Fleck does the Harlem Shake! Tag yourself and your friends! :)

Well, Chompy finally found his place of honor on our trophy wall, amongst many other victims of our smashing tradition. I think he likes it up there.

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Fleck added 3 new photos to the album: Fleck Pinata Smash — with Andy Vella and 2 others.
August 16, 2013

Somewhere along the way, we ended up with a tradition of smashing things. To say goodbye to Fleck, we kept the tradition alive. By smashing things.


Fleck shuttered its doors on August 16, 2013. All the staff at Self Aware Games would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Fleck would not have been anything without those who played it and would have shut down long before if the majority of the players who played were anything less than awesome. We will miss you all and hope to see you in whatever comes next.

For more shutdown info:

Thanks for playing! It's been an awesome ride, and a pleasure to share it with you.

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So many Flecks. Share your pics!

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Hi, folks!…

This is an auction for a Fleck art print, signed by the entire (available) development team behind the game. This will be one of two prints - the only other one signed in this way will hang in the Self Aware Games office.


100% of the proceeds of this auction will be given to Blue, to help him on his way as he finishes up school. He's done a TON for Fleck over the last few years, but more specifically over the last few months helping us wrap things up, and giving you guys a whole bunch of fun stuff to do. It's been great having him here (and he's still got a while to go, so it's not like we're saying goodbye yet), but we wanted to get this up there before the 16th, for obvious reasons.

So please, if you're interested, check it out - you can own a piece of Fleck history & help us with a good cause.

(the rest of the Fleck team that isn't Blue)

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Signed Fleck Print in Art, Art from Dealers & Resellers, Prints | eBay

This Thursday we have a new Storefront that wasn't available in Fleckmas gifts: Mars & Noble! Stop by the market and get one on sale!

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Oh, my. What's this?

Congrats to Rogue for winning the first Legendary Blue Orchid!

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Hello out there Flecks! Here's another Thursday update, courtesy of blue:

*Christmas in August! Christmas Trees and candy canes are out now, you can collect presents on August 7th or any day from then until the close of Fleck!
*Additional advances in soil technology have allowed the F.L.C. department of agriculture to deploy soil that permits Redwoods and Gem trees to grow in 8 days!
*New stuff! Dedicated hunters might find new things in level 5 and 6 loot drops!

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Aww, shucks. Thanks Nut!! They're yummy!

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That was fast! The Movie Theater has already been dropped to at least one lucky group of hunters on a level 6! Check it out in-game at drop point "cornucopia"

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Howdy howdy! Some updates for your enjoyment today!

*Decorative houses can now be moved to stock. Hope you had a fun Julyoween!
*Cornucopias are in the market for an early Thanksgiving
*New exclusive loot from level 5 and 6 rare battles!!! What is it?

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Here at Self Aware Games we have a tradition of smashing piñatas at our company parties. Since we intend to celebrate all the fun we've had making Fleck on its last day, this guy will be joining us as guest of honor!

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Hey Flecks! Looks like Cafepress is having a sale on all things. You can find some Fleck merchandise on sale if you order before midnight tonight! Here's the catch: you can't order it through the Fleck storefront.

You can find the Fleck related merchandise here:

The other catch: this isn't done through the Fleck storefront, and Cafepress places their own markup on items whereas the Fleck storefront takes no markup so no...t all items will be cheaper!!! We've listed some of the physical items below for comparison, if you had your eye on Fleck clothing merchandise, you can search through the above link and compare against

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Shop 1000s of Fleck unique & personalized gift ideas. From clothing, accessories, Novelty items, and so much more! Starting at $5.

Oh my.... ok, see all those little pixels? Those are PAVERS. This is incredible. As best as we can tell, Mist Anne and Tialou are responsible for this feat of paver engineering; HUGE props to you guys, and everyone else who's contributed!

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These are really, really, really cool. Coasters. Highly highly recommended.

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Hey folks! Blue's been busy this week!

Update notes:
*Off season holidays! Halloween season starts today, prepare for trick or treating next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
*Seasonal items added to loot from level 6 rares...
*Lucky Clovers added to loot from lower level rares
*Redwoods and Gem Trees growth shortened from 21 to 18 days
*Smart Gunners available as gifts for 10k coins
*Bulk discount purchase option for keys
*Additional variety in co-op chests


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