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Trinity Trail Preservation Association (TTPA)

Trinity Trail Horse Riders - Need Your Comments
By now, you have probably heard news about the Lavon Lake Master Plan Revision. The plan re-design is in the ve...ry early stages, a later stage will
allow for folks to stand up at a microphone at a public hearing and tell the Corps what they like or don’t like about the revised plan, but for now they just want written comments.

Essentially, the plan is going to define the ‘type’ of land use for each section of the Corps land around the lake, re-defining old ones (i.e. unused parks) and defining
new ones (i.e. areas where folks express a strong interest in doing something different). There are only a few ‘types’ of land classifications available
(e.g. high intensity recreational, low-intensity recreational, etc.) and you can’t make new ones up. In our suggested comments below, we’ve used the types allowed by the Corps.

Defining the land type doesn’t explicitly define what can be done in that place (i.e. if our trail is in a low-intensity area, that doesn’t mean just equine trails, but any kind of trails). There is interest from the biking community in setting up trails for bikes, so some of our comments do address that issue. There is a 30 day comment period (deadline is April 10) where the Corps is taking public comments either by the official comment form on paper or by a scanned copy of the form sent via email. We need to get the word out about this period so horse folks can go on record as wanting the types of land uses that preserve our separate equestrian trail.

We are asking the horse community to let their thoughts be known regarding this and would like everyone to either print the form, fill it out and mail it to the address on the form, or print the form, fill out, scan it and send it via email to the email address on the form.

Below are some bullet points that you can use if you want, but feel free to add your own or modify these to suit your thoughts.


As a member of Trinity Trail Preservation Association, I would like to voice my opinion regarding the Lavon Lake Master Plan Revision:

1) Request that all the Corps land containing the Trinity Trail trailbed are classified as Low Intensity Recreational, from the water line to the Corps boundary. This will preserve the natural feel and look of the woods and fields that the trail traverses, increasing the enjoyment of the trail by hikers and equestrians.

2) Request that the Trinity Trail trailheads be classified as Low Intensity Recreational. This will prevent further development of the trailheads beyond their current uses (ie. Ample parking for horse trailers, bathrooms, picnic tables, pavilions, water for horses, electric outlets for gatherings at the pavilions).

3) Request that the Sycamore grove along the north and south sides of Wilson Creek, containing the Giant Sycamore, and the area within the 'Sycamore Loop' of the trail, containing the Bent Sycamore (see Trinity Trail Emergency Markers 92 through 87) be classified as an Environmentally Sensitive Area. This will ensure that no development or hardened trails are allowed in this area.

4) Request that the watershed along White Rock Creek (between Trinity Trail Emergency Markers 67 through 64) be classified as an Environmentally Sensitive Area.
Since the creek does overflow and flood the adjacent land in high rainfall events, it doesn't appear to have ever been farmed and the area contains a large number of old growth trees. This will ensure that no development or hardened trails are allowed in this area.

5) Request that the meadows approximately 2-1/2 and 3 miles south of the Brockdale trailhead (between Trinity Trail Emergency Markers 27 and 26), be classified as an Environmentally Sensitive Area. This stretch of meadows sitting high above the lake, and offers the most scenic view of the lake along the entire length of the trail. Allowing any development in this area would greatly impact the vistas available from the trail.

6) Request that each of the major meadows traversed by the trail be examined for native grasses and if the meadow is a native grass meadow, the meadow and its environs should be classified as an Environmentally Sensitive Area.

7) Request that the Corps continue its policy of excluding bicycles and other wheeled vehicles (except emergency and TTPA maintenance vehicles) from the Trinity Trail. Mixing wheeled vehicles and equestrians on the same trail will create dangerous situations and conflict on a trail that was designed and maintained solely for hiking and equestrian use.

8) For safety reasons, no bikes should be allowed on the Trinity Trail. The trail is used by beginner horses and horse riders that are not parade ready or advanced enough to ride with bicycles. As a rule, new horses and new horse riders (usually children) do not mix with bicycles on a trail. We need to preserve the Trinity Trail as it is, as an equestrian and hiker trail. Safety should come first.

9) I am for a bike trail on the east side of Lake Lavon so the Northeast Texas Trail can hook up through Wylie. There needs to be a trail made for the bikes to get across the Trinity River along Highway 78.

Here is a link to the Corps Of Engineers page on the Master Plan - At the bottom of the page is a pdf comment form you can download. You can download the pdf, fill it out, and mail it in as a letter or email it to

Comments close 10 April so don't delay. Please share this with fellow horse friends and help spread the word. If we want to keep Trinity Trail horse and pedestrian friendly, we need to let the Corps know that is what we want. Thank you!

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