GMO Industry: The Dumbest Guys In The Room
By Kurt Cobb, Jul 11, 2016

I am now convinced the GMO industry has managed to hire the worst public relations strategists in human history. By supporting a deeply flawed GMO labeling bill in the U.S. Congress--some would say intentionally deeply flawed--the industry is about to open a Pandora's Box of PR nightmares for years to come.

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Overuse of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide on food may be putting more at risk than we think.

Half of All Children Will Be Autistic by 2025, Warns Senior Research Scientist at MIT 112 By anh-usa on December 23, 2014 GMO News Why? Evidence points to glyphosate toxicity from the overuse of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide on our food. For over three decades, Stephanie Seneff, PhD, has researched b...


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Citizens For GMO Labeling

Dr. Bronner's CEO, David Bronner explains how the Organic Trade Association and Big Organic betrayed the GMO labeling movement and gave Congress cover to pass a... biotech-friendly bill.

"Apparently OTA’s leadership has lost perspective and doesn’t have the strength to maintain core organic values while dancing so close to the devil in Washington. Organic industry interests will be best served by leadership that is organizationally feared, not personally liked in DC."

Read the full article on The Huffington Post:…/on-the-organic-trade-associ…

#transparency #GMOlabeling

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Citizens For GMO Labeling

Statement of Tara Cook-Littman, Citizens For GMO Labeling to the House of Representatives:

"Last week, the US Senate passed S.764, the new DARK Act proposal on ...GMO labeling, and sent it to the House for a vote as early as this week. We are urging all members of the US House of Representatives to vote no on S.764, a bill that is nothing more than an industry scam that, at best, excludes more foods than it might label, while trampling on states’ rights.

S.764 was represented to Senators as a compromise, yet those negotiations didn’t involve America's consumer groups or their interests in the process. This is just another attempt to keep Americans completely in the dark about what we are eating – using science as a smokescreen to deny consumers choice. "

Read the full statement, here:

Take action to stop the #DARKact, here:

#labelGMOs #4simplewords

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Citizens For GMO Labeling

Today the US Senate leadership voted to cut off debate on a GMO Labeling bill in an effort to jam through the industry backed proposal that is virtually unenfor...ceable. S.764 is an industry wish list that excludes more foods than it might label and after a statutory delay, will likely make consumers play “hide and seek” to get the information they need.

We are outraged that Senators Stabenow and Roberts claim this proposal as a deal without involving America's consumer groups or their interests in the process. This is just another attempt to keep Americans completely in the dark about what we are eating. Under this new industry proposal, large corporations would win and American families would lose, states’ rights are trampled, and highly paid Washington lobbyists get their way.

The bill is so flawed that the FDA, the consumer agency charged with labeling consumer goods, argues that it may not lead to a single label. As noted in their technical comments on the bill, the phrase “that contains genetic material” in the definition of bioengineering “will likely mean that many foods from GE sources will not be subject to this bill.”

Our call to action is simple. We are asking for four simple words clearly written on the package, "Produced with genetic engineering." The Roberts bill is no better and in many ways far worse for families than what was voted down just a few months ago on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

In contrast, the bill before the Senate is confusing and elitist. Obtaining information about the food we are eating via smart phones, websites or phone numbers is simply a means by which the industry wishes to hide this information from most consumers. Smart phones and data plans can be very expensive and there are many places in the country where the Internet is not easily available.

This fight is not over. It will go on for years. It is clear that we need new leadership in the US Senate. Real leadership that works on behalf of everyday Americans, not just the lobbyists and corporate donors that fund their campaigns. We applaud those Senators who voted no and need to work tirelessly to ensure that we add to their ranks in the coming elections.

Statement of Tara Cook-Littman, Board of Directors
Citizens For GMO Labeling

#labelGMOs #4simplewords

If you want to know how your Senators voted in last week's test vote, you can find that information (as well as links to their social media pages and sample posts) on this page set up by our friends at the Center for Food Safety, here:

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Please share our "Message to Senate Democrats" - Senators, you can't read it? Not going to scan it? Then vote NO on S.764! We want clear, on-package GMO labelin...g! The DARK Act is a sham! Some of you voted with the people (thanks and stay strong!), some of you voted with Monsanto and Big Food (extremely disappointed!), and some of you didn't vote at all. Do the right thing today!

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The DARK Act is a sham! Do not vote away our right to know what's in our food!
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July 6, 2016
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Parade #2 with New Hampshire Right to Know GMO in Merrimack NH! Time to stop the #DARKact!

NH residents call Senators Ayotte & Shaheen: "Vote no on the Roberts-Stabenow bill!"

Call twice: 866-772-3843

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Fishy Tomato added 7 new photos from July 4, 2016 to the album: 4th of July: Freedom of Choice?
July 4, 2016

I had a fantastic time with Massachusetts Right to Know GMOs and New Hampshire Right to Know GMO this past 4th of July participating in not one, but two parades!

It was a fun way to get people excited about taking action to demand our freedom to choose whether or not we buy GMOs... We need to stop the #DARKact and pass REAL #GMOlabeling!

I'm in line for the 134th Annual Winthrop Horribles Parade! Hoping we win "most horrible."

Also hoping that people call their representative, Speaker Robert DeLeo (617-722-2500). He decides if the Mass. GMO labeling gets the vote it deserves before the July 31st deadline!

More info at

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While consumers across the country fight to stop the #DARKact, Massachusetts has a chance to join with neighboring states in setting the standard for real #GMOlabeling.

Bay Staters, please contact your state representative at the link above to demand a vote on the Mass. GMO labeling bill. It has 79% of the House already on board. But will they cave to Monsanto and let it die in committee?...

