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Sara Beck Hendrzak
· August 8, 2017
I have great respect for Dr. Walsh. He is to-the-point and gracious at the same time. When I had my cardiac issue, I seriously complemtated transferring to Mayo 2 hours away. But after meeting Dr. W...alsh & agreeing with the treatment plan, I am glad I didn't. His staff is awesome at returning phone calls. And I don't have to be seen again for a year! See More
Carol Dickerson
· November 19, 2017
My appointment was on time went for my check my Dr was awesome as always good report an my outcome was good an my next ck up is in july unless needed before never had a problem with them ever I recomm...en them if anyone needed them great job �� See More
Peggylee Mamag Jennings Gazay
· January 10, 2018
Sometimes the in the room wait is a bit too long .But wouldn't go elsewhere
Ed Sterrett
· April 27, 2016
Need a post operative follow-up? If you weren't able to think of any questions or concerns in the 3-4 minute visit the day after the procedure, in the hospital room, its going to cost you between $98 ...and $200 to make sure the procedure was done correctly and was all that you needed. If you don't have insurance, they might make an exception for you, but its going to cost you. Fingers crossed that everything is alright. Patient health is apparently secondary to office fees. See More
Forrest Cheek
· February 10, 2017
They are the best in my opinion! My wife took me to their office, did an EKG, called & checked me into FL Hospital over the phone and 3 hours later a team from Florida Heart Group had installed a Pa...cemaker and I was sitting up eating lunch. Had my 18th month check up yesterday and all is well and I am feeling great! Thank you, Florida Heart Group. See More
Lynn Garrett
· January 9, 2017
I have been on a journey for the last year with my brother who has afib. He received abalation in May 2016. His heart squeeze rate was 35 before the procedure. After this procedure his squeeze functio...n dropped to 20. They said he needed another one after his heart healed in December because his heart continued to go back into afib which was making his heart very enlarged and dying. Dr. Monir was the doctor and his patient liaison was Daphne.

When my brother would call to see what he was suppose to do sometimes it was a week before she would call him back. Meanwhile his heart was deteriorating. That response time was unacceptable. They made an appt. for him to get a heart monitor which he got off work to do and they said they mailed it to him the previous day. When he was in the hospital they sent the wrong med. list to the hospital. When Daphne was questioned about the correct meds she became very annoyed and rude.

I understand the Dr. gave permission to drop my brother as a patient when he was the most critical. I always thought FL Hospital was faith based and I can't believe the way FL Heart Group has treated my brother. I have been on the fund raising board for about eight years previously and have raised many thousands of dollars for FL Hospital. I am so disappointed FL Hospital would employ Daphne and Dr. Monir who would treat a human being in this fashion. It turned out to be a blessing because he went to FL Heart Center at ORMC and they were very intent on taking care of my brother and have fixed his afib. What a blessing for him. I would never recommend anyone to Dr. Monir and some of his staff and support group on 17-92!
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Mickey Goertz Loren
· April 13, 2015
My husband had an appointment for 1:00 with Dr. Weaver. He didn't walk in to the exam room until 2:30! No apologies, just a blunt "Who's the patient?". If you're late, they reschedule you, but if the...y're late, oh well; apparently our time means nothing to them. I'm not impressed with this place and especially not with this doctor. Time to find another cardiologist. See More
CA Pizano
· January 25, 2017
I love Florida Heart Group. Not only was I welcomed with a warm friendly mile when I walked in, but the staff made sure to keep me informed of my wait time. It's the small things like keeping me upda...ted on my wait time that lets me know they care. See More
Carol Richards
· June 27, 2017
We were treated with so much compassion and love. My husband had a Heart Cath. Cody was awesome. The entire team was great!
Thank you
Judy Ann Brown-Delillo
· July 1, 2017
Everyone their are so nice, awesome doctors, great hours
Joan Sadloski Young
· October 15, 2016
Love this group from the time I walk in to the time I leave everyone is very pleasant. Dr.Saenz and his staff are the greatest.I would recommend this place in a heartbeat ❤️
Damaris Bennett
· June 27, 2015
The visit was great. Dr. Bhatheja was very detailed and took his time in getting to know me and my heart issues. He was very thorough and I'm glad to be in such good hands.
Phyllis Boutwell Dearborn
· February 2, 2017
Wonderful staff in the Heart Cath Lab!! Fun to talk to, joke with, and deadly serious about their jobs! Perfect combination!!
Linda L.Colbert
· August 14, 2013
I have the best doctor in the Group. Hani Seifien. and his nurse Beryl. Thank you both for all you do and have done for me.
I've had other choices of Heart MD's, but I really like Fl. Heart Group. I h...aven't met anyone there that has acted poorly. They all want to help. See More
Leola Greene
· November 22, 2015
Very kind staff, organization was on point,check in process/ check out was easy.
King AdeOsha Obatala
· March 2, 2017
Great staff at both the Orlando & Altamonte location.
Patricia Lanza Graziano-desanto
· January 10, 2017
Nice patient flow, some waiting but not long at all. Love Dr C Kim my doctor
Eileen Velasquez
· June 23, 2015
I had an echo today. They saw me early and the test went smoothly. Thank you.
Leon Ju
· June 9, 2015
I'm still waiting for 4 hours to see Dr.
Damn I got to Pee
Elise N John DelRio
September 4, 2012
Dr. Arias and Ricky Amason (Ricky I apologize if I mispelled your last name) are awesome!
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