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Snow? We aren't scared of snow! Check our Fly by Night all summer at the Marquette Farmer's Market!

Happy Ice Cream Day!!

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Are you going to Hiawatha? We sure are! Swing by to cool off with delicious, homemade ice cream!

Come and try the lemon poppy seed. Maybe it will help with the heat. We could all use a little relief.

Kickin' behinds and takin' names outside of the children's museum today. come try the new Mint Chocolate Chip, made with mint foraged on Baraga Ave!

The first person to bring a copy of the Little Prince by the stand Gets a free ice cream.

On this wonderful monderful we have a great Wild Mint ChocoChip, Orange Creamcycle, Local Basil AND Lemon Poppy Seed!! Come by and try some.

Winter is finally vanquished! At the cart we're celebrating with Mexican Hot Chocolate AND Local Basil courtesy Bill Schneider's garden.

Our Hero... Somewhat daunted by the ongoing anti-ice-cream campaign being currently waged by Mother Nature, contemplates the amazing new flavors he will launch upon the world, even as he quietly mourns the ice cream cones Marquette's children will not enjoy today...

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Rejoined the fight today with Toasted coconut and Lemon Ginger. be out till Five O'Clock. Hope we see you.

Just sold out for the day! Be back tomorrow. same time same place. Thanks MQT.

Fly By Night Ice Cream

We've got Lemon Poppyseed and Real Deal vanilla bean today by the COOP. Stop on by.

We've got Lemon Poppyseed and Real Deal vanilla bean today by the COOP. Stop on by.

Hey, Check out this!

Alex McCracken opened the Fly By Night ice cream stand to bring a unique twist to the spectrum of ice cream options available to Marquettians, and it. Is. Delicious.

The Orange Creamcycle is the orangeist it's ever been!