Introducing our new kickboxing class! Our new class is taught by our trainer Justin and will happen every Monday and Wednesday at 6pm! We provide all the equipment as well so all you need to do is show up ready to go! The classes are small group and hold 6 for right now.
Quick finisher today: 4 to 6 rounds with as little rest as possible 12 jump/ goblet squats 12 kettlebell swings 30 to 45 sec each side dumbbell crosswalk -Liz #fitness #fitness19 #gym #fitmom #conditioning #finisher #trainerliz #gettinglizbackinshape #postpartum #3csofconditioning
#weekendwarriorconditioning I got this concept for conditioning from Testosterone Nation, and I'm really enjoying it. (Ok, maybe not, but I'm getting good results from it. 😆) Perform 3 to 4 days per week. 3 portions of the workout- 1. Barbell or dumbbell complex, as many rounds as possible/ AMRAP. (I used my favorite BB complex, but any complex or combination you like works fine here.) 2. Cardio intervals 3. Steady state cardio For the complex, set a timer and go until the timer buzzes, resting/ setting the weight down only when absolutely necessary. I started with 9 minutes, working my way up to 15. For the cardio intervals, pick a michine, go as hard as possible for 1 min, then go easy to recover for 2 min. I started with 3 rounds, working up to 5. For the steady cardio, pick a machine and keep your heart rate at about 75% of max (220 minus your age, then multiply by .75). I started with 15 min, working up to 30. #fitness #fitness19 #gym #fit19mlt #fitmom #trainerliz #gettinglizbackinshape #postpartum #conditioning #3csofconditioning #weekendwarrior
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