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Great article on the ketogenic diet as related to sports performance written by Nancy Clark, a well respected sports dietitian. #sciencenotopinion

Ever since I stopped eating carbs, I’ve been feeling so much better. The keto-diet works fine for me. It keeps me from having cookie binges! I tried giving up carbs and my workouts tanked. I had no energy and felt horrible. Athletes’ opinions about carbohydrates range from evil to essential. ....

I couldn't agree with these "rules" more. It's all about balance of foods that are good for you and foods that bring you pleasure, and loving yourself wherever you are at, at the present moment.

I’m trying this when I get back from vacation 💪💪💪

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TRX Freestyle Friday | 4/27
TRX Training

#TRXFreestyleFriday: It’s almost the weekend! Get moving (+ grooving) with this 🔥 combo.

1️⃣ TRX Jump Squats
2️⃣ TRX Plank Pushup
3️⃣ TRX Side Cross Lunge + Jum...p Kick
5️⃣ TRX Oblique Cross Crunch (Modified w/ Reach)
6️⃣ Dance it out 💃🕺

📹: Manko Fit (IG massy.arias)

More #TRX:

DISCLAIMER: Strap length shown in video is incorrect. If you want to try this out at home or the gym position the straps and mid-calf for floor/ground based exercises, and mid-length for all standing exercises in this video.

#SuspensionTrainer #Made2Move

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In a rush in the morning and often skip breakfast? Bob’s Red Mill makes an excellent high fiber, heart healthy instant oatmeal that only takes 1 minute to make.

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Kristin Schnitzler

Starting 2018 off right with some healthy fuel before Armond Jordan’s BosuBox class. #thisishowadietitiandetoxes

I’m bringing this to the next holiday party I go to! #eatthoseveggies 🥦🥕🥒


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Build Up Dietitians

Just 3 more followers until we hit 30,000! Pls SHARE this page with your #dietitian, #rd2b , nutrition professional, and DTR friends. LM

Super quick and easy dinner, plus a sneaky way to get in extra veggies. Bake a Trader Joe’s cauliflower pizza crust according to the instructions on the box, then add tomato sauce, favorite veggies, mozzarella cheese, and a lean protein. I used bell peppers, onions, and chicken sausage. #quickhealthydinner.

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One of my favorite post workout snacks! Chocolate milk is the perfect combination of fluid, carbohydrates, and protein which are important to replenish after a hard training session. 💪🐮🍫

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Great article on how to replenish electrolytes with food. 🍊🍌

Looking to avoid sugary fillers after your run? These fruits, veggies, dairy, and whole grains can provide the nutrients your body needs.

Love my New Canaan YMCA members!

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New favorite on-the-go bar because a girl's gotta have her chocolate 😉🍫

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My house would get "egged" for sure! Lol!

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Build Up Dietitians

#foodhumor Don’t give your trick or treaters all that #toxic sugar. Pass out these mini salads for Halloween! #sarcasm (not an endorsement for Dole) 😂😂(MJ)

A little dietitian humor. 😆
All diets work but can you sustain them over the long hall?

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Great information on sports nutrition and injuries.

They say an army marches on its stomach and the same could be said for an elite NFL team. The Dallas Cowboys have a new member in their ranks but he’s not responsible for tackling, running or throwing a football. Instead, Scott Senhert, Director of Sports Performance at the Cowboys, is tasked

What a well written post about pyramid scheme shakes. Buyers beware!

There's just nothing about these pricey 'meals' that makes me want them

If you feed them they will come! 6 weeks to transform your body and health. Check out the New Canaan YMCA or email me: to find out more or to sign up. Spots are limited!!!!!

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