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Kristy Marie NurJehan Chishti
· July 1, 2014
mike has a very ease ful aproach to training, making it completely comprehensible and psychologically achievable. the support is just that, matter what side of the spectrum your physic...ality is at. See More
100# Modified Beast Tamer. Ok. . so I skipped my left arm. . and I kipped just a tig to get the shoulder press up. Not 100% satisfited, but felt accomplished.
Dr. John Berardi

You can't always be "losing weight" or "gaining muscle". In fact, only a teeny, tiny portion of your life should be spent on "body change".

The rest should be ...on Maintenance Road.

Now, many people assume Maintenance Road is straight. That they can just point their car in one direction, then fall asleep.

Of course, you wouldn’t believe how many drivers crash into the Trees of Unexpected Obstacles or run off the Cliff Of Ancient Triggers while taking a nap.

(Maybe they don’t understand what “cruise control” implies.)

Truth is, Maintenance Road has lots of twists and turns.

You still have to steer.

You still have to pay attention to life’s storms and buffeting winds, and to the other drivers alongside you.

And keep the radio to a reasonable volume. It’s easy to get distracted by lots of diet and fitness media yapping about issues that don’t matter.

Sometimes, when people hear an exciting new story, they veer all over the road, drunk on inconsequential details.

For safety's stake...stay focussed, tuned in, and mindful.

The good news?

As long as you’re generally focused on doing the right things you can kinda zone out. Just a little.

After all, on Maintenance Road, your car runs mostly on habit.

Once you get over the initial time investment, habits pretty much pay for themselves — if you keep them shiny and clean, and polish them regularly.

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“I walk taller now.”
“My posture is better.”
“I’m so much happier on the inside.”
“I’ve become a better parent.”
“I feel healthy.”...
“I feel confident in my food decisions.”
“I’m more organized.”
“I am stronger… inside and out.”
“I’m determined.”
“I'm more focused.”

. . .things the scale does not tell you. .

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What do you know. . . excessive exercise and dieting doesn't work for long term weight loss.

I used to watch this show with joy when it first came out to see the great success of weight loss, and to see what it took to do so. LOTS of HARD Exercise and HARD Dieting.

After learning and becoming a health and fitness professional I became very turned off by the shows message and premise. . I just knew that they were really hurting the contestants bodies for the long run. ... . I knew that all their joy and excitement was going to wash away. I knew they would face an extremely hard uphill battle after the show and glamour. I don't know, but I would venture to assume that it would be much harder to cope with obesity mentally if you lost the weight, then gained it all back. You would blame yourself. You would think very poorly of yourself that you didn't have the willpower to keep the weight off. . I saw this all unfolding in-front of my eyes. . and sure enough, I was right.

It's not their fault they gain the weight back. It's not because of their lack of willpower. . it's simple biological processes (well not too simple), but he simple fact is that their metabolism took a huge hit. . and operating with a suppressed, broken metabolism is a bad place to operate from.

This was an extreme form of rapid weight loss, and not a typical means of application in the real world. It does, however, have correlation to people I see and deal with day in day out in the real world. One of the hardest things is seeing or hearing from someone that shares a story of their dramatic weight loss that they recently had by following this diet, or that extreme workout plan. I want to be happy for them and share in their excitement, but I know in the back of my head that they are going to have a very hard time in the coming years. I want to tell them, but feel it's not the time or place to do so. . . so I normally don't.

Understand that this message isn't to dispel someone from losing weight and changing lifestyle habits. You can fix your metabolism to be on your side. My intention is to give validation that slow, steady progress through balanced exercise and enhanced nutrition is the right answer.

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The participants dramatically slowed their metabolisms down with weight loss and experienced hormonal changes.|By Julia Belluz

Data on dieting behaviors shows that (depending on age and ethnicity) between 50-75% of women and around 25-35% of men are currently trying to lose weight. -Precision Nutrition

We need to shift mindset to allow the majority of people to feel accomplished with realistic achievements in health and fitness. Focus needs to get far far away from "weight" change.

Alright ladies and gentleme. Deep thinking time. The 5 "whys?".

Ask yourself, why do you want to be healthy? Then ask yourself why so?. . Then ask yourself again why so?. . Etc etc. Ask "Why" 5 times and build off each answer. Type them out and please share your responses.

This is a technique to narrow in to your TRUE inner "why". What is REALLY the reason. Defining your true inner "why" is your first step to truly finding health. Strong WHYs are the glue that holds you tog...ether.

The nagging 5yo was on to something. . Hmm

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My Personal Self-Check. Can ya'll relate?

I’m not going to kid people with the . . “Do what I say, not as I do”. I owe more to them than that as their coach and trainer. I need to lead by example and show what I do p…

The Sustainability Check. . Ask yourself. Can I last? Is this realistic?

If you are currently doing something that you can not see yourself doing for the next week, month, year, 5 years, . . it's not a realistic approach to health and fitness.

Personally, I could never last my whole life marathon training. I could never go my whole life without sugar. I wouldn't last doing 5 high intensity workouts/wk.. I couldn't last getting 5 hrs of sleep a night. I wouldn't b...e able to keep up drinking a gallon of water a day.

What I can do for the rest of my life is balance in a few workouts a week. Do some leisure activities. Sleep well. Drink some water. Be pretty good with my nutrition with some deviations. Spend time to relax.

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It is a poor choice to look at direct acute weight change as a indicator of success. You HAVE to look at INDIRECT CHRONIC weight change (if you have weight to loose) for success. This is one of the…

What does it take to be a good coach? Health and Fitness coaches need to wear many hats to effectively get the correct message across.

Coaches teach… but they aren’t only teachers.
Coaches know things… but they aren’t only subject-matter experts or “authorities”.
Coaches create hypotheses, gather data, and do analysis… but they aren’t scientists....
Coaches motivate people… but they aren’t only cheerleaders.
Coaches direct clients… but they aren’t “bosses” or “managers”.
Coaches help clients come up with a plan… but they aren’t only planners.
Coaches know that nutrition problems aren’t just about food… but they aren’t shrinks.
Coaches have a vision… but they also get their hands dirty.

- Precision Nutrition Definition of "What is a Coach"

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Welp. . In it to win it now.

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I have spent countless hours the last 10+ years trying to learn the ins and outs of the health and fitness industry, and that pursuit has got me a far way, but I'm am continuing to strive for more. You never know it all, and if someone said they do, they are short minded.

I'm going to enroll in the Level 2 Elite Coaching program for Precision Nutrition in a few months and get personally mentored by the top health and nutrition experts in the industry. It's not cheap, ~$2500, but will be worth every penny when I can use the knowledge to help people that much more.

Funny how human breast milk is primarily consisted of milk fat, with saturated fat, and the health industry leads us to believe that low fat milk with no sat fat is better for us. . . Interesting . .

Great Read. This helps explain how complex our bodies are and how simply modifying energy intake can be a hard way to manage healthy body composition change.

I've certainly seen the ill affects of eating too little and exercising too much, and it's no fun.

My stand one liner: Eat More or the Right Food, and Exercise Moderately in a Smart Manner.

There’s a lot of discussion in the fitness industry about whether crash dieting can cause metabolic damage. In this article, we’ll take on this interesting topic and separate fact from fiction. We’ll also teach you exactly why crash diets might be linked to struggling to maintain your weight in the…

How your bacon ingredient list should look in a happy world.

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I used to like working out, I still do, but I used to too.