayton Ohio 11am worship service.

Hope all of you enjoyed celebrating thanksgiving day. The bible tells us that "in everything we should give thanks. This Sunday morning at the First Baptist Church of Ridgewood Heights 116 Hanover Avenue Dayton Ohio I will be preaching a message called "DON'T LET THE PAIN DETOUR YOUR PURPOSE" we are still receiving reports of how God is healing, delivering and changing people's lives during and after our services. Come join us 11am morning celebration.

Christmas Dinner for our community at FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF RIDGEWOOD HEIGHTS 116 HANOVER AVENUE DAYTON OHIO. Big shout out to Min. Tina Foster and family and friends who gave up their special time to be a blessing to others. PS: we dined sumptuously on baked chicken, turkey and dressing, sweet potato suefle, mac and cheese, green beans, dinner Roll and dessert. As you can see the people were blessed.

Good evening. This Sunday morning I will be preaching the message "God is the greatest gift giver of all". This message will challenge your hearts to be more aware why we give gifts and the reason behind the gift. Always remember there is no Christmas time without Christ for He truly is the reason for this gift giving season. Come join us at the First Baptist Church of Ridgewood Heights 116 Hanover Avenue Dayton Ohio. 11am power service.

Once again thanksgiving celebration with family was great, the smells of dinner, cakes and pies are unforgettable. But sometimes you feel like something is still missing. Let me keep it real, that was me. My mind was somewhere else and I needed something to force me back to reality.
This Sunday morning I will be preaching a message called "I CAN'T STAY HERE" taken from Luke chapter 15.

You might be physically, emotionally, spiritually and economically in a place right now where you know you don't want to be and it's taking its toll on you. I invite you to come here a word from the Lord that is guaranteed to help bring you out. Meet me at the First Baptist Church of Ridgewood Heights, 116 Hanover Ave, Dayton Ohio for our 11am worship service where God is supreme , Jesus is King and the Holy Spirit has His way.

Good afternoon. Just a reminder that we will be in fellowship with Pastor Cory Pruitt and the Mt. Enon Missionary Baptist Church family this Sunday morning at 10am. I will be preaching a message from my sermon series called "the power of a made up mind". The message will be "God Is More Than Enough For Me"
Come out and be blessed.

I have heard many people say this week "I wish they would just grow up"
This Sunday morning I will be preaching a message called "FROM CHILDHOOD TO MATURITY "

If you have young people who think they are grown or if you yourself are struggling in the area of maturity come join us this Sunday morning at the First baptist church of Ridgewood heights located at 116 Hanover street in Dayton Ohio 11am .


I believe God will meet us just where we are and empower us through His word to do better and be better. I'm looking forward to meeting you in the house where the Word works for those who work the word. Be blessed
Pastor Rodney

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Happy sweetest day for there is none sweeter than today. I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the First Baptist Church of Ridgewood Heights 116 Hanover Avenue this Sunday morning at 11am where I will be preaching the message called "whatever I need to do Jesus to get to you, I will do" from the book of Mark chapter 5.

Jesus told us that He is the way the truth and the life...
And often times along the way we sometimes find ourselves standing or sitting "by the way side..."

And maybe some of you can identify with this woman who had a serious issue while at the same time standing by the way side in her condition. I'm so glad that she didn't allow her current situation to keep her down. She made up in her mind to do whatever it takes to get to Jesus.

Come join us this Sunday morning as we experience the power of the Lord to heal deliver and set you free.
You will not leave the way you came but better, stronger and wiser.

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