Happy Human Rights Day, South Africa! 🇿🇦

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“You must define your mission. You need to have a mission for what you’re going to do today. What happens is that most people show up and they go ‘ok, well I guess I’ll do some stuff’, but they have no intention whatsoever so they end up doing too many things that mean nothing towards their mission.” #MotivationMonday

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#AgencyLife is working hard, playing harder. Here's us rocking Flint Friday like...

"The phrase “One size fits all” can never be associated with this role. Clients are different and my job is to ensure I know them well enough to distinguish them.* Maintaining good relationships goes a long way, not only with clients but within the team as well. No matter how hectic a day can be, I have learnt that keeping calm and always having a smile on my face resonates with my clients and team and that way, we get the job done. A happy client is a happy me and ultimately a happy Flint Studio!" #Dayinthelife #gettoknowus

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Happy International Women’s Day! This year’s theme is ‘Press for Progress’ which is an invitation to us all to not get complacent, to keep making positive changes and to keep pressing for gender equality in our daily lives.” #internationalwomensday2018 #pressforprogress #genderequality

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Get to know us a little better by checking out how we created our own values to shape our culture. Share with us what your top values you are looking for are.

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Wednesday can feel like a bit of a climb, but "Teamwork makes the dream work". This is one of Flint Studio's values donning our walls and keeping us motivated! What keeps you motivated at work?

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Many people are not aware of the many roles that are played within marketing and since we're towards the end of the month of love, we're sharing some information about what we're passionate about, Digital Marketing. To start off here's a list of some of the roles with a promising future according Forbes:

The job search portal found the best jobs in advertising and marketing based on work environment, income, stress, physical demands, and job outlook. Here are eight of them.

"I start every day with a smile on my face as I prepare for each challenge that comes my way. Being an all-rounder mostly requires me to be a part of every project, that could be anything from UX, Print, Digital & Animation. My sheer will-power keeps me going because of my huge appetite for growth and creating awesome solutions for our clients however if will-power doesn't work then a cup of coffee (or a Pepsi) normally does the trick." - Shivesh Boodhram, Digital/UX Designer #adayinthelife #gettoknowus #flintstudioteam #flintsters

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Here are reasons to love Digital Marketing that we SO agree with! Might we add that this industry is very dynamic so this means it never gets tedious, there is always something new to learn and one can never know too much. What do you love about it?

What is it that makes people love digital marketing? The creativity? Is it the ROI? Internet Marketing Inc. explores why we turn to it now more than ever.

If you follow Flint Studio, then you already know we're all about Marketing right? So, here's a look at "Rocket Fuel for Your Marketing Career" by Mark Sullivan from Marketing Profs.

Flint Studio is with Lisa Steenkamp-Maluleke.
February 8

"If I'm not busy finding awesome talent to join our company then you will find me planning our next great office party. Part of my job includes being on the social committee, meaning I get to plan events, organise catering (taste-testing 😉) and get to hang out with some of my cool colleagues outside our work environment!" - Lisa Maluleke, Office Administrator #adayinthelife #flintsters #gettoknowus

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In January we observed why company values are important in influencing company culture. The Netflix Culture code is one of our favourites:

A great workplace combines exceptional colleagues and hard problems.

Check out what we got up to on the last Friday of the first month! As always, laughter was the order of the day, drinks flowing and good food tantalising the taste buds, now that's what we call a proper #flintfriday !!!

Have you ever had the opportunity to be part of a Company Values Setup meeting? How was that experience for you? This month we have a look at the importance of company values and the effects that it has on overall productivity:

Company values are vital for influencing the morale of your employees. We break down some basic company values, and the reason every company should have them in place.

We hope you had a Happy Monday! Would you like a tour? How can Monday not be a good start to the week with such breathtaking views?

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