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Regeneration Massachusetts

People have no shortage of legitimate reasons why they want to know if they're feeding their families GMO foods. 90+% of Americans agree and more than 75% of lawmakers have cosponsored a bill that would ensure that right (H.4156). But Monsanto and other special interests are trying to stop the bill from getting the vote it deserves...

Take action:
Please contact your State Rep. and ask for their help in pushing the bill for a vote so that it can pass before the session ends July 31st.

It is rare for an issue to have such broad and bipartisan support. Nearly 500 local businesses, farms and organizations support GMO labeling because transparency is good for local business!

Thank you to these local grocers, co-ops and farmers markets for taking a stand for endorsing our campaign to #labelGMOs in Massachusetts!

Assabet Village Food Co-op (Maynard)
Berkshire Co-op Market (Great Barrington)
Berkshire Organics (Dalton)
Better Life Whole Foods (Springfield)
Boston Organics (Charlestown)
Braintree Farmers Market (Braintree)
CAFM - Cape Ann Farmers Market (Gloucester)
Carter and Stevens Farm Store (Barre)
Cohasset Farmer's Market (Cohasset)
Common Crow Natural Market (Gloucester)
Cornucopia Foods (Northampton)
Cronig's Market (Vineyard Haven)
Debra's Natural Gourmet (Concord)
Down to Earth Natural Foods for People and Pets (New Bedford)
Franklin Community Co-op (Greenfield/Shelburne Falls)
Gooseberry Natural Foods (Westport)
Guidos Fresh Marketplace (Pittsfield)
Harvest Co-op (Cambridge/JP)
How On Earth (Mattapoisett)
Living Earth Natural Food & Supplement Center (Worcester)
Merrimack Valley Food Coop (Haverhil)
Natural Food Exchange (Reading)
Neighboring Food Co-op Association (Shelburne Falls)
Norwell Farmer's Market at SSNSC (Norwell)
Old Creamery Co-op (Cummington)
Pittsfield Health Food Ctr (Pittsfield)
Quincy Farmers Market (Quincy)
River Valley Co-op (Northampton)
Shrewsbury Farmers Market (Shrewsbury)
South Shore Organics (Hanover)
Tiptop Country Store (Brookfield)
Wild Oats Market (Williamstown)

Please share this image with your networks and ask them to take action at this most critical time. This is our chance to join with Vermont, Connecticut and Maine in reinforcing the national standard for food labeling before Monsanto tries to cut us off with the #DARKAct, a bad federal GMO labeling bill...

Please take action by sending a message to your state representative within seconds:

Need a refresher on the topic?
Why label GMOs:
Facts and Fiction about GMO labeling:

#labelGMOs #4simplewords

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I wish this was a joke, but it's not. GMO labeling opponents are trying to pass a law that would hide information behind a QR code, exclude most GMO ingredients, and keep most people in the DARK.

We need everyone who cares about transparency to please call their senators. By dialling 866-772-3843 you will be connected to your Senators (call twice to call both).

Tell them to "Please vote against the Roberts-Stabenow GMO bill!"


As veteran journalist Carey Gillam writes in her The Huffington Post post: "For GMO Labeling Advocates, It Doesn’t Get Much Darker Than This"…/for-gmo-labeling-advocate_b…

Dozens of organizations signed on to a June 27th letter organized by the Center for Food Safety which outlines the main problems with this proposal:

• No mandatory standards- The Senate bill prescribes no mandatory standards for GMO labeling even though it preempts the labeling laws of several states including Vermont, Connecticut, Maine and Alaska. Standards are to be set over the next two years by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

• Many current and future GMO foods would be exempt from labeling- The novel definition of “bioengineering” in the bill would exclude from labeling a vast number of current foods produced with genetic engineering, and new generations of food made with new “gene-editing” techniques.

• Discriminatory for rural, low income and elderly populations- The bill anticipates that GMO labeling will be done primarily through QR codes (“digital” labeling) accessed through smart phones. But more than 50% of rural and low income populations, and more than 65% of the elderly don’t have smart phones.

• Violates state sovereignty; preempts GMO seed laws- The bill not only preempts state food labeling laws, but also specifically preempts GMO seed labeling laws, such as those in Vermont and Virginia that are designed to help farmers determine what seeds to buy and plant.

• Lacking enforcement for violations of mandatory GMO labeling- The bill provides no civil or criminal penalties for failure to comply with GMO labeling requirements.

Read more from Ms. Gillam, here:…/at-crucial-moment-for-gmo_b…


Please dial 866-772-3843 and you will be connected with your senators. Call twice to be connected to both senators.

We have stopped Monsanto and their allies before and we will do it again as long as we stand together and let our collective voices be heard. We can not let powerful interests take away our right to know what we're eating!

#labelGMOs #4SimpleWords

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I did not expect Boston to be so green.

This might not be Boston.

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I'm free!!! Mr. Nosanto was keeping me hostage for months. Lucky for me, Dean's Beans Organic Coffee Company paid the pirate's ransom and now I'm on the road again. Thank you, Dean!

I'm feeling a strange pull toward the Northeast... just in time for the summer migration! Where am I headed?...

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Over 60 U.S. supermarket chains have rejected the sell of laboratory fish, and now the second-largest retailer in the world has joined them. Great job Costco!

Over 60 U.S. supermarket chains have rejected the sell of laboratory fish, and now the second-largest retailer in the world has joined them. The Federal Dr
Fishy Tomato was thinking about a road trip.

Just to update you all on what's going on with me: DC DMV has decided that I'm a commercial vehicle (even though I have never sold anything). They say I'm an advertisement, though I maintain that I'm a public awareness project. Commercial status means I'm subject to more than just emissions testing. My campaign lost funding last year so I'm having trouble getting back on the street. I'm parked behind my dad's house in need of a new set of tires and some professional fiberglass patching.